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Safety Tips for Using Electric Heaters at the Office

Now that the winter is here, we all consume more power than usual. When you’re running on electric heaters, the availability of electricity becomes even more crucial. Along with properly maintaining the electrical system in your office building, you must ensure that proper safety protocols are followed at all times to guarantee the security of your employees and property despite the coldest weather.

Keeping the Lights on at the Office

If you’re running a large company, you will need a large building to house all of your employees and assets. It should go without saying that the larger a company you’ve created and the more successful you become, the larger a property you will need to contain it.

As with most assets in the world of business, many company owners find it to make better fiscal sense to own one or more properties to house their business rather than rent. If this is the case for you, the role of ownership will also bring additional responsibilities.

If you’re running a property management company that deals in commercial property, the ability to keep your building smoothly and securely becomes an even greater concern. While disseminating general safety rules regarding electricity to your employees is a must, one of your top priorities as an office manager must be to ensure your electrical system keeps running to avoid interruptions from work. The best way to ensure your electrical system is safe and functioning correctly is to call a commercial electrician who can visit your office and perform a routine maintenance check.

Common Electrical Problems at the Office

During the winter, your office can get colder. If you’re having trouble keeping the heat at a comfortable temperature during the colder days, you should consider hiring a professional for a maintenance check on your heating system. You may also want a contractor to assess your windows to ensure they are adequately insulated. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a fortune on heating bills.

When it gets too cold for you or your employees to get their work done while being comfortable, you may opt to use space heaters to provide extra warmth. In this case, you’ll need to ensure everyone in your office uses their heater safely. Here are a few tips you’ll want to remember and ensure your employees know as well:

  • Keep Space Heaters Away from Fire Hazards
  • Keep Space Heaters a Safe Distance from Walls and Furniture
  • Read the Instructions to Learn the Safety Features of the Product
  • Unplug Your Space Heater When You Leave Your Desk
  • Keep Space Heaters Away from Any Source of Water
  • Use Space Heaters Inside Only

Another potential electrical hazard employees often encounter is overloaded power outlets. While most small electronics draw small amounts of electricity and are less dangerous when used with a power bar, space heaters draw heavy amounts of electricity and can be dangerous. Always ensure that none of your employees are plugging in too many devices to one outlet or using too many adapters to avoid a potential hazard.

Space heaters and overloaded office power outlets are two parts of your electrical system. If you want to be certain that your office is following proper electrical safety guidelines, consider contacting a professional electrician to visit your office to provide advice and check for problems. Call a commercial electrician today.

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