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Runner’s Notes: Where to donate old athletic shoes



Do you ever wonder what happens to old shoes? Most of us buy 2 to 3 pairs of shoes every year. We’re talking billions of shoes every year. Interestingly, a big part of that is made up of sneakers. It’s scary to think that the number of sneakers people buy is due to increase by almost half in 2024. With all those sneakers then going to waste, perhaps there’s an alternative? There are several options, including attending a shoe drive

Where to Donate Old Sports Shoes 

  • Charities 
  • Nike Outlets
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Your local shoe drive


Today, you can find several charities and foundations online that either recycle or help you donate your old sneakers. Examples include Soles4Souls, Hope Runs, and Shoe4Africa, amongst others. This list is by no means exhaustive. Furthermore, you’ll probably find that your local area has several options of charities available to you. 

Non-profit organisations 

Nonprofits focused on social welfare and the environment are also getting involved in helping reduce sneaker waste. For example, More Foundation is the largest non-profit organization that recycles sneakers in the US. They’ve taken this whole idea one step further because that’s how they’re funding their 1 Million Tree Project in Ghana. 

Nike Outlets

Nike has been making a huge push to promote recycling sneakers. Unfortunately, sneakers have such a big negative impact on the environment. For example, think about how much plastic is used in sneaker manufacturing? It takes about 30 to 40 years for them to decompose. Nike is therefore trying to change this by offering several drop off points for you to place your old sneakers through their “reuse-a-shoe” program. Furthermore, they accept any brand of sneakers. 

Your local shoe drive

Whilst the above options are perfectly valid, you might be tempted to consider a shoe drive instead. Either way, you can be part of one and donate your shoes. Alternatively, you could even organize a shoe drive and help your community at the same time. All this whilst having fun! 

How a Shoe Drive can Help 

  • Raise funds
  • Teamwork 
  • Entertainment
  • Support the wider community 

Raise funds

The great part of a shoe drive is that you can get money for the shoes you collect. Most non-profit shoe drive companies offer you, on average, a dollar per pound of shoes. In fact, some teams have been known to fundraise a thousand dollars and more. When you consider that a pound of shoes is roughly 2 pairs then you can do the math. Think about all those families you can target if you include your local schools, community centers, churches, and sports clubs. 


Even a simple shoe drive is a project. You’ll be working with volunteers and friends to put in place shoe drop off points and a social media campaign. It’s all about collaborating with your team and also connecting with people around you both online and offline. Make sure that you share the message in a friendly way and you’ll be bound to get more people involved.


A shoe drive is fun. You get to work with your friends and other people in your area to collect shoes. Another idea is to include a bit of an event such as a show or music to attract more people on the actual day of the shoe drive. Of course, this depends on how much you want to organize and you might prefer to keep things simple. Either way, planning a project for a great cause is good fun. 

Support the wider community 

Clearly, you’re supporting the environment when donating old athletic shoes. However, think of what you could do with the money you raise? Does your local community sports center need some new equipment? Alternatively, perhaps some of your local areas need help. Whatever cause you decide on, people will thank you for helping your wider community. 

Don’t forget that it’s not just about your local community though but also about the wider worldwide community. The shoes you collect are donated to micro-entrepreneurs in places such as Africa and South America. You’re essentially helping people build a business around second-hand shoes which is much more powerful than simply giving handouts. 

Final Recommendations for your Old Sneakers 

The amount of sneakers wasted every year is only going to go up with the growth of the sneaker market. People love their sneakers but they also constantly want the new ones that are regularly released by the various brands. So, why not help people get rid of the old ones? You’ll be doing your bit for your community and for those people across the world in emerging countries. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to contribute in such a way? Also, you’ll find that you learn some new skills and meet some new people. So, go ahead and get stuck into your next shoe drive. 

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James Harden and 76ers agree on 2-year extension




James Harden

A $68.6 million-dollar deal, first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, has come to fruition here in the late weeks of July. Harden seems to be sending the message that he is happy where is right now. Alongside future Hall-of-Famer Joel Embiid, the 76ers have the pieces necessary to make a championship run, even if they aren’t the early favorites among the best offshore sportsbooks at this stage.

James Harden has yet to win a ring and it’s evident that he wants one more than ever. He is entering the later part of his career and his prime might be in the rearview mirror. A decision to make a connection with one team and form relationships with his teammates may pay off soon. Harden has been on his fair share of teams and never seemed to find his fit after his departure with the Houston Rockets.

Now in Philadelphia, Harden has a strong supporting cast. Tyrese Maxey has everything you would see from a superstar and he just entered the league. Joel Embiid is Joel Embiid. His presence on the court can be compared to Shaq’s and is rarely underestimated. However, Embiid is an efficient shooter compared to Shaq. Tobias Harris and Danny Green have provided the shooting the 76ers need. The pieces are in place to compete in this upcoming season.

A 2nd-round exit to the Miami Heat made fans immediately plan for the worst. Rumors were flying around that Harden is leaving and Embiid is unhappy. Embiid just wants to win and wants the strongest team around him possible. By Harden signing this extension, he is sending the message that he is allowing the organization and front office time to build the team and bring in necessary pieces.

The 76ers are one addition away from forming a dominant force. An abundance of shooters accompanied by an intimidating paint presence. 2022-2023 could be a very bright NBA season for 76ers and fans, in hopes of everyone staying healthy.


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How Backspin on a Golf Ball Could Be the Key to Extra Distance




A lot of golfers experience problems with their Backspin once they move beyond the beginner stages. You can sometimes hit the ball quite far, but something just seems to always go wrong. Maybe it drops a bit too low and then keeps going away from you, or maybe you find that it’s flying high and then dropping right down into the water.

If you’re like many avid golfers, you’ve probably been wondering for quite a while now about how to put Backspin on a golf ball that could be the key to extra distance!

Backspin helps golfers keep their drives in play by helping control a ball once it lands on the ground, which often leads to more distance when they’re hitting straight shots. With Backspin, golfers of any skill level can add distance to all of their shots and recover from any missed attempts that would have otherwise left them short of the green.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how Backspin on a golf ball can help you to improve your distance and hit more accurate shots.

Backspin Basics

Backspin is the rotational motion of a golf ball that causes it to spin around on impact and travel in a straight line until it comes to rest. A ball with a Backspin will generally stay in the air longer, travel farther, land softer, and roll less than a ball without it. The reverse rotation of a ball and the trajectory of the shot is known as a slice.

Why do you need Backspin?

You may have problems controlling your shots. It is often because you have hit too far behind the ball or struck it in the wrong place.

There are two main reasons why Backspin is important for a golf shot.

1. Lift

2. Control


Backspin creates lift on a golf ball, which allows the ball to fly through the air. When the ball flies up before it hits the ground, the ball will spin around more quickly, which translates into more lift and longer distances.


The spin of the ball controls how quickly it stops as it lands on the ground because faster spinning balls create greater friction and go slower. Although it’s great helpful for short-game shots, it also means that you must be more accurate with your shots, as you have less margin for error. You can use this knowledge to control the speed of your shots over longer distances on the course.

What You Can Do to Increase Your Ball’s “Backspin”

For some golfers, Backspin is something that just happens accidentally. For others, it’s something that needs to be deliberately practiced. The following are a few things that you can do to increase your ball’s Backspin and increase your distance.


Of course, the first thing to consider when trying to increase Backspin is how fast you strike the ball. You want to make sure that you use enough power and hit the ball hard enough so that it will travel long distances.

If you don’t know how to swing a golf club with the correct speed, you should learn how to do it. You would be surprised at how much time and effort it may take before you can master the art of swinging a golf club and hitting the ball with high accuracy.


Your ball’s position in relation to your club face will affect how quickly the ball spins. Hitting the ball with a slight angle is going to help put more spin on the ball, thus giving you added distance.


The grooves on your golf ball are significant when it comes to controlling spin and distance. Cleaning your golf ball’s grooves is a great way to improve the Backspin and help to make it roll further.

Clubface Angle

The harder you strike the ball, the more important a clubface angle becomes. If you are hitting the ball at a steeper angle, friction and drag won’t slow it down, resulting in more Backspin. To hit long, low shots that have a lot of backspin angles is important.

Spin Loft

You can use your lofted clubs if you want to add more spin to your shot. The higher the loft, generally, the more spin there will be on your shot as it travels through the air.

Swing Speed

To produce a higher backspin, you need to swing your club as fast as you can. Leading with the ball will result in a higher amount of speed on your shot and will help create a lot of spins. Remember to maintain this high speed throughout the swing. But careful! While you need to swing fast, this doesn’t mean you should swing hard. Too much speed will cause the ball to lose its pattern and fall short.


Backspin is beneficial to your game because it gives you more spin and control over the ball. However, you need to be careful as too much Backspin will hinder your game and cause the ball to drop short. Swinging a golf club is not just about swinging hard but ensuring that you use the correct speed to achieve your desired results.

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The Canadian Football League, sometimes known simply as the CFL, is a professional sports league operating in Canada. It is feasible to watch Canadian Football League games in the United States, even though the CFL is not as well recognized in the United States as other professional sports leagues. This article will go through some of the many approaches that may be used to accomplish this task.

Let’s begin by discussing why a person living in the United States could be interested in watching CFL games. The league has been active since 1958 and now consists of nine clubs dispersed throughout several locations in Canada. After the National Football League (NFL), this is the highest level of professional football played anywhere in the globe. The Canadian Football League is renowned for its high-scoring and fast-paced games, both of which provide entertaining spectator experiences. In addition, the league has a strong link to the history and culture of Canada, which might be intriguing for fans in the United States to learn about.

Now that we’ve covered everything let’s discuss how you can watch CFL games in the United States. Getting a membership to ESPN+, ESPN’s streaming service is the simplest and most convenient option to accomplish this goal. ESPN+ broadcasts a wide selection of live sporting events, including Canadian Football League games. Several cable and satellite television providers, such as Rogers Sportsnet in Canada and NBC Sports Network in the United States, broadcast games from the Canadian Football League (CFL). Last but not least, you may watch live broadcasts of CFL games on the league’s official website. The Canadian Football League (CFL) is an excellent choice if you want to watch some thrilling live sports, regardless of whether you are a Canadian football fan. You can easily discover methods to watch World Cup Live in the US if you are willing to put in a little work.

A few prerequisites are met to watch CFL games in the United States. To begin, you will want a membership to ESPN+ to access the content. The Canadian Football League is one of the live sporting events that can be seen on ESPN+, a streaming service offered by ESPN. Several cable and satellite television providers, such as Rogers Sportsnet in Canada and NBC Sports Network in the United States, broadcast games from the Canadian Football League (CFL). Last but not least, you may watch live broadcasts of CFL games on the league’s official website.

You will need to sign up for an account with ESPN+ and pay for a subscription to watch CFL games there. The subscription is purchased for $4.99 per month or $49.99 for the whole year. If you have an ESPN+ membership, you will be able to stream live Canadian Football League games and view other live sports, original programs, and material available on demand.

You will need a cable or satellite television subscription that includes Rogers Sportsnet to watch Canadian Football League games on the network. Rogers Sportsnet is a Canadian channel received in some locations in the United States. You may check with the company that supplies your television service to see whether it is offered in your region. If you have a membership to Rogers Sportsnet, you can watch live Canadian Football League games in addition to other sporting events and programs.

You will need a cable or satellite television subscription that includes NBC Sports Network to watch Canadian Football League games on the network. The NBC Sports Network is a channel in the United States that is received in most parts of the nation. You may check with the company that supplies your television service to see whether it is offered in your region. If you have a membership to NBC Sports Network, you can watch live Canadian Football League games in addition to other sporting events and programs.

At long last, the official website of the Canadian Football League (CFL) now offers live streaming of the league’s games. To do this, you must sign up for a subscription and establish an account. The subscription is purchased for $4.99 per month or $49.99 for the whole year. You will be able to watch live CFL games and other live sports, original programming, and material available on-demand if you have a membership to the service.

  • The Canadian Football League (CFL) is an excellent choice if you want to watch some thrilling live sports, regardless of whether you are a Canadian football fan. You can easily discover methods to watch CFL games in the US if you are willing to put in a little work. The most convenient method to watch games is with ESPN+. Still, you can also locate them on various cable and satellite television providers’ websites or watch live streams of the games on the league’s official website.
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Where can I watch CFL football?




The CFL ON TSN board, drove by have Kate Beirness close by CFL Hall of Famers Matt Dunigan and Milt Stegall, TSN Edge lead examiner Davis Sanchez, as well as unique visitor experts all through the season.

TSN’s transmission group of in-depth broadcasters including Rod Smith, Dustin Nielson, Marshall Ferguson, and Farhan Lalji, who are joined by game examiners Glen Suitor, Duane Forde, and Dunigan.

TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor and CFL Insider Lalji, convey news and separate all the controversial problems from around the association. Matthew Scianitti stays up with the latest on the most recent news in the East Division, while Lalji and Sara Orlesky watches all news out of the West. Extra sideline detailing and group-by-group inclusion from columnists Ryan Rishaug, John Lu, and Claire Hanna.

The 2022 CFL Season Preview


As we probably are aware the 2020 CFL season was delayed for the pandemic (Covid-19). Thus, this year the CFL is prepared to return after the 2019 season. Quarterback Zach Collaros and running back Andrew Harris have gotten back to play for the group in the Manitoba capital. Likewise, there are numerous cutthroat groups across the association hoping to overcome the heroes.

This year the timetable has been decreased from 18 games to 14 games. We will tell you about each group’s review in our next article.

The most effective method to Watch CFL Football Live on TV


There is a piece of uplifting news for each CFL fan and that is this year each and every Canadian Football League game will be spilled on Apple TV, Fire TV with ESPN+, and chose games on ESPN2 and ESPN News and furthermore on ROKU. Besides, ESPN+ is another real-time feature from ESPN that incorporates a not insignificant rundown of free occasions. The help costs $5 every month, and If you don’t have a satellite TV membership you can likewise get it.


  • Assuming you are from UK or Ireland, you can watch matches through BT Sport
  • The other individuals can watch it on Your TV.

Where to watch Canadian CFL streaming and live?

If you want to see the best CFL events in streaming, you only have to search for the Canadian CFL event you want to watch and click on it. Next, find the link of the bookmaker that offers you the live American Football event and click on it. You will only have to register with the bookmaker to watch the event for free and safely. Enjoy streaming all CFL events on Oddspedia.

Step-by-step instructions to Watch CFL Football Live Streaming on Reddit


The CFL features the highest level of Canadian football competition and is closely related to American football. A season consists of nine teams that are divided into East and West divisions. As of 2015, the CFL includes a 20-week regular season, with each team playing at least 18 games. Six teams then compete in a three-week playoff contest, which determines a winner in the annual Gray Cup championship.

Utilizing Reddit on a Computer Navigate to the Reddit landing page utilizing your favored program. There you will be welcomed with an inviting message, as well as the most famous posts in your space.

CFL TV plan for Week 1 of 2022


The preseason for the Canadian Football League is finished and the ordinary season has arrived. The 2022 CFL season will be the opening shot on Thursday, June ninth. There will be four games an opening week and the move gets everything rolling with the Montreal Alouettes initiating on the Calgary Stampeders on Thursday, June ninth.

The opening shot is set for 9 p.m. ET and the game will air on TSN and will be live-gushed on ESPN+. The main CFL group off the principal seven-day stretch of the time is the Toronto Argonauts.

The dominant champs of the Gray Cup are the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and they will likewise be in real life. The CFL has the Most Outstanding Player Award which is exactly the same thing as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award.

In 2021, quarterback Zach Collaros of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers brought back home the honor. He played in each of the 13 games and tossed for 3,185 yards with 20 scores and six block attempts. Collaros will take on the Ottawa REDBLACKS this week as he starts his mission to be the primary consecutive champ of the MOP Award since quarterback Anthony Calvillo won in 2008 and 2009.



This is in support of today. We have made an honest effort to give you the course of the CFL live stream bit by bit. We have talked about additional many streams other than Reddit. I know as a football darling you are looking for such an article where you find every one of the streams together and can decide however much you might want. I genuinely want to believe that you will profit from our article since we have made an honest effort. Partake in your game.


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New solidarity initiative of the RBR Sport Baseball Academy And David Faraco




RBR Sport Baseball

Getting children involved in the world of sports is the best thing you can do for them, it has a whole host of positives and adds value to their life that is immeasurable. When children have the opportunities to better themselves they can grow and develop into the people they were meant to be, and if a sport is a way for them to do that then all the better.

Sport and youth have gone hand in hand for decades and have allowed the natural talents and abilities of young players to shine and prosper the way they deserve, and when industry leaders such as David Faraco Heredia step up to help the future generation we could all take a page from his book.

What are we doing if not to help the up-and-coming generation be successful in their endeavors, and through sport and the RBR Baseball Academy initiative children now have a better chance to make a brighter future for themselves?

RBR Sport Baseball

The plus side of the sport

For centuries the sporting world has kept children off of the streets, given them a moment to shine while doing what they love, and is a great way for them to not only control their emotions but channel negative feelings and turn them into positive ones.

When children do sport, irrespective of what it is, they learn to develop patience through consistency and non-stop practice, this way they begin to learn and understand that you have to work for what you want, and hard work truly does pay off.

The RBR Baseball Academy in Maracay, Venezuela has taken the initiative to develop and guide potential up-and-coming 11-year-olds who show promise in baseball, and creator Raymond Blake with his partners David Faraco and Armado Faraco, are leading the way in the sporting world. The people of Venezuela have a big love for baseball and children dream of being the next big professional baseball player and representing Venezuela while doing what they love.

The top 5 lessons learned in sport are not about winning or being the best in the world but have so much more to offer, such as:

  • Self-esteem – Being encouraged by coaches and teammates is a great feeling, even a high five from your partner can give you the confidence to keep going and strive to be the best you can be. Surrounded by positivity and good attitudes is the best way for a child to learn and continue to want to do better.
  • Social skills – Some kids may be shy or introverted and unless they are encouraged or given a boost we may never discover their talent, which is why sport is so good for social interaction. The child gets involved, is encouraged, and begins to feel comfortable and relaxed, and this is where the magic happens. Social interaction only gets stronger when you are part of a team and a nice way to make new friends.
  • Sportsmanship – We may not enjoy it but it is reality, and sometimes losing in sport is part of the package. Being involved teaches children this from early on, and sometimes you win, other times you learn. Either way, you don’t give up.
  • Discipline – Being focused is what will get you to the next stage in your career, and when children have goals and the discipline to achieve them there is nothing that can stop them. The RBR baseball academy understands this and which is why the initiative that already has 15 players training, with the expertise of David Faraco Heredia on hand, is developing future potential youth.
  • Teamwork – No one person can make it happen, when you are part of a team working together is your biggest advantage. The children in the RBR baseball academy who live on site and have all their meals, nutrition, and both mental and psychological needs taken care of, have the potential to be their best without worrying about coming from a low-income background.

RBR Sport Baseball

The future is now

When someone believes in you, you want to do great things, and David Faraco Heredia sees the potential Venezuelan children have in the world of baseball, and why this initiative is increasing in popularity.

One success story already, that of Yeison Oviedo, has shown his potential and natural talent in 2021 and thus has the opportunity for signing in the year 2024, his year of eligibility, as he continues with his hard work.

Yeison now has a brighter and prospective future ahead of him and this is the exact goal of the initiative. Building up, encouraging, and developing the future generation has to happen now and when you have all the professional help you can get with nutritionists and coaches helping you, and top-quality equipment, the players in the academy have the potential to be their best.

Better through baseball

Sport, in general, is carving the way for the next generation, and baseball in Venezuela is showing the youth that there are opportunities out there for them. Physically baseball is a great all-around workout, and with an increased focus and attention to stay safe but also better themselves, children can maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun.

When you see someone with a passion for a sport they give everything every time, they are sprinting for balls, sprinting when making runs, and see the positive in every situation. This is why David Faraco Heredia believes the future of the RBR baseball academy solidarity initiative is going to change lives for the future and the next generation, baseball will be the game-changer in children’s lives in Venezuela and the world over. And the best part is that the families aren’t financially strained with the academy taking care of all costs, so not only do the players have the best of everything but their families benefit too. An initiative that works for more than just the players, but their loved ones too, this goes to show that sport is truly an international language that brings people together.


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