Romanian IT industry and the problems it faces

The IT industry in Romania is considered one of the most prolific work fields out there. Regardless, the Romanian administrative system is obviously not prepared for something of this amplitude, hence the confusing decisions and fiscality adopted by the Government.

Sadly, at the moment, this is not the only issue that has to be dealt with. According to the studies, there’s also a working class crisis which won’t be solved too soon.

The unclear fiscality and how it affects the IT industry

The IT industry is one of the few field works that actually registered a profit increase during the outbreak. On top of that, ever since this industry was created, the State decided to accord an incoming tax cut to every worker that served in this field. At the current time, this aspect stands out as one of the most sought after benefits the industry has to offer. Despite those clarified details, the state doesn’t seem to offer much concise insight regarding the actual fiscality.

The working class crisis

Every industry of Romania has to deal with a lacking work of power and a general reluctance among the people. Still, none of them is as affected as the IT field work. This explains the big numbers of vacant IT jobs that are still available on the internet. Just a simple search on the IT jobs topic can yield a lot of choices. 

This crisis is, mainly, created by the huge numbers of available jobs and services that are looking for capable employees. There are a lot of students and, even highschoolers, that wish to start and build a career in this field of work. Regardless, the lacking numbers are too big for this requirement to be actually fulfilled.

Another huge reason for this crisis is the fact that a lot of IT specialists choose to leave the country, in order to work for international companies. The social context, the political context and the weird sets of laws are pushing employees out of the country more than the current wages do.

In conclusion, a better set of laws can do wonders for this industry and its employees.

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