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Rocket League Car Rankings & Tiers – Most Popular Car in Rocket League

What is the best car to use in Rocket League and which one is the most popular option? Here we will rank some of the Rocket League cars, a vehicle’s hitbox shape, and size, how well it handles and turns as well as how well it performs with dribbling and shooting the ball, and more factors will be taken into account. You can buy the best car with your Rocket League credits.

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Rocket League Car Rankings & Tiers – What’s the Most Popular Car in Rocket League

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1. Dominus – S Tier

Dominus is more inclined to those who attach importance to strength and attack. This kind of thing can punch when hitting the ball and has a solid flat and medium-height body, which makes it very reliable in controlling the dribble or flight of the ball, due to the length of the dominus’s hitbox tricks such as flicks and dribbles are much more easily accomplished.

The ball is more likely to be held more firmly on a car that has a larger surface area, not only this but flicking the ball right after a dribble is much more simple. The length of the batting box means that the rear end of the vehicle can hit the ball forward and upward more easily, and has greater momentum after hitting the ball.

A light stroke usually includes hitting the ball in the process of flipping to get the height of the shot, and in real games, the position is often unpredictable. Dominus’s body uses the advantage of Hitbox’s freestyle, which is often used in the Rocket League There is no doubt that this is an S-level.

2. Breakout Type-S – A Tier 

Breakout Type-S, which comes with a fairly blocky, unattractive design, can still be an influential car with its fluidity and speed, and its relatively flat top makes it more accurate and reliable to hit the ball directly into the target couple, which, with its ability to pass the air more smoothly and its effectiveness in dribbling.

You’ve got yourself to be a fairly safe one fully reliable choice for leisure or competition, play Breakout Type-S will allow you to control your antenna smoothly in addition to providing great dribbling that may be the best of all cars, and it does well to keep it in the A tier.

3. Marauder – B Tier

The first car we’re going to look at is the Marauder, an underrated choice, the marauder tends to get overlooked in favor of the fairly similar built merc and it doesn’t help that it is part of a DLC package, its appearance might not give this away, it’s quite similar to the fan-favorite the Octane, the car’s large bulky shape might be a bit off-putting, the wide hitbox makes it a pretty solid option if you favor playing a more defensive game and or spend a lot of time swatting shots away from your goal.

The overall large mass of this thing makes it a powerhouse to muscle your way through opponents and put some real heat on ball hits while it’s a touch less mobile, its turn rate is still comparable to most other cars, now that Psyonix has balanced out these turning mechanics for most when we take this all into account we have the marauder in the B tier. 

4. Nimbus – B Tier

Nimbus, this relatively new car doesn’t just look sleek, it also makes for a fun and effective vehicle in a heated competition while the Nimbus is a relatively short car with a pretty narrow hitbox it’s also just an all-around solid versatile vehicle this should particularly be on the radar for those who are used to playing with another great car the Dominus as the feel and hitbox of this thing is remarkably similar now even with that said it’s not as good as the Dominus and we’re putting the nimbus in the B tier.

5. Merc – C Tier

The next car Merc poses a threat mainly because of its large hitbox, the massive size of this vehicle makes it particularly optimal for hitting balls when airborne blocking goals, and blasting through opponents. If you like to speed your way across the arena, the Merc may not be for you as it possesses slightly weaker stats when it comes to boosting and turning.

Players who prefer mass and brood strength should get much use out of this beast, it’s also a safe choice for Rocket League newbies, some of you may have this ahead of the Marauder but we have it slightly behind it.

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