Right Way to Choose The Best Book Publishing Platform

After finishing writing the book you have been working on for months, don’t just throw it over any random platform, it could go unnoticed! Since you know there are a plethora of self-publishing mediums and hence you can infer the chances of being taken for granted.

After all, if you take pain for publishing it, you certainly want the absolute response with positive feedback, don’t you? But before you search for the best blogs or the right medium there are some prerequisites to do.  And now when you happen to be on BookWritingExperts let’s find out how to look for the right platform that gives exposure to your books.

1.     Pick up the Reputed Platform

One of the most sense-making and first things you should do in order to publish the book is to look for the platform that is known. If you opt for any random platform that has the title of book publishing it could go seriously wrong. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the best medium and what could be better than Amazon! Nobody can deny the ever-so-growing popularity and reader’s availability over amazon and that is a plus point for getting maximized exposure. Moreover, when you finalized the platform be it Amazon or any other; don’t forget to read the reviews regarding people’s experience.

2.     Platform with Maximum Capacity for Audience

The platform you are choosing should net restrict your audience in any way, rather it brings you to the reader from everywhere. There are many platforms that only have access to certain apps like kindle and that is something you don’t require since it limits the number of readers for your book.

3.     Look for Editor’s Option

While choosing the platform for publishing your book, make sure to have editors’ access as well. Certainly as the name says an editor will enhance your book and make it appear to be more perfect than it was before. Therefore, always go for the book publishing platform that offers editors or coaches for helping and revising your book’s minor part.

4.     Choose the Platform with Compatibility

When it comes to publishing an eBook on a digital platform however can one forget the compatibility factor? Certainly marketing the book and reading it over screen comes under many devices. If someone is reading through the desktop the same layout will differ on an OS or Mac device.  Keep the formats, browsers, OS and everything that comes into compatibility in mind.

5.     Price Range and Difference

While choosing the platform for publishing your book check out its cost and compare it with different other platforms. The price should be in budget therefore, finalizing the publishing medium never forget the price. Compare the price range with the top choice you want to make a decision from. Moreover, if the platform is offering you the annual subscription and lifetime membership, opt for the former one. Why? Because you can opt out of the deal if things don’t keep working the way you have anticipated. You can simply change the platform if you don’t like it.

6.     The Platform Marketing Strategy

Check out if the platform you’ve chosen promotes or advertises your book or not. There are many friendly platforms that give their writers or authors a promotional package for book marketing. Moreover, there are some platforms that only give some wise tips to increase sales and it matters the most. And if you have no experience in the digital ad world, shift your search for the platform that does that for you. Your book needs exposure once it’s completed.

7.     Don’t Forget the Limitations

As a rule of thumb, digital platforms restrict you or limit the book reach after a while. The reason can be any but you need to be careful about the exclusiveness. That is why you should look for the platforms that limit the exposure as little as it can be. Before signing carefully read the policies and research about that properly.


Whichever platform you choose to publish your book, it’s important to research properly about each aspect. Besides, take reviews, help, advice, other authors’ experience and past history about the platform. If all that seems difficult, simply choose a renowned platform as we’ve mentioned in our first point. A name the depict quality would take care of your preference

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