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Review of Dominion Voting Machines from a Technical Perspective



Being part of a democracy means voting.  We love to vote for everything.  We love to vote for the important stuff, like the President of the United States.  We love to vote for the fun stuff: Intertops Casino Red, Intertops Casino Blue, or Intertops Casino White.  Voting and the United States go hand in hand.  It is in our blood.

The Dominion voting machines during the 2020 election put that part of American life in question.  So the question is, “Should we be afraid of Dominion voting machines or is this simply a situation of ‘old fogies’ not willing to accept modern technology?”

What was voting like before Dominion and why did it need to change?

Before Dominion, many states were using old lever pull voting machines or they were using punch cards.  In terms of not being able to “change a vote”, both methods were excellent.  But, with the lever pulled machines, it became an issue of the American’s Disabilities Act.  For older people and people with disabilities, it was difficult to physically cast a ballot.  With the punch cards, it was difficult for people with visual and physical issues to cast a vote, and if it was done incorrectly, their vote was not counted.

Is Dominion the only solution?

No.  Many states, for example Connecticut, switched to a “fill in the bubble” method of voting, and standard scanning machines to read the ballot.  Simple, straight forward, and absolutely no ability for anybody to be able to get into the voting machines to change votes.  Not to mention each person had a physical ballot that they could physically see before putting it into the scanner to ensure that the vote they think they are casting is the one that is actually being cast.

If a person filled in the wrong ballot, they could bring it up to a clerk, ask for a new ballot, their old ballot would be voided, and they would get a new ballot.

Which states are using Dominion voting machines?

Dominion voting machines were in Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

What is wrong with the Dominion voting machines?

What do we expect from a voting machine?

  1. Not connected to an intranet, because that can then be connected to the internet.
  2. Confidence that the ballot you cast is the one that is going to be counted.
  3. Confidence that the ballot machines can be validated by a third party outside company.
  4. Confidence that the voting machine is doing only what it is supposed to be doing and nothing more and nothing less.

There are two different types of ballots with Dominion machines.

Dominion claims on their brochure, “Streamline programming and only proof one database for paper and DRE ballots”.

People who vote by mail are given a paper ballot that looks and acts the same way as voting is done in states like Connecticut.  They are given a fill in the bubble ballot, and the ballot is scanned after the voter can physically see that the ballot that is being counted is the one they are casting.

With voting in person, you use a DRE ballot. DRE stands for Direct Record Electronic.  In other words, you press a button on the screen and the voter has zero knowledge if the ballot they cast is the one that is actually being read.

But wait, they say that there is a paper trail.

Look at the ballot that is stored in the database.  One, the user never sees this ballot, so they have no ability to confirm or not confirm that the ballot they are casting is the one being counted.  Second, the DRE ballot is not a bubble filled in ballot (that was filled in by a computer).  It is a completely different ballot.  The DRE ballot just prints out who you voted for and a QR code.

But it is not the printed text that the Dominion machines are reading and counting.  It is the QR code.

There are two major problems here.  The first is that somebody can just by looking at the ballot which ballots were mail in ballots and which ballots were in person ballots.  Once the ballot has been submitted, you should not be able to tell that by the physical ballot.

Second, a QR code cannot be read by hand by humans.  In other words, it is 100% impossible to validate that what is being read by the computer is the same data that is being read by a physical human being.  I can count a bag of apples, and you can count a bag of oranges, and just because we get the same number does not mean that next time I count a bag of apples and you count a bag of oranges that we are doing to get the same number.  As long as we are both counting two different sets of data, it means nothing.

Dominion Mobile Ballot Printing

On the one hand it sounds “Great”.  You can print your ballot from anywhere, from any device, including websites and the internet.  The downside, you can print ballots from any device, including websites and the internet.  Can anyone say “fraud alert”!

Dominion ImageCast Remote

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is.  Remote means that you are “casting” a ballot in a location that is NOT local. The software is designed to allow you to cast a vote in a location that is not local to the physical voting machine.

If you honestly believe that is not going to lead to fraud, can I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge?

“The ImageCast Remote software platform utilizes N-Tier (or multitier) software architecture.”  In layman’s terms, it requires at a minimum, an intranet (computers locally connected together.  So each voting system is not separate and independent, as we were promised.  If any computer on the intranet that is connected to the internet, and all computers are connected to the internet.

Plus, since in a client-server system it is designed to only have one database, even if the individual voting machines are not connected to the internet, if the main server computer is connected to the internet, you have lost your chain of evidence.

“The system supports WCAG 2.0 Level AA conformance, multiple languages, browser-based screen readers and Audio-Tactile Interfaces (ATI). The ImageCast Remote uses standard HTML and JavaScript and is compatible with Microsoft Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.”

“Voters can use the system on their personal computer, tablet, smartphone, or touchtone phone. After the voter has marked their ballot, the system generates a PDF of an ‘Electronic Mobile Ballot,’ which is a representation of the voter’s summary ballot, containing a human readable summary of the voter’s selections and a 2D QR code, which is not human readable and allows the ballot to be scanned by a Dominion ImageCast ballot scanner instead of being remade onto traditional ballot paper by hand or with a ballot duplication system. The Electronic Mobile Ballot can have more than one QR code, containing the number of available contests, candidates, and write-ins.”

The Dominion software is DESIGNED to allow anybody with a mobile phone to be able to “cast a vote”.  On top of that, they specifically tell you that when they print out your voting summary, what you are reading is NOT what is being counted.  Just because your ballot says, “You voted for Mickey Mouse”, if the QR code says that you voted for “Donald Duck”, you voted for “Donald Duck”, and there is nothing you can do about it.

And human manual count validation?  How is a human going to count QR codes?  It is not physically possible, because humans do not know how to read QR codes by hand.

Tallying is done from a central database

“Track incoming results from all channels from a single database”

The only way that you can track all channels from a single database is if those databases are all connected.  It does not say anywhere about the single database having to be physically located at the voting location.  In fact, the image on their brochure specifically shows an image that says “Precincts reporting: 33 of 33 100%”.   It is physically impossible to “read” the data from 33 different precincts automatically in “realtime”, from 33 physically different locations, unless that data is being transmitted through the internet.

Once you are transmitting data through the internet, there is zero guarantee that the data has not been changed.  The data that was sent from location A is the same data was submitted to location B.

Is Dominion’s Database just showing the data?

When an audit was done in Arizona, one of the states that used Dominion voting machines in 2020, they ran into a snag.  The central database was deleted, and there were no backups.

With a system this important, there should have been a real time backup database and  a hard backup of the data at the end of the day on a DVD, something that could not be changed, ever.  That did not happen.  Not to mention that the physical boxes where the ballots were stored had their seals broken.

The auditors asked Dominion for the root passwords, so they could audit the database to prove without a doubt that the data sent from location A was the same data that was stored in the database in location B.

Dominion’s response was, “company secrets are contained in the database, so we cannot release the database.”  The database is only supposed to count ballots and report on the total.  If it is doing anything beyond that, it is doing something that it is not supposed to be doing.

Dominion did not say, “You have to get the passwords from Arizona.”


Dominion admitted that they are the only ones who have access to the central voting database.  A database that was deleted.  On top of that, Dominion admitted that they do not want their database validated.  And the seals being broken on the ballot boxes?

Deleting a voting database is fraud.  Breaking seals on ballot boxes is fraud.

Any state that used Dominion voting machines cannot be trusted.  Provable fraud in one location means that any location that used that system had the potential for fraud.

28 states used the Dominion voting system.  That is more than half of the country.  In other words, over 50% of the votes cast in the 2020 election cannot be trusted.

Nobody is going to approve any voting system unless the Democrats get the system validated by their people, and the Republicans get it validated by their people.  And on top that, it is validated by a third group that both people agree to validate the system.

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Features of Best Insurance for Two-Wheeler | Chola MS




Insurance for Two-Wheeler

Features of Best Insurance for Two-Wheeler

A bike insurance policy is designed to safeguard your insured bike from any losses arising from unanticipated events including accidents, natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, etc. It acts as a safety net, providing compensation for harm done to you and your bike, as a result of any unfortunate mishaps, allowing you to relax even in the midst of a crisis. Additionally, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 has made purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy for your two-wheeler a mandatory requirement for driving on public roads in India. Thus, you must purchase bike insurance if you intend to use your two-wheeler. Let’s take a look at the key features any best two-wheeler insurance policy should have.

Features of Best Insurance for Two-Wheeler

The policy insured receives extensive coverage and a variety of advantages when they purchase a bike insurance policy. Here are some of the key features of a best bike insurance policy:

Affordable Premiums:

The policy premiums should be affordable on the policy owner’s wallet. Additionally, the policy provider must provide substantially lesser prices or some discounts during festivals or other promotional activities.

Easy Claim Settlements:

The policy provider you choose should make every effort to resolve all disputes as quickly as possible. Companies generally ensure that the claims are settled sooner by employing a number of trained personnel in this sector. These are possibly the reason why a lot of insurance providers available have a high claim settlement ratio, which has become a key factor that determines the choice of the policy provider.

The benefit of a No-Claim Bonus:

One of the primary advantages of responsible driving is the no-claims bonus. If an owner doesn’t file a claim during the course of a policy year, they are entitled to a number of discounts and additional advantages when the policy is renewed.

A Broader Coverage:

The key feature of any bike insurance policy should be its exhaustive coverage that offers a wide range of protection, for both the third party and the first party i.e., the policyholder or you and it also depends on the kind of policy coverage you select.

Provision for Good Add-On Covers:

One policy might not cover all of your varied expectations. This is why insurance providers allow the provision for an additional or extra bed of protection with the add-on covers. You can purchase from a variety of add-on covers, like the zero-depreciation cover, return to invoice cover, no-claim bonus protection, engine protection, roadside assistance, etc., based on your needs and requirements.

Provision for Cashless Claims:

One of the better advantages of getting a bike insurance policy these days is the provision of cashless claims. As the name suggests, a cashless claim has made it possible for bike owners to easily get their bikes fixed – repaired or parts replaced without having to worry about the repair costs if the said repairs are being fixed at a network garage. You are not required to pay for the completed repairs at any of the insurance company’s network garages. The respective insurance provider pays all charges and settles the invoices directly with the garage.

A bike insurance policy offers a wide range of protection, for both the third party and the first party i.e., you or the policyholder, saving them from any unfortunate situations involving their insured vehicle.

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How An Insurance Agent Can Help You




Insurance Agent

There are times in life when only the protection of a good insurance policy stands between you and financial ruin. To prepare for those times, you need the expert services of an insurance agent.

Insurance is exactly as its name suggests: it insures you. It protects your legal and financial status even when the worst possible thing happens. We use it to protect ourselves from things like damage to the contents of our homes, our cars, and when we travel. We need it for medical treatment and to keep ourselves correct in the business world.

What Does an Insurance Agent Do for You?

If you are considering an insurance policy, you ought to speak with a qualified professional insurance agent before you make your final purchase. They can guide you through the best policy options for you by assessing exactly what it is that you need. This insurance agent in Paso Robles recommends speaking with a professional about the other insurance policies in your life too. Combining them under one brand or policy could save you massively.

An insurance agent:

  • Assesses your insurance needs throughout all aspects of your home, life, and business
  • Advises you on the kind of coverage you need to ensure full protection
  • Helps you negotiate the best possible rate with insurance providers
  • Calls you bi-annually/annually to make sure your protection is up to date
  • And can help you make an insurance claim against those policies should the need arise

Are insurance brokers and insurance agents the same thing?

An insurance broker will act on behalf of the client, but an insurance agent may work on behalf of the insurance company. They may work with multiple companies to earn a commission from selling policies on their behalf. That does not mean they are not providing you with competitive rates. IT just means that is how they earn a profit.

When will you need to consult an insurance agent?

Besides, from the outset of your policy, when you are planning to do something which requires insurance, you might also need to consult an agent when something happens. Any occurrence which impacts an existing policy may require the aid of your insurance agent.

For example, if your house floods and you have water damage written into your home content policy, you may consult your agent. They could file a claim with the insurance company on your behalf.

In another instance, you might consult your insurance agent if you are involved in an auto accident. An insurance agent may represent the company in such cases, so they need to know what has happened to launch your claim.

What products can an insurance agent help me with?

You may wish to hire an insurance agent to help you with the different types of insurance in your life. Some agents specialize in certain types. These may include:

  • Health and life insurance
  • Short-term insurance solutions for travel or empty houses
  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance and property solutions
  • Dental Insurance
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You have much to consider as a nail technician or salon owner, from profitability to polish hues.

If you’re seeking suggestions, there are several simple ways to enhance your nail salon business. Using innovative business strategies, you may live a more prosperous life in the nail industry. These strategies might include streamlining your booking process or creating loyalty programs.

All you have to do is download the Maby app. Maby unifies all administration, marketing, and tax capabilities, making it easier than ever to do business.

Maby app was born with the mission of connecting customers and nail salons, solving all the troubles of customers and nail salon owners:

– Support the shop owner to manage the headaches that come with owning a business, find customers for the shop

–  Help nail salon customers choose where to get their favorite service

–  With Maby, just a straightforward operation will turn all worries away. You just need to “Download the Maby Nail Salon App” on your phone; the shop owner will immediately GET THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS:

–  Attract potential customers through the Location feature. Maby will point you toward a “nail salon near me” using the Locator tool. You are free to select the salon of your choice, shop for the best offers, ascertain the cost of the service before doing it, and make payments online.

–  Optimize customer appointment schedule: avoid the situation where the salon gets too crowded, and there are not enough employees 

–  Optimizing employee productivity: allocating employee work schedules accurately, accurately measuring employee capacity.

–  Increase revenue: thanks to the marketing and customer care tools available on the platform.

In particular, Maby is also a place for nail salon owners to meet potential customers and promote their artwork to millions of people.

Download App Maby now to receive great deals every day!

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5 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Upcoming Black Friday



Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and is traditionally the start of the holiday shopping season. Retailers offer special discounts and promotions on this day, which draws huge crowds of shoppers.

For businesses, Black Friday is an important day to generate sales and boost profits. Many retailers rely on Black Friday sales to help them reach their annual sales goals. In recent years, Black Friday has become increasingly important for online retailers as well.

There are a few reasons why Black Friday is so important for businesses. First, it is a great opportunity to clear out old inventory and make room for new products. Secondly, deep discounts and promotions draw in huge crowds of shoppers, which can boost sales and profits significantly.

If you are a retailer, make sure to take advantage of this day and offer special discounts and promotions to your customers. Here are the five tips to prepare your business for the upcoming Black Friday.

Make Sure To Stock Enough Packaging Supplies And Inventory

Last year, American customers spent around $8.9 billion on Black Friday. During this time, you can expect a huge jump in sales, so make sure you have enough supplies and packaging tools, like thermal label printer, shipping labels, circle labels, and custom sticker labels, to keep deliveries running smoothly.

Thermal label printers will speed up your printing process and save you time and money as they are not expensive. An excellent printer like the MUNBYN 4×6 thermal label printer is available for less than $200 and is worth the money with its astonishing features. It offers clear printing of QR codes and patterns with 300DPi HD print, the capability to print multiple label sizes, and easy connectivity to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS via USB.

Black Friday is known for its amazing sales, so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of inventory on hand to take advantage of them. Having extra stock and packaging materials on hand will also let you offer your customers special deals and promotions.

Advertise Your Products

As the holiday season approaches, retailers are gearing up for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday. For businesses, this means increased competition and the need to stand out from the crowd.

One way to do this is through product advertising. By investing in product advertising during Black Friday, businesses can ensure that their products are seen by consumers who are looking for great deals.

Product advertising can be a powerful tool to increase sales and brand awareness. On Black Friday, when consumers are bombarded with messages from all directions, product advertising can help your business cut through the noise and reach your target audience.

Make Sure Your Product Pricing Is Compatible

When it comes to pricing your products, it’s important to be competitive—especially during Black Friday. With so many shoppers looking for the best deals, you need to make sure your prices are in line with (or better than) your competitors’. This can be a challenge, but it’s important to remember that Black Friday is a key shopping period for many people.

If you can offer competitive pricing on your products during this time, you’ll be in a good position to attract more customers and boost your sales. So, if you’re planning to participate in Black Friday sales, make sure your prices are up to scratch!

Hire Seasonal Employees

Black Friday is just around the corner, and like most businesses, you’re probably getting ready for the holiday rush. But what about your staffing? Do you have enough people to cover the increased demand? If not, you may want to consider hiring seasonal employees. Seasonal workers can be a great way to supplement your regular staff, and they can be especially helpful during busy times like Black Friday.

Your regular employees are probably already feeling the strain of the holiday rush. But with some extra help from seasonal workers, they can manage the increased workload. If you need to staff up quickly for Black Friday, seasonal workers are usually your best bet. They’re usually available on short notice and don’t require a long-term commitment.

Gift Wrap Your Products During Black Friday

Black Friday means extended hours, increased inventory, and big sales for businesses, but what about your packaging?

If you’re selling physical products, this is the perfect time to make sure your packaging is up to par. After all, first impressions matter, and your product’s packaging is often the first thing a customer sees.

There are plenty of reasons to gift wrap your products during Black Friday. Visual stimuli help in establishing an emotional connection with the client. Businesses might benefit from the fact that certain colors and patterns can trigger particular emotions.

In addition to circle labels, you can also use uniquely shaped labels like paw print labels, pumpkin labels, etc. to give your product packaging more unique features. MUNBYN offers a wide range of labels to meet your packaging needs. In a sea of Black Friday deals, your product needs to stand out in order to get noticed. Gift wrapping is a simple and effective way to make your product pop.

When you take the time to gift wrap your product, it shows that you care about the quality of your product and the customer experience. This can go a long way towards differentiating your business from the competition.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important shopping days for merchants because they help them sell items that aren’t moving as quickly and increase sales and investment returns. If you want to be ready for these events, you should pay attention to the tips given above. With a MUNBYN thermal printer and labels, you’ll be more comfortable with upcoming promotions.

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How To Find The Best Fake Air Jordan 1 At a Cheap Price?



When you are looking for the fake but Best AJ1 at cheap price, there are a few things that you need to consider. The most important thing is to find a reputable retailer who can provide you with quality sneakers at a fraction of the cost. It is also important to ensure that you are getting a good deal on the sneakers and that you are not overpaying for them.

When shopping for fake air Jordan sneakers, it is essential to do your research. There are many different retailers out there, and not all of them are reputable. Make sure that you are reading reviews from other customers before making your purchase. This will help you to avoid scams and get the best possible deal on your sneakers. However, Here are a few tips to help you find the best deal on a replica pair of Cheap Nike Jordan 1:

  1. Shop around and compare prices. Unfortunately, many online retailers sell fake Air Jordans, so take the time to compare prices and find the best deal.
  2. Read reviews. It is vital to research and read other shoppers’ reviews before making a purchase. This will help you to avoid scams and get the best product possible.
  3. Look for a seller with a good reputation. It is essential to buy from a seller with a good reputation who has sold quality products in the past. This will ensure that you get what you expect and that you’re not scammed.

By following these tips, you can find the perfect pair of Fake Air Jordan 1at an affordable price.

Is there a policy for returning fake sneakers?

There is no official policy on returning Reps Sneakers, as each retailer may have policies. However, it is generally recommended that customers not attempt to return counterfeit or fraudulent items, as this can often lead to difficulties or, in some cases, even legal issues. In general, if customers have concerns about an item they have purchased – whether it is a fake pair of sneakers or not – they should reach out to the retailer’s customer service department for clarification and assistance.

Companies do not always need to provide a return policy on fake sneakers. However, Stockx SNK does. Go and check out our Stock’s Sneakers website for more details.

Do fake sneakers have good quality?

There is no definitive answer to this question since quality can vary from one company to the next. That said, there are some exceptions, and some pairs of fake sneakers are well made and look very similar to the real thing. If you want your fake sneakers to be that exceptional pair of sneakers, you should consider purchasing one from our Stock’s Sneakers website. We have the latest and most authentic collection of replica sneakers, and Stock’s Sneakers do not go anywhere for years.

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