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Before you take up the responsibility of becoming a legal guardian, there are some things you should have in mind. There are many responsibilities of becoming a legal guardian that you need to consider. 

First, ask yourself if you really want to take up the responsibility of a child. Think about how it will affect you and your family. Also, are you willing to, or do you even have enough money to spend to support the child? Moreover, you have to think about the problems you might face with the child’s relatives if they have any and decide to interfere.  

Being a legal guardian is exactly like being the child’s parent! It is a huge responsibility. The basic duties are essentially the same everywhere, though some may vary from state to state.  

To understand exactly what your state dictates, get in touch with William Schantz, experts in family law. They can help you know and understand what you are getting into. 

There are many things that a guardian needs to take prior permission for from the court, especially when it comes to protecting the ward’s finances. It is up to the court to decide the powers of the guardian, which can differ from individual to individual. 

Types of Guardians

Guardians can be of three types. A general guardian has the most and the broadest set of powers over their ward, their property, or both. Next is the limited guardian, who can only exercise limited powers set by the court over their wards and property. Last is the special guardian, appointed as a guardian only during an emergency and does not hold guardianship for over thirty days.  

Special guardians also only have the powers which are set by the court as deemed necessary, and after the period has expired, if the court thinks the ward is still in need of guardianship, they can decide to appoint a general or limited guardian for extended periods. Actually, all guardians are temporary as guardianship ends as soon as the minor turns eighteen years old.  Furthermore, to know more about the responsibilities of a legal guardian, get in touch with William Schantz, specialist in family law.

Responsibilities of a Legal Guardian

A guardian must provide food, clothing, and shelter to their wards. They are responsible for providing education and medical facilities to the person in their care. The legal guardian is also supposed to file a report to the court every year to know how the ward is doing. They might also be required to meet court investigators and social workers and be called into court regarding any inquiries the court might have with the ward. The guardian must always act in the ward’s best interests and make all decisions with care and thought of the ward in mind. A legal guardian is also responsible for any harm or damage that their wards have caused, like, for example, car accidents. The ward must stay with their legal guardians, and they aren’t allowed to visit or stay with other relatives without the court’s permission. 

The legal guardian has the right to make decisions that might affect the child’s life, like giving them permission to join the army or get married. Though, the guardianship ends when the ward does either. 

Many institutions and resources provide you with all the information you need, like William Schantz. Make sure that you meet all the requirements and can give proper care and attention to your ward before taking the responsibility of becoming a legal guardian. It takes a lot of time and resources to take good care of a child, and you should be able to provide for them before you think of taking in a child.

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