SEO Reporting Tools

Top 5 Essential SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

SEO search engine optimization is the mother of digital marketing because to boost your business on the internet, you need to do efficient SEO; otherwise, you don’t get satisfactory results. Today it is not easy to get ranked on Google because Google constantly changes its ranking strategies, so you need to get updated. But you can rank on Google by knowing your competitor’s weaknesses and solid and vital points. For this, you need some SEO tools that help you.

SEO Reporting Tools

Some essential tools in the market have a robust intelligence system that gives all the information about SEO. These SEO reporting tools for agencies are necessary for any agency to boost its business. Here we discuss the top five SEO tools.


This is a multifunctional white label SEO platform that is great for any agency. This platform allows you to perform high-quality SEO audits and constant monitoring of websites.  The SEO audit function allows you to find all technical problems with content and tells you which of them need to be fixed first. The monitoring function will help you see all the changes on the site and keep track of its technical status. You will be aware of all the changes that developers, marketers or content managers make to your site and will be able to respond in time to any problems or errors.

If you are a SEO agency that serves clients and provides them with SEO services, then you will be able to add your company logo on all reports. So your clients will think that it was your agency that did the analysis or audit of their site. You can subscribe to this tool in any of three ways: Basic – $23/month, Startup – $39/month, or Growing – $79/month.


It is the best SEO tool that provides you excellent features, and it gives you all the information about your competitor. On the other hand, if you have started a new business on the internet, as an online store or website, this tool provides guidance that helps you quickly ranking on Google. The Ahrefs

 Provides your excellent features, like backlink checker, keyword generator, tells you traffic, and the sire auditing options. The price of this tool for a month is $99,l the lite plane $ 179, and the standard plan $399.


It is another online SEO reporting tool that helps you monitor the visibility, ranking, and traffic of your website. The Moz provides you the essential feature and advanced features such as rank tracking and backlink analyses. You can also do the keyword research for your website, product for your online store with Moz pro. The Moz has different price plans that you can choose according to your need and budget. Its primary program starts from $99, standard procedure $149, and the giant plane $599 per month.

Google Analytics

Google also provides you many SEO reporting tools that you can use; one of the favorite Google tools is Google Analytics. The good thing about this tool is that it is free to use and the best option for that newbie in this field. This reporting tool provides you the real-time monitoring, acquisitions, audience reporting, and customized reporting functions.


The SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO reporting tool and very beneficial to learning g marketing secrets. It provides you all the features you are looking for in any advanced and latest tool, like campaign management, competitive research, content marketing, and site auditing functions.

This paid tool has different price plans, starting from the $119, pro plan $229, and the guru plan is $445 per month. You can choose any of them according to your needs and budget.

SEO Quake

It is another SEO-free online reporting tool that offers you the organic research data of any website, stored at the bottom of the website. This tool is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google, and Opera. It also gives you information about site auditing, keyword density, and internal/external link analyses. You can quickly find the analytical data of any webpage using their SEO bar.

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