Relax on a box spring bed of a long hectic day at the workplace!

Are you looking to upgrade your bed or renovate your bedroom with modernized components? Box spring beds are revolutionary and one of the highly functional accessories that are required in your bedroom. As the name suggests, a box spring bed is a supportive square that keeps your mattress lifted upwards. The springs inside the bed assist the bed in absorbing the weight of your body, keeping your bed study and supportive over time.

What is a box spring bed?

A box spring primarily is a wooden square or rectangular shaped structure consisting of a layer of springs covered with fabric on top and a dust-barrier fabric at the bottom. Strings are placed for extra height directly on the floor or the bed frame, preventing the bed from skidding. As the springs of the mattress absorb your body weight, the layers of coils also promote airflow, making your mattress softer and more comfortable. Moreover, The layers of coils also enhance shock absorption and isolate motion.

Why should you have a box spring bed in your bedroom?

The few beneficial reasons for using box spring bed are:

1. Having a box spring prevents you from spending extra bucks on purchasing a metal bed frame as it adds height and provides a free-standing platform to your bed. You can choose to have a low or high-profile box spring that lifts your bed off the ground and reduces the risks of injuries. Moreover, individuals suffering from spine issues benefit from the box spring bed as it makes your mattress evenly surfaced, improving your back issues and the quality of your sleep.

2. The spring coils provide extra support and have a shock absorption capability. Furthermore, spring boxes help protect your mattress from sagging, thus preventing degradation of your mattress and increasing its durability.

3. The layers of coils in the box spring bed promote airflow and aids in ventilation. Air circulation keeps your mattress fresh and prevents the invasion of mould or mildew. It also keeps dust mites and other harmful allergens away that can affect the quality of your sleep or become harmful for your body.

What factors should you consider while choosing a box spring bed?

1. Height

A box spring bed is beneficial for individuals who need a little extra height when getting out of bed. The traditional beds tend to sink in with time and become uncomfortable to sleep.

2. Size

Selecting the right box spring depends on the size of your mattress. Make sure to measure the mattress size before buying the box spring to avoid the mattress hanging over the edges.

3. Type

Certain types of mattresses like innerspring mattresses or two-sided mattresses are better suited for box springs than others. They offer better support and prevent any spinal issues or backaches.

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