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Recent Trends in the Music World




Music trends have always moved fast, but with the digital revolution nearly complete, every aspect of the industry has jumped into hyperdrive.

Artists can create and drop albums faster than ever, reach international audiences in record time, and rise through the ranks of the business with a lean management team and a social media account.

Let’s take a look at a few recent trends in the music world, and what we can expect from this exciting industry in years to come. 

Shifting Identity of Record Labels

Some claim that the death of the record label is inevitable, but it’s more accurate to say that these companies are changing the way they do business to remain relevant, just as they have in decades past.

Streaming is clearly the status quo at this point, and record sales have largely been translated into total stream counts across platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and TikTok. 

The best music managers will be able to guide their clients through this changing environment and allow them to make the best deals with labels, ensuring protections and royalties in a complex digital world.

The Post-Album Environment

While there is still a market for the classic album format, we’re seeing an obvious shift away from the long-play structure that artists once relied on to make a statement. 

Rappers, DJs, pop stars, and even rock bands are now releasing tracks one at a time, keeping fanbases satisfied throughout the year and maintaining a rigorous touring schedule.

This quick-hit setup is better for audiences, managers, and artists – so, will the album survive? It will always have a place in our hearts, but we may see it slowly disappear.

Alternative Income Streams for Artists

Music purists often ignore the business side of the equation, but the truth is that young artists need to monetize their creativity in new ways if they want to make a lasting career. Music is only a piece of the puzzle, and opportunities are everywhere.  

That means pursuing new promotions, collabs, and social media business avenues that may not have existed a few years back. Big money flows on Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud if artists position themselves correctly and make the right connections.

Touring and stream sales won’t be going anywhere, but influencer marketing will reach new heights in 2020 and beyond. Clicks and likes are the currency of the day, and it’s all about cultivating that addictive persona that keeps fans hooked. 

A wild appearance plays a part, but at the end of the day, great music will always win out.  

Some musicians may have a knack for business from the jump, but young artists new to the game should seek the guidance of a proven music manager to help them stay on track. 

Crossover Between Genres and Mediums

Artists of all types are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and testing the waters in different industries, with music at the center of it all. 

Music managers are also advising a wider range of clients based on their unique skill sets and business acumen, rather than specialization in one area of entertainment. 

Mark Gillespie, one of the 21st-century pioneers of the entertainment industry, is well known for managing musical artists while connecting them with opportunities in film, fashion, new media and technology. 

His company Three Six Zero has worked with Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Mark Ronson, Travis Scott, and other major artists who have used music as a launchpad to grander numerous business opportunities. 

It’s clear that the traditional boundaries between art, music, movies, and new media have been shattered, and the future is wide open for visionaries who can capitalize on these chances to cross over into new territory.

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Guide for LED strip lights




What is led strip light?

An LED strip light (also known as an LED tape or ribbon light) is a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components that usually comes with an adhesive backing. Traditionally, strip lights had been used solely in accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications. Increased luminous efficacy and higher-power SMDs have allowed LED strip lights to be used in applications such as high brightness task lighting, fluorescent and halogen lighting fixture replacements, indirect lighting applications, and Ultra Violet inspection during manufacturing processes, set and costume design, and even growing plants.


LEDs can be dimmed efficiently using pulse-width modulation (PWM). This strategy rapidly switches the LEDs on and off, typically 500 times per second, by changing the voltage from zero to the designed value in an “on-off” fashion. The LED sees its drive as a square wave. The relative width of the on and off portions of the square wave can be varied so that the LEDs are on or off for relatively more or less time to change brightness. Addressable LEDs do this dimming internally given a data signal which specifies which color LEDs to turn on, while non-addressable LEDs require an external PWM controller.


Strip lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor use depending on whether they are water resistant. Since the strip is flexible and can be divided at any point between LEDs, it is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of installations. Outside of traditional lighting, strip lighting is extensively used in DIY projects or lighted clothing. The ability to power strip lights off of a USB device or battery pack makes them extremely portable. Examples include computer lighting, costume lights, toys, workspace lighting, monitor and display ambient lighting, and alcove lighting. LED strips are also increasingly used as a smart solution. With a smart strip light you can adjust the color of the LEDs and determine the brightness of the strip with an app on your smartphone or smart accessory.

Lepro LED strip lights

Lepro LED strip lights make your home or business magic. You can find all kinds of magic features as follow:

1. RGB LED strip lights are available.

2. Smart LED strip lights are available. Work with Alexa and Google home. Voice control is available.

3. Music sync feature is available. Light dances with your music. Is it cool?

4. RGB + IC make light more magic. For example, waterfall style color changing.

Lepro website
RGB LED lights strip

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5 Top Tips for Holding a Children’s Party



Children’s Party

Whether you will be handling all aspects of the party yourself or having professional entertainment and catering in your event, here are some of the things to keep in mind to hold a memorable children’s party.

1. Timetable

Take the time to plan the whole party out from beginning to end, with each activity in between. Ask yourself how long the entertainment will take, the serving of cake, piñata, and other activities as well.

One of the biggest problems that can happen is when the entertainment is finished and cake is served, there is suddenly a lull in the party as the kids wait till their parents come by to pick them up – this sets the scene for confusion. It is a better idea to end one entertainment segment with a calming game or some united activity.

Then bring in the food! Allow the kids to eat before returning for the final 15 minute segment of the show. This ensures a safely structured beginning and end to the party. Kids will be engaged right up until the time the parents begin arriving for the party. Parents will be happy to see a group of engaged children and not a mob of wildlings.

2. Entertainment

The next important thing is to make sure that the entertainment you have selected for your children’s party is age appropriate. I was recently at the party of a 7-year-old and the party organizer had retained an entertainment troupe geared toward a much younger audience. The result was obvious. The children soon disengaged from the entertainment and the party turned rather chaotic after this point.

But, all this can be avoided through a little research. Take the time to ask around from the entertainment options available to you about their target audience. Because they have experience in providing entertainment they will be able to recommend a show that will be well accepted by the audience for whom they will be performing.

And consider the connection you make with them, if you feel they are going the extra mile to make the entire service a joy and a laugh, they will probably be pretty good at delivering this effect to the children.

3. Don’t always rely on the big brands!

The first thing you will see when you enter the children’s party market is “Frozen” and “StarWars” themed options in every size, shape and price range. But, this may not be the best selection if you are hoping to make a splash with your target audience. Of course, they will say they want it, because they have already seen it about a million times this week.

Instead, place some thought and time into considering the characters, and stories that will make an even bigger impact on these impressionable minds. This will give your kids and the other invitees a chance to experience something new and amazing. It will be a sad thing for sure if after you go through all the arrangements, your child responds with only mild enthusiasm for your theme choice.

4. Remember the Party Purpose

This is not a party to outdo the other parties this month, nor is it a popularity contest. The day is all about celebrating the birthday of your small child. This means they will not really care about the gold tipped candles, the cost of the chocolate fountain or the fact that Tom Jones will be singing the birthday song. All they want is to see their friends and all families happy and laughing. If you get the right combination of people, entertainment and themes in one spot, you will create this small miracle.

5. Create party bags with something special

Party bags have been a staple of the party plan for a while and it is time to rethink this tradition. Far too often the party bag is filled with junk that rots the teeth, brain, or ends in a garbage can within a few days. Instead, consider sending them off with something they will love and use, take a look at the best toy and gift ideas for 6 year old girls.

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Your favorite holidays are almost arriving and all of you must be so much excited about it. As the next month “DECEMBER” arrives, you can already hear the jingle bells all around. With the Christmas celebrative spirit, there are so many things that you really would love to do to make the moments something different than the previous year.

You have planned all the decoration and forgot what to do with the decoration of your Christmas crib. Do not blame your late working hours for not allowing you to plan, or do not blame the daily household chores for not allowing you to discuss decoration planning later on. Few minutes and then you will be perfectly ready to pick all the essential items that are needed to decorate your Christmas crib as we have today come up with amazing ideas for you to decorate the Christmas crib. Thoroughly go through the below-given list so that you can get an idea, how easy it is to make an attractive and mind-blowing Christmas crib for your special occasion this year!


Christmas light can not only be the perfect choice for your Christmas decoration enhancement but it can enhance the decoration of your Christmas cribs too. They bring life to any kind of structure you have designed. The natively scene of Jesus Christ, mother Mary and husband Joseph can be personalized in your house by creating of amazing Christmas crib that adds some Christmas lights to lightenup the scene. You can go for some fairy Christmas lights or star and snowflake shaped Christmas light which will shine through all the things placed for the nativity scenery creation. Welcome warmth and inviting feel with the addition of warm fairy lights.


For any kind of Christmas celebration and Christmas decoration, one of the essential parts is the nativity scene which depicts the birth of Jesus Christ. Bring life to the Christmas crib by managing some artificial plants to add greenery scenes to the surrounding. You can place the plants where ever you would wish to. You can use plants or straws to make the shed for the figurine and add some Christmas decoration ornaments as well. Place the fairy lights on the plant so that the plants look outstanding and gorgeous.


A Christmas decoration is fully complete with the creation of a Christmas crib which looks outstanding and heart-melting. Get some of the figurines for the nativity scene from the market or online. You can include the figurine of the infant Jesus, mother Mary, shepherds, camels, sheep, angel, and many more.


To add perfection to the decoration of your Christmas crib, you can also get your hands on some stunning snowflake hangings that look stunning while hanged on branches of the tree. You can pick some of the shiny and glittery snowflakes that can give some wintery festive vibe to your decoration. Try to get the snowflake hangings that are lightweight and durable too to be re-used again. Consider thread on the top of snowflakes so that with no effort and time you can hang them easily where ever you want.


Christmas comes with lots of reasons for celebration as you and your family will be celebrating it together on the same roof. It also comes with the responsibility of not only Christmas house decoration but also the Christmas crib decoration which makes your entire hard work worth remembering one. You can go for some of the best Christmas ornaments to create the dashing nativity scene. Try to get tiny ball hangings that can be hanged perfectly on the branches and anywhere else of the Christmas crib. You can go for some colorful, sequenced, or red, silver, and gold-colored balls that look very stunning and shiny when placed on your crib.


Whenever you create a Christmas crib, the essential part is setting up an amazing base that can hold the entire elements of the crib. The use of grass can be a perfect way to create a memorable Christmas crib however getting the real grass can not be possible for everyone. You can make paper grass yourself cutting out the thinnest piece of paper to make the grass base that looks naturally beautiful. Go for dark green colored papers. Or else you can purchase fake paper grass online or from shops as well.


To bring that fine kind of Christmas look and the feel of the festive to every corner of your house, you can grab some amazing golden, sparkly and glittery golden pine cones that can be used for hanging. The real look like rustic pine cones can make up an impressive Christmas crib this holiday season that your guests would love to get tips from you for the decoration.


The addition of Christmas garland can never go wrong for your Christmas decoration and especially when you are planning the decoration ornaments for decorating your Christmas crib. You can add some tiny Christmas garlands or cut the pieces of garlands into pieces to make it look like bushes for the nativity scene. From several ranges of colors, you can use casual Christmas garlandsto make the best out of it.


If you do not plan to go for the paper grass idea for the base, you can get sand for your base which gives as real like a nativity look for your Christmas crib. The sand-filled floor base will look stunning and make your Christmas crib decoration outstanding.

How easy it is to create a perfect decoration with all the essential elements to decorate it? Very well easy right? We believe that now as we helped you with all the ideas to make your Christmas crib look gorgeous, you will rock your decoration of the Christmas crib this year!

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Australian Fitness: Should Only Men Enjoy All The Fun?




The land down under has made a few revelations in the field of women’s fitness. Australian women purchase over 50% of gym memberships. Over 60% of Australian women are likely to exercise at least three times a week – with male figures hovering around 50%. Ranging from group pilates classes to protein powder for women, continue reading to learn their most recent breakthroughs!

Social Fitness: 

Researchers have found that women place a great deal of importance on the social aspect of physical exercise. Renowned physiotherapists and professors of Health Sciences agree with this claim. Gyms in Sydney noticed an increase in female membership shortly after introducing spin and pilates classes. 

Although men and women exercise at similar rates, studies show that women are more likely to participate in physical activity if it meets their social requirements. But this does not imply anything on its effectiveness. If anything, this observation should be used as an advantage. Next time you go cycling, practice yoga, or engage in body pump exercises, invite a group of friends! You’ll have way more fun. 


The past decade has seen massive voluntary dietary changes across the world. Vegan diets garnered a tremendous amount of attention and took the world by force in a relatively short period. Initially, veganism was a widespread movement due to ethical reasons concerning animal cruelty, but it had a more noticeable impact on climate change. Here are some impressive statistics so far:

  • Nearly 50% of Americans consume non-dairy milk. 
  • 2019 has seen a 155% increase in vegans in the UK from the previous year.
  • A worldwide shift to a vegan diet can save over a trillion dollars in climate change damages by 2050 by reducing greenhouse emissions by 66%

Australians could do with this change because they are among the highest meat consumers on average. The worldwide average meat consumption per person per year is 43kg. In Australia, these numbers are an incredible 116kg. 

The Australian food industry has reacted aptly – making 9% of food produced in 2019 vegan-friendly. As of the same year, half a million Australians have adopted veganism. Veganism is linked to longer life and lower cancer rates too. So there is no better time to hop onto the bandwagon.

Dietary Supplements:

There are currently a ton of dietary supplements like protein powders and shakes to target fitness freaks. One might have noticed that the majority pander to the male audience – claiming to increase lean muscle growth, zinc, and testosterone levels. There are unisex substitutes for the same, but they do not optimally supplement male or female diets. Biologically the male and female bodies are not identical. It isn’t easy to include both in the same supplement because their requirements vary. Women require more vitamin B, vitamin D, and calcium, to name a few. 

Fortunately, the Australian fitness industry has adapted itself to provide the best results to achieve women’s desired fitness levels specifically. Aside from dietary supplements, companies are also stacking protein powder for women – availing unusual flavours such as raspberry and passionfruit in addition to the standard options like chocolate and vanilla. To keep up with the expanding vegan trend, vegan- friendly protein powder and protein bars are readily available. 

To summarise, one should prioritize fitness and diet regardless of gender. A lack of physical activity has direct consequences in the shape of osteoporosis, early onset of diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

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Winter is here and Christmas will be too! It’s time to get into the holiday spirits and indulge in the pleasures of the holiday season. Glasses are a great way to make a statement and ignite the spark in your festivities. Get them for yourself or give them as a gift to someone special, glasses are something that everyone desires! In this all-in-one guide, we’ve mentioned the 6 most fashionable and sophisticated glasses to bring some flair into your Christmas this year. Head into the new year with a bang by wearing one of these elegant spectacles!

At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll find the best deals on designer eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses online. Make the most of their exclusive Black Friday offers, with 12% off sitewide, 15% off lens coatings (blue light block is a must-have), 30% off progressive lenses, and even a Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer from Arise Collective spectacles. Other great Cyber Monday deals include up to 70% off designer eyeglasses and sunglasses frames, and 40% off prescription lenses from SmartBuy Collection for a limited time, beginning 27th November.

i – Photo by: freestocks | Source: Unsplash


White frames are a simple, yet elegant pair of glasses for the holiday season. You can combine them with anything and they’ll highlight your face, making you stand out. Tom Ford’s pair of white frames is one the most sophisticated ones we’ve seen – minimalistic but edgy.


Autumnal shades embody the dark and dull aesthetic of winters by bringing a vibrant aesthetic. These glasses give a sense of warmth and can be worn with, both, gloomy or lively colours.


Make a statement with Versace’s premium line-up of cat-eye glasses this holiday season! These vibrant and radiant red-coloured glasses are not only elegant, but they also bring out the festivities of Christmas.


Do you have a round face? These square-shaped glasses from adidas have got you covered. The angled frame is intended to bring out the structures of your face and make it appear less bloated. Combine it with a bright Christmas sweater and you’re ready for the holiday season!


Pilot-shaped glasses are back with a rectangular frame to accentuate your facial features and improve your face’s structure. These glasses have a unique and trendy aesthetic that is perfect for the festivities!


Nothing says elegance more than a pair of extravagant designer frames! These luxury designer glasses from Fendi will certainly make you stand out. The dark, dull aesthetic of these glasses says it all. Ideal for making a statement this Christmas!

Get the most of Christmas and give the gift of love! Benefit from SmartBuyGlasses astonishing promotional discounts to ensure your desired pair of glasses arrives just in time for Christmas!

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