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Reasons You Should Invest in Northern MMR Real Estate

MMR Real Estate In South Asia, Indian real estate happens to be one of the most valuable assets to have for residents and NRIs, OCIs and foreign nationals.

Having said that, the real estate investments are slow and thus, require a lot of time and experience. This is something that keeps people from trying their hand and owning properties. Therefore, whoever enters the market inevitably thinks it wise to follow the general trends. 

Saturated Interests

When it comes to Indian real estate, Mumbai is an undisputed goldmine. So, common folk always hold it in high regards. It’s so obvious that whenever people think of investing for the most certain yields, they aim for the metropolis. This causes a huge surge in demand and the market resultantly responds with soaring prices. Regardless of whoever spots it first, every property ends up being sold at the seller’s rate.  

Consequently, this narrows people’s visions and they end up disappointed when mid-city inventories warrant immense capital. Even entry-level budgets of areas like Juhu, Altamount Road, BKC, etc. are too much for the average investor to shoulder. Whereas, the market is still showing spikes in transaction numbers across the region for the same price brackets. The 6355 square kilometres of land that forms the MMR is bigger than the 603 square kilometres of Mumbai.

Changing Trends

There are many factors contributing to the value of MMR Real Estate. One of them is market interest which can be unpredictable to foresee but reliable as it can last. This is one of the reasons why we see a 19.8% annual rise in property buying prices in Thane, a 23.3% rise in Kalwa, Ambernath with 32.2%, etc.

Obviously, if there’s someone out there who’s making incredible profits with the same amount of capital, it could be you. So, let’s take a close look at how we approach the idea behind our investment.

The goal is to be as close to the country’s financial capital as possible. Does this mean we take the recently appreciated flats for sale in Thane West and other inventories off the table? Anyone who’s done their research will find how the area has proved profitable for hundreds of investors this past year.

Future Developments

Another finding that is of interest is that Thane itself has witnessed a -6% rise in buying prices MMR Real Estate since 2020. But does this imply a long-term regression? Again, are we looking at the bigger picture?

One of the most important things in real estate that can be decisive in determining its value is development. Anything that happens around the property you own is ultimately going to affect its value. This is what turns trash-filled slums in the middle of the city so valuable. In many other areas around the country and the world, landlords have become billionaires in this way. Just anticipating or waiting for influential developments such as infrastructural changes, market eruptions, etc. can be the victory move.

The reason we’re looking at this theory is that the same scenario is before us in the MMR. The government has already signed off on crucial, immense, and highly industrial projects. Their aim is to revolutionize the region’s infrastructure, targeting the transportation system and transit networks specifically. With metro lines, trans harbor bridges, and improved road networks, there is much to anticipate for every real estate investor.

What’s Yet to Come

Imagine a connected Real Estate with a transportation network that allows affordable and fast travel options to everyone. Moreover, suspended highways that take you across the Islands of Mumbai, much like the Vashi. Not only will an infrastructure such as this improve travel and transportation but it will also cater to the prevailing traffic and pollution problems of the region.

This will inevitably result in a higher interest in areas outside Mumbai. Employees working in mid-city locations will be able to commute to and from the northern and southern ends of the MMR easily. The government will try its best to increase the maximum capacity even after completion. For an investor, this will be the ideal time to own a property.

Seeing as how the MMR is not the center of attention in the minds of many investors, it’s up for grabs. Moreover, since properties in Thane for sale and other areas surrounding Mumbai will develop, investors can anticipate appreciation.  

Again, real estate requires a long-term plan and you have to anticipate MMR Real Estate as much as you can. Before finalizing your investment, make sure to discuss your idea with experienced professionals.

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