Reasons Why Girls’ Car Trip To Kefalonia Is Perfect Idea

Do you fall in love with Greece? Why not? This is a dream country with welcoming people and a warm climate. You will be impressed by endless beaches, atmospheric restaurants, and cobbled streets. This is a destination that everyone will like, especially girls. Planning a girl’s trip can be hard, but worth your time. Many girls pick Greece for their trip because nothing can go wrong here.

How to plan a trip to Kefalonia

This Greek island is the biggest one. It is full of natural and historical treasures. But usually, girls come to Greece, not for history. They expect to get the brightest impressions and the hottest weekend they might have. Of course, you can visit the Archeological Museum of Kefalonia, but this is not the purpose of your car trip. When travel by car, you are free to visit places you really want to visit and enjoy them. Also, don’t forget to find a good comfortable hotel somewhere at the beach or not far from there with all the needed services included. Honestly, Kefalonia is rich in interesting hotels that every girl will like and appreciate.

Stay at Apollonion Resort and Spa

This is the best hotel for girly needs. Actually, this is a unique combination of a high-class hotel and a set of spa procedures. This is the best place for relaxation and taking girly procedures, including collagen treatment and massages. Also, the hotel is close to the beach so that you can go swimming or just laze at the beach whenever you want. Don’t worry about services. There is a great pool area, a big restaurant, and a bar. You can arrange a girly party here, enjoying the truly delicious food and cocktails. It’s not a calm and boring beach hotel. There’s a bar with live music late into the night. 

But you are not going to stay in the hotel the whole weekend, are you? Hire a car from Kefalonia airport car hire and go to find more interesting places to enjoy them with your friends and take the brightest pictures.

Why girls want to visit Kefalonia

1. Because of stunning landscapes

The beauty of Greek landscapes is able to impress everyone. Your girl company will like Greece’s beautiful landscapes, magnificent sights, beach and sea views. Look at the mountains and high top forests around! This island looks idyllic and really majestic. Nature is so differently beautiful that you feel like you’ve visited many different countries.

2. Because of pleasant weather

As a rule, girls don’t like walking in bad weather. Due to its geographical position, Greece has many different climates. But the biggest part of the country can boast the mild Mediterranean climate and always good weather. Don’t worry, sudden rain can’t spoil your beach excursion. Hire a car and take your chance to visit all the beaches along the seashore, even the wildest ones.

3. Because of pristine beaches

It is truly said, Greece is a country of beaches. The beach line is stretching over the island, forming the longest and the most beautiful coastline. What is more, you don’t need much money to get here and hire a car in Kefalonia. There are modern and well-cared beaches where you can relax, go swimming or surfing, and drink something in a beach bar. Also, there are many unique beaches, located far from the tourist route. Check them.

4. Because of unique fruits that suit every diet

Girls don’t like fatty food. Greece is a country with a unique Mediterranean climate and nature. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available the year-round. Everyone knows that Greece is the largest producer of olive oil. So, you can eat olives, fresh fruits, and veggies, and even buy something for souvenirs.

5. Because of warm people

Greece is a very friendly country. Greek people are kind and welcoming. When hiring a car, you may need to stop the vehicle and ask for a helping hand. Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve lost the direction. Locals will always help you find the way, give the right navigation, and good advice. They are probably the warmest people you have ever met!

Greece is a country that is worth visiting. Looking for the brightest and warmest vacation, hire a car in Greece. Just round up your friends, pack a valise, and go to explore the most unique country in the world. Your girls will like it!

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