Reasons to use skills assessment tests to check candidate proficiency

More companies are hiring online than ever. In fact, virtual recruitment has become a solid fixture in the industry now. Online skills testing software is, therefore, an increasingly valuable tool for modern-day recruiters. Recruiters are sending literacy and numeracy skills test to candidates as well as evaluating applicants through MS Office skills tests.

Significance of candidate skills testing

Determining an applicant’s talents and abilities before making hiring them for a job has many advantages. These pre-employment tests are carried out before the hiring process to determine candidate talents and to avoid making the wrong hire.

Employers have a lot to gain from using skills assessment evaluations. There are different ways they can utilize skills testing software.

  • Recruiters can filter applications and concentrate on the most qualified individuals by having candidates take a skills test.
  • It helps in determining an applicant’s degree of expertise about what is necessary for the position.
  • Both applicants and recruiters can easily and conveniently test their talents online.
  • It saves time and is excellent for mass recruiting.
  • Test results improve decision-making by screening out applications where job seekers have exaggerated their skills.

While there are many positive responses to the jobs advertised, it is hard to find all of them interesting or acceptable. And the process of recruiting the best talent for the role is long and often challenging. Just to create a shortlist of the top candidates, recruiters must still read through hundreds of CVs and cover letters.

Once this shortlist has been accepted, employment skills assessment software is used to further reduce the pool of candidates. Many skills tests are valuable in evaluating an applicant’s technical and soft skills. Testing these skills enables employers to check the level of knowledge and skills that candidates possess.

Candidates’ skills assessments help recruiters avoid making the wrong recruiting decision. In recruitment, it is not unusual for job seekers to magnify their skillset in the hopes of landing a good job opportunity. It is the employers who are at the risk of later running into issues when they find that their new employee is unqualified for the position. What can the hiring company do when the new staff lacks the skills and knowledge required to do well in the role? Therefore, pre-employment skill assessments are critical in the recruiting stage.

The test results offer strong and verifiable proof when it comes to showcasing a candidate’s skills, abilities, and potential. Even recruiters may use it as a competitive advantage when they want a client to work with them. The skills test results can be used to demonstrate to the hiring firm that the candidates they are presenting are more qualified for the position than any others that their rivals may be presenting.

Common skills tests found in online skills testing software

There’s a large library of skills tests being offered by any decent candidate skills testing platform. With the ability to assess candidates online, recruiters benefit by not having to schedule the location, date, and time for each candidate. The software itself makes it simple to select the proper test link and send the email.

The most common talent evaluations include:

  • Literacy skills test
  • Numeracy skills test
  • Microsoft Office skills test
  • Psychometric skills test
  • Data entry skills test
  • Accounting skills test
  • Typing skills test

Normally, the tests are offered at all levels, from Basic to Intermediate to Advanced. This enables recruiters to precisely assess the candidates’ ability levels according to the needs of the role being filled.

The majority of tests are made to be finished in 5 to 30 minutes. Once the applicants have finished the tests, the results are immediately available in the recruiter’s email inbox.

Both online skills assessment and skills testing software are easy. Just select one or more the skills test that is suitable for the role and send it off to the applicants. This is very convenient in remote recruitment. And since most staffing agencies already invest in good recruitment software UK and if the platform integrates smoothly with the skills assessment software, then the whole process becomes even easier and more convenient.

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