Reasons to Install the Shopify Color Filter

If you have a store on Shopify, this article is for you! Get knowledge on the most important things to consider before installing an advanced Shopify color filter. Learn about the importance of color contrast in your store design, what shop owners need to know about the Shopify color filter, and more.

Why install the Shopify color filter?

Shopify offers some really neat features that make it easier for your business to run. One of these is the Shopify color filter, which allows you to set a specific color for your product pages. Many people may not know this is an option, but being able to customize the color of your product pages makes them look professional and will give you more sales. The Shopify color filter is an amazing tool that can help increase conversions by teaching visitors what your products are. Users who visit your shop will be shown a picture of your product, along with its name and a link to buy it. This gives the visitor more confidence in making the purchase without having to get out their phone or laptop and search for the specific item later on. The Shopify color filter is available for $0/month if you are using the Shopify Plus plan.

What does the Shopify color filter do?

Shopify filters colors based on your theme. The Shopify color filter is designed to help you better gauge how the colors and designs in your storefront will look on any monitor, device, or screen. There are two different types of filters: a live filter and a printer filter. The Shopify color filter is a feature that was added to Shopify stores in 2016. It filters out all the colors that are being displayed on your site and add in some of the Shopify brand colors. The main reason to choose this option is that it helps make your site look more professional and sleek.

How to install the Shopify color filter

Shopify’s color filter makes it easy to quickly find the colors, shades, and brands of items that you want to buy with a simple click of the mouse. It makes it easy for customers to choose the specific colors and brands that they are looking for. However, if you’re running an outdated eCommerce website or don’t have a Shopify account already, then there are still ways for your site to become more attractive and easier for customers to navigate.

Benefits of the Shopify color filter

The Shopify color filter is a powerful tool in your content strategy. It is a way to increase conversion rates by adding color to products that have less than three colors per swatch. With the Shopify color filter, you can also add low-cost custom colors for your products and easily integrate the filter with your website designs.

Install the Shopify color filter to see results

When you install the Shopify color filter, you can see results in just a few seconds. Not only does it help to learn what colors your designs really look like, but it helps you to find which ones are easier to sell.


Shopify’s color filter allows you to quickly and easily create a color scheme that matches your website or store. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any significant time investment. You’ll be able to see just what the filter looks like on your site in real-time, so you can edit it right there and then if it needs adjusting.