Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

If you’re moving into a new home, whether it’s one you’ve bought or just started to rent getting the roof inspected should be on your priority list. Vertec Roof Repairs informs us that roofing issues are common, especially in older homes that have lacked any care or maintenance. We often overlook getting the roof inspected because until something goes wrong, the faults aren’t obvious. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be costly.

There are plenty of common issues found during roof inspections that will be weak points during extreme weather. As a property ages the roof can start to deteriorate, if a roof is properly maintained normal wear and tear can be managed to avoid any issues. But if left unattended the issues can be serious. Below are a few reasons you need to get your roof inspected.

  • Loose fixings – if roof fixings are loose not only can they cause more damage to the roof and provide gaps for water and pests to enter the roof, if the fixings fall, they can cause injury or further property damage.
  • Leaks – leaks may not be visible during dry periods. However, a professional roofer will be able to spot any possible leaks to avoid them altogether. Water leaking it your home from the roof can cause damage and mould growth, which is terrible for your health.
  • Moss growth – if moss is growing on your roof it may also be an indication of a moisture problem. It can lead to loose fixings and leaks, but also makes maintenance difficult as it’ slippery and dangerous to walk on.
  • Old guttering – when gutters aren’t cleaned properly or regularly it can speed up the aging process. This happens as debris and water builds up and cause the gutters to rust, overflow or leak. This can then cause water to leak or overflow into the roof.
  • Pooling water – an external leak may not always be visible from inside the property but can cause water to pool on the ceiling or on the if it is too flat. This is bad for a number of reasons, but the main concern here is that the ceiling won’t be able to handle the weight of the water and collapse. If the roof is flat it needs to be on an angle to avoid pooling, if water is pooling inside the roof and on the ceiling, it needs to be drained immediately.

If you want to avoid any of these issues, it’s important to get a professional roofer to complete a comprehensive roof inspection. You can do an inspection yourself, although this isn’t recommended as it can be dangerous and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do the inspection to the same level as a professional.

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