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Reasons to Choose Natural Food Color Over Artificial Colourings



In almost every food, food colouring is used. People consume that without having any knowledge. Food colours are used to generate the food and beverage brightly coloured and attractive, altering consumers’ purchasing patterns and developing likeness towards a commodity. Individuals who do baking in your home or create any sweet dessert frequently rely on food colours since it’s a handy choice to generate something that seems more delicious. On the other hand, the question is the food Color healthful? Is it safe to be absorbed? If you’re still purchasing artificial food colours over calling fake Color makers, it isn’t beneficial. If you feel making natural food Color all on your own is complex and messy, there is nothing to be concerned about since you can speak to a pure food Color provider to acquire access to a vast assortment of natural food colours.

Many Businesses, particularly the ice cream sector, have begun to search for Natural Food Color For Ice Cream Supplier to produce their products more children-friendly and improve the sale of the products. As artificial colours are worthless and damaging to our bodies, the rise of natural food colours is surpassing.

Why Should You Switch to Organic Food Colouring?

Artificial Coloring, which exists in the food that is edible items are petroleum-based. Shocking as it might seem, many individuals are still swallowing it regularly and becoming affected with health conditions that have this. As its name implies, artificial food coloring is generated through chemical methods and may spike allergic reactions, have carcinogenic properties, which contribute to behavioural disorders like ADHD. Food makers employing many yellows can rather contact natural yellow food color manufacturers and utilize natural Color in their meals or ice creams. This change helps bring down allergic reactions in adults, children, and older men and women, which makes it a much better choice than opting for artificial food colorings.

Top 2 Reasons Why Select Natural Food Color

  • The first reason Natural Food Colors for ice cream alternative is greatest is that organic food color is offered in a surprising number of colors. It’s all thanks to research and development prosperity, which has gone into finding alternatives to synthetic color additives. The Color is also more secure, extreme and offered in a wide variety, permitting food businesses to experiment and gain market acceptance in their new goods.
  • Shade is critical, but its kind is Significant also. If one opts for organic food colors, it alters the Color of this product it’s employed in and can take its particular shape. So, If You’re making a brand-new product but Unable to provide it with the right Texture or form, then you’re only using natural food color off from getting perfection.
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Benefits of Dried Mulberries




Dried mulberries, which are very rich with vitamins B1, B2, C and K, is one of the most important fruits. The palatable results of this dried fruit have also attracted attention for years.

This delicious alternative, which contains very beneficial minerals for the body, is also rich in iron and calcium.

This enormous choice of organic dried mulberries that energize and give people health is known to help cleanse the liver and kidneys. This sweet and delicious fruit of the mulberries tree is especially consumed both wet and dry.

The approaches and sensitive evaluations of our society on this issue create a very good solution for the long-term use of these healthy flavors.

The decisions made here and the resulting flavor integrity at the points where extremely important flavors enter human life, really bring the advantage that should be evaluated under the best conditions in terms of quality.

With its high quality level and important advantages, the dried form of this healthy fruit is a very useful choice.

Dried Mulberries Benefits

It should be noted that this delicious food option is particularly beneficial. Again, this plant has an important place among the fruits we accept in the natural antibiotic category.

The option that strengthens the immune system and keeps the liver more vigorous and healthy causes intestinal worms to fall. The diuretic effect of the blood forming product option should also be mentioned.

As you will not end up counting the benefits of dried mulberries, you should definitely review the recommended organic alternatives to evaluate this delicious option.

People’s approach to the subject in terms of quality and healthy choices creates a very conscious opportunity.

Thanks to extremely important and successful studies, it is possible to evaluate the quality understanding here with the best solutions.

Organic Dried Mulberries

 We know that the mulberries plant, which is produced, grown and dried naturally, is a delicious option.

While the organic dried mulberries is offered to the market today, our company offers delicious product alternatives under the most favorable conditions.

Each product must bring to the fore the options that bring people’s satisfaction to an advanced level, together with the taste, healthy opportunities and advantages. It should be noted that the flavors produced under natural conditions and having an organic structure indicate high quality standards for humans.

Organic Dried Mulberries Benefits

While generally advantageous options create important opportunities in this regard, it is possible for people to meet with reliable solutions for each product range.

It is possible to evaluate the organic dried mulberries options that are suitable for the palate and respond positively to consumption together with the quality and qualified solutions here.

Important studies on this subject and healthy product integrity help to meet the needs in the most orderly manner.

Organic dried mulberries benefits, as we have listed before, give results to the benefit of builders. You can quickly supply these beautiful products that will protect your health and help you on our pages.

You can buy all kinds of natural and additive-free products from our company named İzmir Organic, which serves as mulberries supplier and dried mulberries supplier.

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Save Money by Baking Your Own Bread




Baking your own bread is an excellent way to provide fresh, delicious food for pennies. When you compare the price of bread at the supermarket which typically runs from about $1.08 to $3.99 a loaf, the savings add up quickly خبز البطاطس.

Why bake your own bread? Advantages for making your own bread include:

• Cost. Home-baked bread can be made for as little as 25 cents up to just under a dollar.
• Freshness. Nothing beats bread right from the oven.
• No preservatives.
• You can control the source of fat, thus preventing hydrogenated fats (substitute butter, oil, or non-hydrogenated spreads for margarine or shortening).
• You can control the amount of salt.
• Selections of add-ins like nuts, seeds, or raisins.
• The appetizing smell of baking bread wafting through your kitchen.

Controlling Cost. Two factors affect the cost of making bread: ingredient cost and energy use. Ingredient cost is the biggest factor in how much bread costs to make. In general, simpler recipes with few ingredients will be the most cost effective options. Flour is usually the biggest contributor to cost, because of the amount used. All-Purpose flour is the least expensive flour. Recipes which call for it will be less expensive to make than recipes demanding specialty flours. In the price calculations for this article, the All-Purpose Flour assumes a price of $1.98 for five pounds. You can reduce this by buying in bulk. If you are trying to make the least expensive bread possible within a category of bread type, look for a short ingredient list. Choose breads using All-Purpose Flour, white sugar if the bread requires a source of sugar, oil for the source of fat, no add-ins, and eliminate the salt. When using all these cost trimming methods, you can expect to make yeast bread for about 35 cents and flat bread for about 30 cents.

Energy use is dominated by baking time so that is the factor considered in this article. The shorter the baking time, the less expensive the bread. Flat breads are great energy savers. In the rough cost estimates provided here, you will see that breads with longer cooking times can be very economical.

Yeast Bread. The least expensive yeast bread to make is sourdough bread without using the shortcut of commercial yeast. This is because the yeast is grown from the yeast present on the flour (not from the air as commonly claimed) and no purchase of yeast is necessary. However, sourdough starters take time to develop and maintain. True sourdoughs are fun for experienced bakers and often a trial for beginners. If you are interested in learning more, search on “starting sourdough cultures”. If you do not have the time to create and maintain a starter for sourdough, for a few cents more, you can make a traditional white bread.

Traditional yeast white bread uses only a few ingredients and is simple to make. You can make a traditional white bread for about 30 to 35 cents. Breads which require specialty flours like whole wheat, pumpernickel, and rye will cost more (usually between 37 to 75 cents), but are still much less expensive than buying an equivalent bread at the store. Adding seeds, nuts, or raisins also increases the cost of a loaf slightly. These ingredients are used very sparingly (usually two tablespoons to as much as a quarter cup), so the additional cost is low.

Although you will find many specialty baking utensils for sale, you do not need fancy equipment to make bread. You only need a large bowl, measuring cups, measuring spoons, a dishcloth, and a cookie sheet or a loaf pan. A wooden spoon is nice for when you start mixing the ingredients, but you can do it by hand. It takes between 3 to 4 hours to make yeast bread because there are two rising periods. Heavier flours require longer rise times in order to achieve the proper lift and will produce loaves which are denser and lower in profile than traditional white bread. Making bread by hand allows the baker to adjust flour and water levels to get the elasticity in the dough just right.

You can use All-Purpose flour because you can lengthen the rise time if needed. After mixing the basic ingredients together, place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a clean dishcloth, and set in a warm place to let the dough rise (usually an hour for the first rising period). Once the dough has doubled, knead the dough on a lightly floured surface to reduce the size of the air bubbles, then place the dough on your cooking sheet or in a loaf pan, cover and let rise again (usually a half an hour for the second rising period). When it has doubled in size, bake. More detailed instructions and recipes can be found by searching for “non-bread machine recipes”.

If time is tight for you, consider investing in a bread machine. Bread machines vary in price and features. Prices range from $45 to around $300. Most bread machines offer a “delay start” feature. You can put the ingredients in and set the machine to start such that the bread finishes right at breakfast time. Bread machines are programmed to run according to a specific time allotment for each process of kneading and rising. Pay careful attention to ingredient selection and their measurement. Although you may get a light loaf using All-Purpose flour to make bread manually, in a bread machine, the result will be denser. Use “Better for Bread” flour which has a high gluten level and thus rises the correct amount during the strictly timed rise periods allotted in the bread machine’s programming. Breads which use denser flours like whole wheat will result in a lower profile bread. This is perfectly normal. Every bread recipe has its own characteristics, but a recipe made in a bread machine multiple times should turn out the same way every time.

Other options for home-made bread include quick breads like corn bread, Irish Soda Bread, Bannock Bread, or flat bread.

Corn Bread. Corn bread uses baking powder for leavening. The bread starts to rise as soon as the baking powder gets moistened by the liquid ingredients. This action continues during baking. Corn bread usually bakes in 20 to 25 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

Packages of pre-mixed corn bread normally cost between 40 to 50 cents. Making corn bread from scratch costs about 25 cents. A simple recipe is printed on the canister of corn meal. If you need to shave a few cents off the cost of making it, substitute one cup of water for the cup of milk. It changes the texture of the crumb by making it slightly drier. The baking powder contains sodium but you can lower the sodium in the corn bread by leaving out the optional salt called for in the recipe. If you like a moister, cake-like corn bread look for recipes with buttermilk, butter, or an additional egg. Consider buying powdered buttermilk if you do not normally use buttermilk in your cooking. Add four tablespoons of dried buttermilk and a cup of water to your mixture instead of a cup of milk. The search term “corn bread recipe” will give more recipe options. Remember, additional ingredients ups cash outlay.

Soda Bread. Soda breads use baking soda instead of yeast to provide leavening. Soda breads require the acid in buttermilk to react with the baking soda in order to achieve the leavening. An authentic Irish Soda Bread includes only flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and salt. Many other recipes for soda breads include butter, an egg and, perhaps, an add-in like raisins. These taste delicious and make for a smoother, moister crumb, but if you want to make the bread as inexpensively as possible, use the recipes that do not include these ingredients. Due to the amount of buttermilk required, soda bread is the most expensive of the simple breads, usually close to a dollar a loaf. These breads rise faster than yeast bread and, therefore, take less time to make. The baking time for a soda bread is usually between 30 and 35 minutes with no rise periods before baking. You can usually turn it out within an hour. Search for recipes using the search phrase “Soda Bread”.

Flat Bread. Flat breads are another inexpensive and easy bread to make. Flat breads can be whipped-up in about 20 minutes. Mix the ingredients together, roll out the dough, cut into sections, and cook on a hot griddle for about 5 minutes. A batch of flat bread will cost around 30 cents.

Bannock Bread. Another quick bread requiring few ingredients is Bannock Bread. This bread is frequently made by campers because it is an easy bread to make over a campfire. It is a type of flat bread, but produces a single “loaf” instead of individual portions. It can be cooked in a skillet or in a Dutch oven. To make it at home just use a skillet on your stove top. Find recipes by searching on “bannock bread”. Bannock bread costs roughly 30 cents.

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Chef Adam Schihab- An Inspiration for World




People who are multi-talented do skilled work in more than one area of life. It is self-evident that everybody aspires to be multi-talented. However, it is more suitable for geniuses and God-given individuals who excelled in a number of fields of science and the arts.

Baking has often been interpreted as a type of art. A great baker is not only skilled in the kitchen, but also creative. A Chef’s life is exciting because he or she is always trying new things and developing new recipes.

Adam Schihab, a chef, baker, and patisserie, is a household name in the baking world. Schihab is well-known for his baking abilities, and he never fails to impress with anything different. 

Who the popular Chef Icon, Adam Schihab is?

Schihab, who was born in the Maldives, has always had a keen interest in the kitchen. He started his career as a pastry apprentice after receiving his academic preparation from the Institute of Hotel & Catering Services and the University of Liverpool. Schihab has operated in ten countries and several Five Star Hotels, including the Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hilton Thani, Ritz-Carlton, and Relais & Châteaux. He is currently located in the Saudi Arabian city of Al Khobar. 

Adam Schihab is Popular amongst masses, what does he renowned for?

He has been with the Vanilla Group, a revered pastry and catering company in Al Khobar, since 2015. With his inventions over the last five years, he has lifted the stakes of baking to new heights. Schihab has been practicing with his team to create new and exclusive breads using regional, gluten-free grains such as oats and buckwheat’s for the flour. 

Which principle does Adam Schihab follows in his life?

He believes that because our time on this planet is finite, we should take good care of ourselves by watching what we eat. The man’s ideas are what have shaped him into the person he is today. He maintained his popularity even during the pandemic by regularly sharing pictures of the sweets he cooked.

“Social Media is a Beacon of Popularity” How does this statement works for Adam Schihab?

At the moment, the most effective medium for gaining a following and fame is social media. Chef Schihab’s Instagram feed has been encouraging foodies all over the world. His recipes are simple, with just a glimpse of the newness he infuses into it. He also runs a global brand for chefs called “Chef’s Network,” which connects chefs and foodies from all over the world and helps him find new projects to keep his life exciting. As a result of this, he is able to assist aspiring struggling chefs who’ve been striving to become professionals one day. Chef’s Network has proved to be his most popular project to date, garnering a massive following of about 150,000 people in a short period of time.

What are the most Prevalent achievements of Adam Schihab?

Well, good work has always been praised, and Chef Schihab’s work is no exception. He has been a baker and influencer for over twenty years and has gained recognition, including the Diyafa Culinary Prize. He’s also been featured in a variety of high-profile news outlets. He is a hero, a great leader for all chefs, and he has affected many people’s lives. “The Islander,” Chef Schihab’s recipe book, is a collection of his most enticing recipes that any chef will be able to try.

Adam Schihab is an inspiration for world, is it true?

Miracles happen when motivation meets creativity. Chef Schihab has a lot in his basket for the world, and artisan bread is just the start. Until he comes up with something better to beat them up with, his thoughts and creativity will continue to encourage the world!

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Insider Tips On Buying Wholesale And Bulk Spices For Your Business




Restaurants, food manufacturers, and caterers are finally plumping for bulk whole spices and herbs to let the flow of business go smooth and untroubled. After all, using the finest ingredients is the A-list recipe for the food business to be on the crest of a wave.  However, there are still plentiful executors who look for the cheapest and easiest option in spices or commit other mistakes when choosing wholesale spices suppliers. Not only this put all efforts in vain, but it also cut business ties with its long term goal.

Now, surely no one wishes to lose the cutting edge in the market just by going a little wrong. This is why here we have come up with top tips to help you cherry-pick the best wholesale and bulk spices for your food business. Check-out!

  • Prefer Purchasing Whole Spices (Whole > Ground)

If you wish your restaurant image to stick in your customer’s mind by offering them delicious, fragrant, and aromatic food, it is suggested to opt for whole spices rather than bulk ground spices. The reason being, whole spices like peppercorns, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks last relatively longer for up to several years without losing their flavour.

  • Say No To Grocery Shops

As they, ‘Sugar and spice, and everything nice’, but how can you make this possible if the spices you have purchased are stale? To avoid such an instance, it is better to ditch grocery or gourmet shops unless there is an urgent need.

Where To Buy?

Since grocery shops can have stale spices in stock, you can make a better choice by preferring ethnic markets in your city. Besides, opting for a reliable online retailer to buy bulk spices at wholesale also sounds perfect.

  • Be Mindful When Storing Bulk Spices

The key to maintaining the longevity of your bulk spices is better storage. As you have to prevent spices from moisture, consider storing the dry, dark, and cooler places. Make sure to not bring them near the stove or put them directly above the stove. Additionally, prefer using glass jars instead of plastic containers. The secure-fitting lids and non-porous property of glass will preserve the freshness and flavours of your spices.

  • Buy Only Regularly Uses Spices in Bulk

When considering whole or bulk ground spices for your restaurant or business store, make sure to buy only one that you have to use frequently. Moreover, in such a case, you can also shop for bigger jars, as the reduced cost per ounce with greater quantities brings cost-effectiveness to the business.

In A Nutshell

Life is a lot more enjoyable with hot, spicy, and delicious food on the plate. To present the bundle of joy to your customers, choosing reliable and top-notch wholesale spices suppliers is the best solution. Don’t forget to be heedful of the aforesaid tips to let your food business hit the jackpot.

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Junk foods to avoid for weight loss




You are what you eat and when you eat too much junk food, you’re certainly on your way to becoming larger than life. Weight gain through junk food can hurt you in insidious ways leading to long-term health complications. While the aim is to not become extremely thin or unhealthy, maintaining a healthy weight is important. Following a weight loss diet chart helps. Sometimes consuming junk leads to digestive problems and you’re left wondering how to stop loose motions. Youcan get an online doctor consulation with a dietitian to know more. 

Here are some junk foods that lead to weight gain:

1. Fries and potato chips:

Potatoes when cooked properly are very healthy but deep fried potato chips and fries are not. They are extremely tasty which is why it’s impossible to eat less. They are very high in calories and they also contain acrylamides which are known to cause certain kinds of cancers. If you like potatoes, just have boiled potatoes or even better boiled sweet potatoes! 

2. Colas and sugary drinks:

There is not a single healthy ingredient in coca cola. In fact 100 ml of coca cola has about 30 grams of sugar, which is ridiculously high! Sugar is a killer in disguise. They are strongly associated with putting on weight and can lead to irreversible chronic diseases such as diabetes. Giving up sugary drinks completely is a lifestyle change you will not regret. 

3. Maida:

In India many of us consume white bread and maida products such as naan etc. Maida products have empty calories, meaning they add calories without any health benefits. White bread can be substituted with brown and multigrain bread which is far more healthier. 

4. Candy bars:

Candy bars are one of the worst junk foods out there. Yes they are very tasty but are filled with unhealthy ingredients such as maida, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and more. If you crave something sweet, pick up fruits instead. You can also consume nuts in case you feel a dip in energy. 

6. Many fruit juices:

The next time you pick up a Real or Minute Maid bottle, be cognizant of the fact that these juices have a lot of sugar in them. Fruit juices lack fiber which is found in whole fruits and many fruit juices contain fruit flavours and not necessarily the fruit itself. Consume homemade sugar free fruit juices instead. You can also drink sugar free cold pressed juices or best, tender coconut water which is incredibly refreshing and healthy! 

Thus if you want to lose weight and become healthy, make sure that you cut out these harmful foods from your diet. Occasional consumption is okay, but moving away from them permanently is best in the long run. 

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