Reasons Bansko, Bulgaria Is A Popular Ski Resort and Airport and Private Transfers Are Crucial

Bansko town that is in the southwestern part of Bulgaria is one of the most popular holiday destinations and ski resorts for most people in the modern world. It is found at the foot of the Pirin Mountains at an elevation of 1200m above sea level.

Anyone that likes their holiday adventures different from the norm should visit Bansko on their next vacation. As a global significant skiing destination, Bansko has a lot going on including 75km of pistes combined with great snow. The location of the town (between the national park and the heritage site) also makes the town a unique and amazing skiing trip. It is no wonder it will host the next Ski World Cup in 2021.

The resort also has a state-of-the-art skiing environment with great attractions for any skiing fan which include excellent hotels and restaurants. The uniqueness of the town location however still makes the town one of the most amazing ski resorts in the world’s history.

Accommodation and Nightlife in Bansko

Being a global ski destination, Bansko has also invested adequately in quality accommodation for its visitors. There are so many places that one can stay in every time they visit the town depending on their financial ability and preference. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Katarina SPA Hotel
  • Kempinski Grand Arena
  • Family Hotel Nadine
  • Banskovilla Zlateva House
  • Mamin Kolio
  • Rupchini Houses
  • Amira Boutique Hotel
  • Villa Vera Guest House
  • Pri Ani Guest House
  • Ruskovets Thermal SPA & Ski Resort
  • Korina Sky Hotels
  • Trinity Apartments

In addition to hotels and restaurants, Bansko also has one of the best quality nightlives in the modern world. Any lover of the same can choose their preferred bars from the many available in the town and have as much fun as they would like.

What Other Things Can I Do in Bansko?

The major reason why people choose Bansko over other holiday destinations is to ski. There are however many other activities that they can do during their skiing holiday in Bansko including:

  • Visiting Neofit Rilski House-Museum to learn the history of Bulgaria.
  • Exploring the historical Okoto Lake
  • Enjoying quality time with loved ones at Fun Park Bansko
  • Discovering gems at Velyanova House
  • Touring the area with private transfer services
  • Visiting Radonova House, Historical and Ethnographic Museum
  • Unwinding at restaurant Victoria, Bansko, or Flash Club
  • Drinking beers with the natives at Amigo Pub and savor local wine at Wine Bar 25
  • Browsing through the incredible exhibitions at Nikola Vaptsarov House Museum
  • Appreciating and admiring art at Bansko Art Gallery and Bansko Permanent Icon Exhibition
  • Going out shopping at the Mall Bansko
  • Enjoying coffee at the Coconut Coffee and Smoothies
  • Strolling around Bansko Old Town
  • Learning how to skate at the Bansko Skating Club
  • Tasting the traditional Bulgarian cuisine at Tavern Banski Han and delicious treats at Retro Café
  • Visiting Pirin National Park

How to Get to Bansko

The easiest way of getting to Bansko is by getting to Sofia Airport from one’s destination. The flight takes about three hours for people flying from the UK regardless of the airline that they choose. In addition to the many airlines operating from the UK to Sofia, which allow guests to get their preferred options, whether due to budget or demands, one can also get a flight that suits their timing from the fifty ones operating the route weekly.

For a smooth and peaceful ride to the place of stay from the airport, it is advisable to hire airport transfer services from Sofia airport to the desired destination. There are so many reliable and reputable airport transfer companies that one can choose from Sofia airport to Bansko transfer. One of the leading options include Bansko transfers and it brings along several benefits some of which are discussed below:

Convenience as one gets their ride immediately, they land

Time-saving as the tourists do not wait in long queues to fill the forms before getting a taxi for security concerns. These queues do not just waste time but are also annoying after a long tedious flight.

Unlike in taxis, taking the private transfer services eliminates any additional or hidden expenses such as fuel costs.

Other benefits of hiring private airport transfer services include more safety, experienced drivers, and peace of mind after the flight on the way to the place of stay.

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