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Ready Premade Cover or Do It Yourself Book Cover Design?

The number of eBooks sold has grown over the past few years. Every author today also has an eBook for his or her books. They are just as fascinating as paperbacks. However, selling eBooks is an extremely difficult undertaking compared to paperbacks. Nowadays, people don’t have time to ask all the questions they encounter and prefer all information to be simple and clear.
To increase the sales for your book, you should be aware of the impact that intriguing eBook covers can bring. There are basically two methods to create eBook covers.

1. DIY (Do it Yourself)

If you’re looking make savings by making eBook covers by yourself You can make it yourself. But it’s important to know how to make eBook overlays precisely. Additionally, communicating the message is the primary method that will ultimately sell your book.

2. Outsource

The other option is outsourcing the work in the event that you feel you’d not be able to create the top cover page. It’s not costly to have eBook overlays created, and it’s the most efficient way to hire experts who have years of knowledge of the field.

Use the tips below to make your own eBook cover that will bring you more sales

First of all, make use of different features of the software to achieve the most effective results. It’s not possible to achieve what you want with MS Paint because you will require a lot of special effects too. Choose the best software to accomplish the job.

Know the contents and the overall theme of your book to design amazing eBook overlays. If you’re not able to come up with the most appealing design, you’ll not be able to connect the layout and content of the eBook overlays in a significant way.

If you are planning to use 3D representations to create your eBook cover, then you need to be aware that it can be a bit complicated. Covers that are 3D should be done by experts with the necessary skills to produce optimal outcomes. If you’re doing it yourself then you’ll have to buy a software that can be customized to create special effects. This can however raise the price.

When you write the contents for your covers it is important to first do some search online for most commonly used terms in the work you’ve written. It is better to combine the most commonly used terms with the idea you intend to convey through your book or eBook.

Book design is extremely important if you want to sell your book, this is the first thing buyers will see make sure to hire a professional designer with experience on the field, there are a lot of services on the web both with team of designers or freelancers, we recommend taking a look at their portfolio first before hiring, DigiArt Book Cover it the best service for custom book design or premade book cover design.

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