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Rapper Joe Black’s Latest Banger Motorola Is out Now!



Rapper Joe Black’s

Joe Black is killing it with his hip-hop and catchy dance moves as he came up again with the pop-rap single “Motorola ”. Yeah, that’s true; another single rap hit, “Motorola,” is out now to all the rap lovers out there. 

This rap hit will fill all thirsty ears who have good taste in music. Motorola just released and went viral in no time due to its versatile contribution to the rap industry. The single is about making you move while crossing your fingers for Joe Black. It’s kinda something that a rap sun is about to rise in the rap scene after a long night of boring rap mixtapes of mind-gone rappers.

We are lucky that God blessed us with a lively rapper, Joe Black, who dreams about releasing hits one by one.  (I was not a fan, but when I listened to his music, he literally got me).

Beep Your Bop by a Nigga Who Will Make You Move

Joe Black knows how to deal with it, so he came up with a tune that is groovy and crazy enough to bump up your inner music beast. The song is really a boiler of hearts that will make you move your neck, and you must be smiling while listening to it. Motorola is versatile enough to grab you through its musical vibes and dynamic rap style. This song must be called a “Dope Song” because it will be your happy song with a vibe of the pure feel of solace without too fast rap style. Motorola hit the charts and went viral among rap lovers in no time due to its simple and straight lyrics. 

Joe Black Made the “Motorola” Video Cheesy & Trippy

If we talk about the video, aaahh, you will love it. [I bet you will listen to it twice when you’re gonna listen to it]. Thank me later because I am gonna leave a link here to make you feel good for at least 3 minutes. You will see people dancing in the video; you must think this is all you have read just to make the blog cheesy and spicy, but sadly this is not true. It doesn’t matter if you are in the club or sitting in front of your laptop; you are gonna move from head to toe.

Motorola: The Single Is a Buzzer to the Dance Desires

If you talk about lyrics, this is gonna be living a life that reminds you of a bossy attitude with dominant aesthetic vibes. The song is gonna add to your playlist due to its breathtaking vibes that will thrill your music buds. 

Motorola is a complete package that will convince you to watch and listen again and again. Everything is smooth, pretty, and awesome, ranging from the dance moves of hot girls in it to some fashionista who flexed to make it more killer. 

The song was warmly accepted by rap lovers and Joe Black’s fans. The song is about forgetting about the world and doing whatever you want to do in life because you are not going to live again once you die. Joe Black produced what became a forever green rap hit mixtape among the music generation and his beauty as a famous rapper. More power to Joe Black. Xoxo.

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How do you get into the music business industry?



5 World-Famous British Music Artists You Should Know About

A career in the music business industry can be appealing to anyone passionate about music. Even if you are not a gifted musician, you can still enter the music industry’s business division if you pursue a Music Business Administration program. This well-designed program offers world-class training to individuals aspiring to launch their careers in the music business industry. The modern music industry is vast, comprising a wide variety of roles, including creative and more business-oriented roles. 

If you aspire to break through the globally flourishing music business industry, a well-designed Music Business Administration program can be your pathway towards a futuristics and industry-aligned career. Pursuing a course relevant to the music business can benefit an individual in multiple ways. 

Apart from learning the theoretical and practical aspects of the music business, you can also get the opportunity to connect with industry professionals through workshops, guest lectures, and internships and expand your professional network. So, opting for a well-rounded course can nurture one to enter the competitive music business industry with ease. Let’s dive deeper into understanding the music business program, which is a proven pathway for a bright career in the music business industry.

Music Business Administration: Program Overview

The Music Business Administration is a popular academic program in Montreal. Leading institutions in Montreal offer a 12-month music business administration program that equips the students with the necessary skills and competency to succeed in the competitive music industry. Here’s what you can learn by pursuing a dedicated music business administration program:

  • Starting a business in the music industry
  • Planning and managing all facets of an artist’s career
  • Well-rounded knowledge of drafting and negotiating the music industry’s contracts and agreements
  • You can develop competency in producing, coordinating, and promoting live tours and concerts
  • Most importantly, through a formal program in music business administration, you can learn the strategic planning of marketing campaigns and successfully execute it

Getting into the music business industry requires an individual to be versed in the industry’s knowledge, which can be best attained by pursuing a program like music business management. 

The business division of the music industry is constantly looking for the best brains with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic music business industry. Like any other business landscape today, the music business also has a dynamic environment under constant flux. Pursuing a music business degree offers an excellent opportunity to explore the many avenues of the music business industry, from entrepreneurial to specialist business skills. The music business administration degree clearly emphasizes entrepreneurial skills and strategic career development. 

The music business administration degree offers the students the skills and expertise required to be at the forefront of the music business, enabling them to create and model a music business career. Additionally, graduates of this program will develop highly transferable skills that can be applied to a range of business environments. 

If you dream of making your career in the emerging music business industry, then gain the right skills and competencies by pursuing a well-designed music business administration program. Apply Now!

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6 Best Keyboards for Beginners to Help You Play Piano




Piano keys may be black and white but they sound like a million colors in your head! Music soothes everyone and this is especially true for piano musical tunes.

But you know what isn’t soothing? Scavenging through the market in search of a suitable beginner-friendly so you can learn piano as quickly possible. As this hobby steals the heart of the population out there- the instruments are changing like day and night.

You’d find entirely different  pianos and keyboards under the same category. But fret not. We are here to help!

In 2021, the nicest keyboards and digital pianos for newcomers aren’t necessarily the most accessible. You must know what you want to obtain out of a piece as well as its features and functions.

Certain options will provide short-term profits, while others will yield long gains, and the instrument’s value will also vary according to the learner. 

Because we are all unique, our 6 most popular picks include good alternatives for children, safer choices for grownups, and some terrific all-around. We offer everything you’ll need to progress from a total beginner to an accomplished musician.

So buckle up for this musical ride-

1. Yamaha YPT-260 – Versatile Keyboard for Beginners

Coming in at number one and our top selection is the Yamaha YPT-260, which is the best Yamaha keyboard for all the beginners out there.

Getting started with the Yamaha YPT-260 is a great idea for anyone. Is it a keyboard that will last for decades if you learn pretty quickly? Not so much if you learn quickly. But it gives you enough just to know if you’re serious regarding training or not, without having to spend a fortune. The acoustics are wonderful, it’s simple to just use, engaging, and the training material is brilliant.

The YPT-260 is a true beginner’s keyboard; it’s made to take you from having no experience to being able to perform anything. As a result, it comes in first place on our list of the best keyboards for beginners.

61 velocity-sensitive keys with a maximum polyphony of 32 notes. That’s not much, but it’s enough at this level in the hobby to play. With 384 voices and 16 drum kits, the YPT-260 has a lot of options for making music. It has pianos, organs, and orchestral sounds as well as 16 drum machines. Yamaha’s AWM Stereo Sampling provides the voices, which are of outstanding quality across the whole, but notably the piano sounds.

It contains over 100 rhythms to play over in addition to all those voices, so you won’t run out of ideas soon. This compact, lightweight keyboard is incredibly adaptable, which means it can expose newbies to a broad variety of sounds and assist them in developing their taste in music.

Some of the lessons and tutorials from Yamaha’s built-in Education Suite are also fun to play around with (YES). Interactive lessons are an excellent method for players of all ages to learn, but particularly for younger players. Another significant bonus is the inclusion of three months of free premium Flowkey classes. To add to the teaching aspect, the keyboard may be separated down the center to produce two identical ranges for students/teachers playing beside one another. For every student, the YPT-260 is an excellent stepping stone.

2. Casio LK-S250 – Beginner Keyboard with Key-lighting

Now we all know how stylish and helpful a Casio keyboard is. So we have included it on our list in second place. The Casio LK-S250 is a fantastic Beginner Keyboard with Key-lighting, suited for all enthusiastic learners.

The LK-S250 is very much about having fun with music, which is the most effective way of learning. There isn’t a lot of difference between this and the Yamaha YPT-260. It might not last as long, either. However, Casio’s LK-S250 will get you playing as well as having fun quicker than others, which is priceless. Simply for the key lighting, this is one of the greatest learning keyboards.

There is no doubt that Casio is one of the best manufacturers of electronic keyboards for people who are just learning how to play. The LK-S250 was designed specifically for students.

It contains 61 velocity-sensitive keys featuring two levels of touch responsiveness. In addition to being velocity-sensitive, the keys also show off Casio’s Key Light system. As soon as you press a key, it will turn red. This is very useful when you’re using the Chordana Play software. The maximum polyphony is 48 notes, which is minimal yet enough for novices, as we frequently remark.

There are 400 voices in the LK-S250, varying from acoustical pianos to organs and symphonic sounds. It also features some voice samples and effects that you can activate with the keys to teach novices about composing and songwriting. You may learn 77 distinct rhythm types as well as 60 onboard music. A total of 50 new rhythm types will be available in dance music mode.

There are ten different forms of reverb among the onboard effects. Everything is quite accessible, and the top panel is pretty simple. The primary functions, such as tempo, start/stop, and so on, are controlled by large buttons. Additional choices can be made using a central wheel/knob adjacent to the LCD panel.

You may use this keyboard with a computer/DAW as you improve since it includes a USB MIDI connection. It also features a microphone input, making it the entire package for budding singers and songwriters. The key-lighting is used in some of the built-in instructional tracks, but it truly unfolds well with the Chordana Play app. So remember to give that a try!

3. Yamaha P-45/P71 – Most Realistic Keyboard for Beginners

Next up is the best keyboard piano for beginners, again from Yamaha. Believe us when we say the Yamaha P-45/P71 is a true delight. In terms of digital pianos, the P45 or P71 (Amazon Exclusive) is the best way to start. It offers a real feeling and one of the best tones of the grand piano of less than $ 500 you will listen to. 

With the optional wooden stand, you can enjoy the sound of an upright piano while retaining the portability of a keyboard. This is without a doubt the best digital piano for beginners. We are launching our series of digital pianos with a piece that chooses the perfect combination. 

The Yamaha P45 is a digital piano keyboard with a wooden stand that can be purchased separately. This Looks and feels like a real digital upright piano with a stand. With a maximum of 64 Note polyphony, the P45 has 88 graduated stamp keys that feel wonderfully realistic and are quite expressive. One of the most interesting features of this piano is its simplicity: 10 voices, 10 melodies, easy navigation, and great sound. 

It has a very high-quality sound for its flagship piano, which is the most essential point about such a digital piano in the end. So, why does it sound so good? Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory sampling is to blame. Four different forms of reverb may be used to give your music more depth.

The P-45 has a feature that some other Yamaha pianos have, called the dual split, which lets you play two identical ranges at the same time. This is great for students and teachers who play together. With a USB connection, you can access a plethora of interactive material from Yamaha, including tutorials and courses.

4. Alesis Virtue – Best Beginner Keyboard for Money

We know, Alesis Virtue is a new name to your ears but rest assured because it’s the best budget digital piano.

The Alesis Virtue is an unexpectedly good bang for the buck product. It covers the biggest characteristics of a beginner’s keyboard, such as a large number of voices, rhythms, and features, in a virtual piano body. For certain players, the lack of heavy keys would be a huge downside. 

The Alesis Virtue, on the other hand, is for those who prefer the delicate touch of a keyboard with the experience of sitting at a genuine piano. The Alesis Virtue digital piano is designed for those who are not yet prepared for the heaviness of the piano keys. The affordability and simplicity of use make it one of the greatest beginning pianos available. 

It features 88 velocity-sensitive unweighted keys with a maximum polyphony of 128 notes and a classic three-pedal layout. The easy-to-assemble hardwood stand is reminiscent of a console cabinet with a cover and desk.

A highlight of the Alesis Virtue’s sound library is the grand piano tones, which include 360 voices. To generate new sounds, voices may be separated or layered (2-voice max). For practice, there are 160 different types of accompaniment and 80 different demo tracks. 

You may use the built-in recorder to keep track of your progress as you learn new songs. If you get beyond the onboard demo music, you may use the USB thumb drive connector to play together with your favorite tunes. Plus, it includes three months of free Skoove premium music lessons.

Reverb, chorus, and pedal noise are among the fundamental built-in effects. On a wonderful LCD screen that also provides notation and chord names, all of your choices are shown. The cherry at the top is that it has a piano bench, designed to make you feel like a real professional.

5. Yamaha PSR-E373 – Best Yamaha Sound for Beginners

Yamaha never fails to amaze us and hence you’ll see Yamaha many times in our list. Let’s talk about the Yamaha PSR-E373, without further delay now!

The PSR-sole E373’s drawback is that it contains so many noises that they may create a disturbance for younger children. 

However, when used correctly, this keyboard looks fantastic and costs around $ 200.Yamaha has made a wonderful move to add a grand piano voice to their high-end arrangers. The PSR-E373 is now one of the greatest starter keyboards on the market, so it’ll be a major success. 

The Yamaha PSRE373 is a new arranger keyboard with several fantastic features at an affordable price. This Contains 61 touch stock buttons and up to 48 polyphony notes. Based on your playing style, you may alter the touch/velocity to light, medium, harsh, or fixed.

The PSR-E373 comes with a large collection of sounds, 622 in this instance, as do most arranger keyboards. Yamaha has pulled the real grand piano sound with their more costly models and placed it in the PSR-E373. This sets it apart from its competitors. As a result, for about $ 200, you can get a keyboard sound that would first cost $ 400600.

You may also learn to play 154 pre-programmed tunes at your leisure. There are 12 reverb varieties and five chorus types included as built-in effects. Sounds and music that you like may be saved and recalled quickly. 

The PSRE373 has a built-in 2-track recorder that can record up to 10,000 notes or five songs. If that’s not enough for you, you can connect it to a DAW via USB. Also included is Yamaha’s YES Education Suite, which includes basic lessons on a variety of piano fundamentals. 

Touch Tutor mode continuously monitors your playing velocity to assist you in maintaining control of your dynamics. The final newbie feature is Duo mode, which splits the keyboard evenly for student and tutor playing.

6. Casio PX-770 – Best Keyboard for Adult Beginners

Last on the list is a beautiful adult beginner keyboard from Casio.

You may believe that you don’t need to invest nearly $800 on a beginner piano, and you are correct. The PX-770’s proponents argue that it would last you for so many years without becoming obsolete. Nothing beats learning on a genuine piano; you simply have to be willing to make the financial investment. Any Privia digital piano has to be one of the greatest for learning.

If you’re just starting, we’d recommend getting the Casio PX-770. It’s at the top of the list of instruments we’d recommend for you. It’s a larger expense than our other picks, but if you’re serious about mastering the piano, it’ll be well worth it. 

It has 88 reduced martaming keys with imitation ebony and ivory surfaces. The maximum polyphony of the PX-770 is 128 notes. Casio’s AiR processing produces several beautiful sounds (19 in all), including a magnificent replica of a 9-foot concert piano.

Eleven built-in effects are included, including a variety of reverb, chorus, and brilliance varieties. It is useful to have some samples of songs to learn as beginners and the px770 arrives with 60 of them. 

Additionally, it has a two-track MIDI recorder for capturing and replaying your work. Duet mode offers two identical split areas for student/teacher playing if you’re using the piano for private sessions.

When examining the PX-770, it’s clear where your additional money is going. It is housed in an elegant oak holder with a movable key cover.


Our list includes 6 instruments, each of which has a lot to offer the proper learner. The wonderful thing about music is that it is so personal; it expresses everything about you that words cannot. It all begins with zero knowledge. 

We don’t all learn in the same manner or play in the same way. Choose cautiously when it comes to your first instrument since it will help mold the musician you become. 

Best of luck with your learning! Have a musical time!

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Free Music Distribution for Independent Artists



Free Music Distribution


Independent artists have long been searching for a way to get their music out there, and free music distribution has become an increasingly popular solution. Sites like Vibeable allow artists to upload their music files and offer them for free while also allowing listeners to buy tracks or albums. With the advent of technology, there are many ways to distribute your music. You can sell your music online or through a physical store or give away your piece for free. Each of these methods has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. If you want to keep your royalties and rights, selling your music online is the best option. However, if you want to distribute your music freely without worrying about money, giving your music away for free is the best way.

How To Submit Your Music to Free Music Distribution Platforms

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet, with millions of people listening to and downloading songs daily. However, not all music is eligible to be distributed through free music distribution platforms like Vibeable. To be accepted onto these platforms, your piece must be licensed under a Creative Commons license. If you’re a musician looking to submit your music to Free Music Distribution platforms, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Make sure your music is copyrighted correctly. 
  • Make sure the audio quality of your tracks is up to par. 
  • Make sure the tracks are correctly tagged and categorized.
  •  Research the platform’s submission guidelines carefully before submitting your music.
  • Be prepared to wait months or even years for your music to be accepted.

How to get started with Free Music Distribution

Independent music distribution is a growing trend among musicians. This is because it allows you to keep your royalties and rights while spreading your music worldwide. There are several free music distribution platforms available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right platform for you is essential based on your goals and preferences. 

If you’re looking to get your music out to a broader audience, there are a few different ways to go about it. One option is to try and find a popular music distribution service like iTunes or Amazon Music Unlimited. However, this can be expensive and difficult to use. Another option is to try distributing your music using Free Music Distribution services like Vibeable. 

Anyone can start distributing music for free using a variety of methods. Whichever route you choose, there are a few essential tips you’ll need to know before getting started. Make sure you have the legal rights to distribute your music. Research your distribution options thoroughly. And also, create a marketing plan and target your audience.


Free Music Distribution for independent artists is a powerful tool to help artists and listeners. By making their music accessible, independent artists can reach new listeners and build a loyal following. Meanwhile, listeners can discover new music and support the artists who create it.

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How to Listen Online and Download New Songs and Music



There are several ways to discover new songs and music on the web. You can check out streaming services and listen to free online radio. But if you’re like me, you’d prefer to download the music yourself and save it to your computer for later listening. However, that’s not always possible, and you may need to use a VPN دانلود آهنگ جدید service to access music websites without having to pay a subscription.

Internet Archive: Unlike most music streaming services, Internet Archive allows you to listen to free songs and music and even create your own آهنگ شاد playlists. With thousands of free books, images, videos, and software, this archive has an enormous collection of free music. You can download live performances, albums, and even softwares for free. If you have a mobile device, you can listen to free audiobooks and studio recordings, which is a great way to discover new music.

Spotify: You can listen to new songs and music on Spotify. You can also listen to podcasts. These services make it easy to create playlists. You can easily add your favorite songs and artists to your playlists. Moreover, Spotify makes it easy to share your favorite tracks with your friends and family. Just follow the instructions on the site and enjoy the music. You’ll find new music online every day. Just keep listening.

Spotify: Spotify is the best place to download new songs and music. It allows you to listen to music without a subscription. The service is free and there’s no need to sign up with a credit card. Just log in and start streaming! There are millions of new songs and music available for download. You can use them offline or stream them on any device. But before you start downloading, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the service.

Spotify is an excellent place to listen to new songs and music. You can download a song in MP3 format for free or subscribe to a premium plan with the service. There are free and paid subscription plans. You can even download tracks that are not available on the website. Once you’ve purchased an MP3 file, you can then listen to them offline whenever you want. Then, you can share the tracks with friends and family using Twitter, Facebook, or email.

There are numerous other ways to listen to new songs and music online. Some of the most popular are streaming services. They allow you to create your own playlists and share them with your friends. But you can also use social networks to share your favorite songs and albums with others. If you’re looking for a more personal experience, then you should consider signing up for Pandora. You can listen to free music online for free, but it’s best to sign up for the premium version to get more benefits.

Many streaming services and online radio stations can help you discover new music. These services allow you to download music from thousands of artists and listen to it on your computer. Most of them have playlists that you can create for your personal listening needs. You can also use the same music to listen to your friends. Then, you can share the same songs and albums with your friends. If you’re a music fan, you can use streaming services to listen online and download new songs and music.

Streaming services are the easiest way to listen to and download new songs and music. Streaming services have all the features you could need, and most of them are free. Some of them even let you customize your station to suit your own preferences. And since you’ll be listening to the same music every day, you’ll never have to worry about losing it. Just create a playlist for your favorite songs and albums and enjoy the music!

Streaming music services can be convenient, but you may have a limited choice. Streaming services like Spotify don’t always support FLAC files, and most of the content isn’t available on mobile devices. If you’re interested in dance music, you can try Bleep. This app is not only free, but it also offers the best quality in FLAC files. You can easily download free songs and music with the CC Trax app.

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Gifts for the Music Lovers in Your Life



Music Scores

Though the holidays are behind us, there are many reasons why you might be on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone in your life. From birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or even a just-because present, finding the perfect gift to show the person that you care about them is important. If you’re shopping for a true audiophile, you’ll likely want to tailor your gift to acknowledge their love for music. This can seem daunting if you’re not a music lover yourself, so keep reading for the best gifts for all music lovers, from your best friend to your spouse, which they are sure to love.

A Vintage Poster 

Though stores and online websites still sell posters for just about anything, a true vintage concert poster honoring someone’s favorite band is a coveted gift any music lover would treasure. While this gift can end up being a significant splurge as they can get quite pricey, purchasing a vintage show flyer or poster from one of their favorite bands and framing it is one of the best presents you can get a music lover. Bonus points if it’s been signed by the band or artist! Sites like eBay, Depop, or vintage and antique stores are great places to start hunting for these treasures. 

Vinyl Player

Ask any true audiophile, and they’ll tell you that nothing sounds better than playing their records on a vinyl player. Home audio setups can get rather expensive, so it’s up to you and your budget as to what type of vinyl player you decide to get as a gift, but no matter which one you choose, it will be treasured by the recipient. If you know they don’t own a record player, include several records from their favorite artists. These can still be bought new in music stores or big box stores like Target, but you can also find excellent deals on second-hand records in great condition on sites like eBay or Discogs.

Music History Books 

Some music lovers are true super fans of their favorite bands and artists, so books documenting the history and evolution of their music are always a home run of a present. Most music history books tailored to specific artists are beautiful and include iconic photography of stage performances, studio time, and candid photos of the artist. These large books make an excellent addition to a coffee table, no matter someone’s decorating style. Be sure to inscribe a nice note on the book’s interior before giving it as a gift.

Concert Tickets 

For a couple of years there, it seemed like we may never be able to see our favorite bands perform live again, which was a devastating time for music lovers. Now that the world is back to normal, some of the most anticipated in-person events are festivals and concerts, indoors or outdoors. While the gift of concert tickets may not be able to be redeemed on the day you’re celebrating, it gives the recipient something to look forward to. Check online to see when their favorite artists are touring in your city or a town near you, and book tickets for the two of you to attend together; it will be a gift and an evening that you will remember!

High-Quality Headphones 

Like other forms of technology, the world of headphones is ever-changing with the latest and greatest new ways to listen to our favorite music in private. Giving the gift of high-quality headphones, whether earbuds or connected, is the perfect way to allow your music-loving loved one to enjoy their favorite sounds without disrupting other people. Headphones are an excellent present for people who commute to work, live with roommates or family members that would rather not hear loud music, or want to get a more immersive experience when listening to their favorite songs. From AirPods to Beats by Dre, the options seem unlimited when sourcing high-quality headphones.

Take the guesswork out of shopping for the audio files in your life by going with one of the gifts mentioned above. Tailoring our gifts to match people’s interests and passions shows that we appreciate who they are and what they bring to our lives. Make that statement with your next present.

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