Rackword – The Ultimate Word Game To Play Online With Friends

Not all games are a waste of time, but some are highly productive and efficient. If you find both fun and a way to improve your vocabulary through a game, then what is more profitable than this? What clicked in your mind after reading the previous sentence? It must be a pop of Rackword.

Rackword is not just a game but a mind diverter and a stress reliever. So if you are also passing through any stressful conditions, start playing Rackword online with your friends and let your mind touch the higher level of tranquillity.

Rackword is the best solution to boredom in which you have to make words on a game board from the assigned letters. As it is a multiplayer game, you can play this with your family folks and your peeps. If not, you can also play with other players all around the world. The player is required to use his mental abilities to make words by dragging the suggested letters. Here you must know that it is free.

Phenomenal Points That Will Urge You To Play This Game:

You may think that what is new in this game makes it different from other word games. It possesses all the inspiring features that are not in all the other word games. But before moving towards the next part of the article, let’s have a turn of this word game. After heading towards their page, you need to press the “Play” button.

  • Realtime and fast play
  • Play with up to 4 players or as a team
  • Play on board of your own choice
  • Get your statistiques and progress report

Fast turn-based game:

Most multiplayer games have the problem of slow gaming speed. But here won’t find any such issue as Rackword maintains the game’s pace to 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 2 minutes per turn. So isn’t it an extraordinary feature to prefer this game over other word games?

Play and have fun with up to 4 players or as a team:

As it is a multiplayer game, you can enjoy playing it with up to 4 friends. Rackword is a 2-4 players word game. Furthermore, if you have more than two friends with you who want to play this mind game, you can opt for the 2 vs 2 mode. In this way, you will have one friend as your game partner, and the other two will be your opponents. But what to do if you want to play in team mode and have only one friend with you? No worries, Rackword has the solution for you. You can pair that friend in your team and can play against the computer. Isn’t it a unique team mode?

Furthermore, when playing a game, chatting with your friends is a separate fun thing. This feature is best to get a sneak peek of their strategies to apply in the game. Rackword has added this striking feature to double the joy of playing.

Play On Board Of Your Own Choice:

If you are not comfortable with any board size, you can opt for the other one as this game provides you three options for choosing the type of board. These three boards include a classic board, the second one is a board with more space, and the last one is a large superboard. They vary in sizing and are 15 x 15, 17 x 17, and 21 x 21, respectively. So pick up the desired one.

Rackword offers several other options to customize your game and have a more enjoyable time with friends.

How To Start Playing Rackword?

To start playing this game, you don’t need any downloading process. For this, follow these below-mentioned steps,

  1. Head towards Google App Store
  2. Search For Rackword
  3. Click the Install Button

Ta-da, the downloading process is complete, now you can enjoy playing this fantastic game.Or you can directly reach the install button in a single step.

A Few Fringe Benefits Of Playing Rackword Online:

  • Improvement In Vocabulary
  • Relieve In Stress
  • Improvement in Cognitive Abilities
  • Increase in Concentration
  • Keeps You Happy

In short,

Rackword is one of the most exciting word games that is catching fame immensely in the whole world. No doubt this game is a combo of bliss and joy. So start joyfully improving your vocabulary today.