Quinceanera Dresses: What Colors Do They Symbolize

The dress you choose to wear for your Quinceanera is very important and for many reasons. You can now kiss goodbye to the little girls’ clothes and open yourself up for what womanhood gives you. It’s a special night to show your loved ones that you have become a woman. Even better, you must show them that you have become a respectful woman. Style and taste are important for dresses. 

According to tradition, a Quinceanera dress should be white just like a wedding gown leaving out the veil and train. The color white stands for purity in most traditions. It also makes you stand out on the special event since you have transitioned into a woman. Other traditional options for a dress include baby blue, pale yellow, or light pink. 

However, the modern style becomes bolder with better colors such as green, blue, red, and many more jewel-tone colors. The style is a little limited. It needs to be a bit formal with a full skirt. The look represents an innocent girl, especially Cinderella, the fairytale. The neckline of your dress should also be demure since having religious roots.

Well, if you want to stand out at your party, you can change the color of your dress and choose the best out of the rest of the Quinceanera dresses in NJ that you may see while looking for the perfect gown to wear. Here are a few options to consider. 


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It is a classic color that stands out particularly well when in comparison to white. Red is a great color because it brings out sophistication, enthusiasm, and confidence. If you love standing out naturally in any area of your life, red is a great choice. Your guests will immediately know that you are daring, and you don’t shy away from attention easily. 

You can accent red with bland colors. Here, you can choose silver, gold, black, or skin tone colors for the accents. You also can’t go wrong with different shades of red. Your accessories should be a little subdued because the red color stands out. Wearing bolder accessories might appear too loud and ruin the look altogether.

Even worse, the details might clash and ruin your special day. You should consider wearing earrings and a bracelet. Of course, you can’t go wrong with multiple bracelets to stand out. Avoid wearing a necklace since it might draw attention away from the beautiful dress. Bracelets and earrings will enhance the dress. If you want to be a fashion, a red dress is a bold choice to consider. 


Blue is often associated with cleanliness and calmness. It makes people think of a clear blue sky or a calm ocean on a sunny day. Blue is a very peaceful color and is a great choice for a level-headed girl on her. If this is you, then don’t hesitate to wear blue. 

The perfect embellishments for your blue dress are accents of metallic silver or gold. Even better, you can choose a surprising option or color block such as red. The best color for an accent for a blue dress is red. Blue and red are a great combination, but they might be too patriotic or loud if used in even proportions. Alternatively, you can pair the colors in different hues for the best look.


Green symbolizes peace and calm. It also shows balance, self-reliance, security, and growth. Green shows independence as a perfect color to commemorate. It is also a fun color and you can style it in various ways. First, you can choose to color block a green dress to bring out a younger vibe. 

Green blends perfectly with most colors such as orange, yellow, and purple. It also brings out a sophisticated look when paired with gold, silver, or champagne. You can go for an earthy look or neutral colors such as brown or nude for the best look.
Aside from a prom store in NJ, there are also a lot of bridal shops in NJ that offer a wide variety of colorful gowns for special occasions like Quinceanera. Go and check some of your local stores for more options before having a final decision.

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