Quick search and check of substitutes for terminal blocks of wires

There are situations when you need to quickly assemble a device or repair a broken one. Due to the lack of one part in the warehouse, the work may stop for at least several days. If we are talking about the selection of a substitute for complex parts such as terminal blocks, then the process is further complicated by the need for a long comparison of the technical characteristics of various models.

Search for analogs for the right terminal block

To find a part that will successfully replace an existing one, you need to check many criteria. The following indicators must coincide:

• The area that the part occupies in the device body;

• The pitch of the contacts should be the same so that you can easily connect the part to the rest of the spare parts;

• If the part has a through hole, its diameter must also match the diameter of the original part;

• The number of leads and contacts must correspond, they must also be placed in the same part of the part;

• The size of the input wire of the device must match both the original and the replacement.

The connection method does not have to be 100% identical in all devices. But if the project requires it, then it is necessary to check this criterion too.

The electrical parameters are also extremely important. If the rated current and insulation voltage do not completely coincide with these indicators of the original part, then you need to additionally check the requirements for the device. Perhaps a part with slightly different parameters will fit, but this should be clearly indicated in the specification for the project. It is also imperative to check the material of manufacture for compatibility. The most important are RoHS, REACH and temperature ratings.

Automation of finding similar terminal blocks

Manual selection takes several hours. And if you need to compare more than ten parts, this work may take several days. It greatly simplifies the process of using the automated service sourcingbot.com. In the search field, you only need to enter the name of the original part. The service database has already uploaded information about the most popular manufacturers for all electrical parts. You will see the results in the form of comparison tables. They are ranked according to the degree to which they match the source.

For example, let’s find analogs for the Phoenix Contact 3-pin terminal block, model number 1935174. The pitch between the wire and the board is 5 mm. At this request, the system offers four of the most popular and high-quality analogs:

• TE Connectivity;

• Wurth;

• Eaton;

• Amphenol.

In the table, you will see information about the availability of several reliable dealers in warehouses, prices and full technical specifications.

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