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Questions You Must Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring Them to Represent You!



Questions You Must Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring Them to Represent You

According to Section 34M of personal injury law in Massachusetts, if you get in an accident caused by the negligence of a third party, you have a right compensation if it’s proven that your involvement was not more than 50 percent in the accident. 

In such a case, you will want a personal injury law firm by your side who can protect you and help you get rightful compensation with their in-depth knowledge.

The duties of a personal injury lawyer include-

  • Assessing claims
  • Proving your innocence
  • Negotiating deals
  • Getting rightful compensation to make up for damages

But before you hire a Massachusetts personal injury attorney to represent you or your loved one, here are the questions you must ask them. 

Does a personal injury lawyer fall within your budget?

Personal injury comes under the category of Law of Torts (where the payment compensates the injured party for damages). This means you and the other party are both involved in an accident.

Usually, personal injury cases settle outside court. Still, sometimes they go on for extensive trials, even though the chances are less than 10 percent. Both instances require hefty payment, so you need to ask yourself, ‘what is my budget?’

Tips: Choose Boston personal injury firms that are transparent in their pricing and you can afford to pay the cost of their representation. 

Do your lawyers have authentic and good reviews?

You need to make sure that your money goes towards something worth it. You do not want to spend your savings to pay for a lawyer who will give up without a fair fight or settle for a very low compensation that fails to even cover your medical bills. 

Tips: Check their website for authentic reviews. Experienced Boston personal injury firms will certainly have credible reviews and good advice.

Does your attorney have real-time court experience in personal injury cases?

As said, it’s very unlikely that your case will go to trial. But in case it does, your attorney must have first-hand experience or at least valid courtroom knowledge to handle it effectively. Ask your attorneys about their courtroom experience and understand their view on your case. 

Tips: A lawyer will already know whether your case can or cannot go to trial. If the defendant denies liability or the settlement is disputable, it’s likely to go to court. It’s advisable to settle it outside of court. 

What is the work experience of the lawyer practicing in the personal injury case?

To begin practicing personal injury law, a lawyer must have:

-a bachelor’s degree of at least 4 years

-attended law school for another 4 years

-specialisation in personal injury law

Tips: Even inexperienced lawyers can have a better grip on your case than lawyers with years of experience. But you need to make sure that your choice of a personal injury attorney in Boston is familiar to the field and can understand the inner workings of the case.

In the End:

Injuries can be overwhelming; sometimes, it might take months or even years to get back on your feet and back to work. It’s not just medical bills that might worry you, but the loss of opportunity cost and loss of work could be another plight you could suffer through. Just keep in mind that no matter who is at fault, this will also bear your name. Everything that happens will directly affect your future. Therefore always choose someone who will advocate for you!

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Mississippi estate planning: Check the important documents



It is a common myth that estate planning is for the rich. If you are an adult with assets, no matter the value, you should consider having an estate plan, which should be in sync with the state laws of Mississippi. In your best interest, you may want to talk to a skilled & experienced Ridgeland estate lawyer to understand the consequences, pros, and cons of your decisions. 

Advance Health Care Directive

An unfortunate medical crisis can happen to anyone. If you are incapable of making healthcare decisions on your own, your family may have to run to court to take charge. With an Advance Health Care Directive, you can avoid all that. This form allows you to choose someone who can make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated because of an illness or medical crisis. 

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney allows a person of your choice to take care of your financial affairs if you are incapacitated because of an illness or unfortunate event. The representative will be called the attorney-in-fact, and the person can handle your finances, including management of investments, payment of dues and bills, and asset management. If you don’t have a durable power of attorney, your family will have to approach the court to appoint a conservator, which can be time-consuming, to say the least. 

Wills and trusts

When planning your estate, you have two options – creating a will or creating a trust. A will is a legal document – the prime document of your estate plan – that determines what happens to your assets when you are gone. The “Will” be admitted to probate, where the court will check the will’s validity and oversee the distribution of assets. If you are over 18 years, you can have a will in Mississippi. If you don’t have a will, the chancery court will rely on the state’s intestacy laws to divide your estate. You can also consider a trust-based estate plan, which allows your loved ones to avoid the probate process. 

Consider talking to an estate planning lawyer to know what you should do with your assets. They will review your wishes and guide you on the process to avoid common mistakes. Don’t delay planning your estate – It is never too early to plan for the future, and a lawyer can simplify things for you. Call an attorney and insist on a personal meeting today. 

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5 Qualities To Look In A Personal Injury Law Firm




5 Qualities To Look In A Personal Injury Law Firm

Facing an accident at the workplace or in public is completely unexpected. You would never know in advance that you might be facing a personal injury today. And the fact that these injuries would happen due to someone else’s carelessness is even more heartbreaking. 

In such a case of personal injury, one thing that matters is adequate compensation for the injury caused. If you are injured due to someone else, you are liable for the compensation. Hence, hiring a personal injury lawyer gives you a guarantee that no matter what you will get fully compensated for the injuries sustained. But what matters is the choice of lawyer. Hiring an experienced lawyer guarantees better hope and compensation. Hence here are a few qualities that you should consider before hiring a lawyer from a personal injury law firm.


The very first quality to look in the lawyers of a personal injury law firm is availability. The lawyer you choose should be readily available whenever you require his services. This is why it is always suggested to find a lawyer that lives in the same city. This way you have his access whenever you need. Even if the lawyer you hired is out of town, the firm should have a team of strong and experienced support staff who can help you out during need. Availability also helps in getting regular updates for the progress of your case.


The second important quality which your hired lawyer should possess is professionalism. This is also dependent on the personal injury law firm you choose. If the firm is known for best practices in the town, they definitely have professional lawyers.

Professionalism is defined as the quality of carrying out duties with utmost sincerity. The lawyers that you hire for your case should always be available to answer your questions. All the duties that the lawyer is liable to, should be carried out with complete care and affection. He or she should be passionate about seeking the best outcome for the client in court proceedings.


Another quality that every law firm for personal injury must have is approachability. Clients should be able to connect and approach the lawyers easily. Whichever law firm you end up choosing, it should have lawyers that offer reliable and convenient means of communication for all the clients. This generally is missed out when the lawyer has so many clients. So go for someone who does the job really well but is bothering any of the clients.


Though the level of sincerity can be easily understood by checking the professionalism of the lawyer. But again, a lawyer should be frank with his clients. He should be willing to inform and update you about the prospects of the case, no matter good or bad. This would help you in taking necessary actions on time. The best personal injury law firm should always advise you with a profitable course of action.

Success Rate

Lastly, one thing that matters is the record of success. When choosing a personal injury lawyer, reputation plays a vital role. It is as important as the insurance company in the whole case of negotiations. As you look for different personal injury law firms, you should check out the track record of success to obtain stronger settlements. The past success rate can readily define how good a law firm is. Hence pay attention to it before choosing a lawyer.

Find the best lawyer for yourself and get everything compensated including medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of wages and more.

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What is the Law of Oil and Gas




How Do I Choose the Best Business Lawyer in My Local Area

Oil and gas are natural resources of the world that have a high demand and not all countries are lucky enough to have these natural resources present in their land. The race to explore these resources has been going on for decades and those who succeed in finding them found the treasure. This is because the wheels of modern industry cannot turn these days without oil and petroleum.

Law of oil and gas

Since oil and gas are such important resources, the proper regulation of these natural resources is also very important. For this purpose different regulations have been set under different laws at international and national law. The branch of law that deals with natural resources is called natural resources law and its sub-branch dealing with oil, gas, petroleum, and other hydrocarbons are called oil and gas law which deals with rules related to the extraction, refining, transportation, import, and export of oil and gas.

Three main sectors of law

Oil and gas law deals with three main sectors:

  1. The upstream sector is the sector that deals with the production and exploration of gas and oil.
  2. The Midstream sector is the one that is responsible for marketing and transportation, collection, processing, and storing of oil and gas.
  3. The downstream sector is responsible for the ultimate distribution of the products produced as a result of refining the crude oil.

Oil and gas laws around different countries

Let us take a look at the oil and gas laws present in some countries around the globe. In USA most of the petroleum is drilled and extracted by states. Land ownership and other regulations depending on whether state or federal law is getting followed. Different regulations for the safety of workers, water and air quality are also enacted under different acts and clauses of law. Interstate Oil and gas compact commission works to regulate matters between different states.

In India, different acts in different years have been made part of the constitution to solve matters related to oil and gas. Oilfields law 1948 and the petroleum and natural gas rules 1959 are some of the major examples. Different state organizations also work for the compliance of these laws. The Indian government also modifies these rules from time to time to meet the needs of that specific era.

Oil and gas law in Libya which is known as petroleum law came into existence in 1955 in which further revisions were made in 1961, 1965, and 1970. Libyan oil and gas law states that all the oil and gas resources found in the state of Libya are the property of Libya and no person or organization can get benefit from them or use them unless authorized by the state. If you want to work in Libya or start any business that deals with petroleum products, Libyan law firms are there to help. There are many top oil and gas law firms of Libya that provide their services to those who want to work in this business.


Apart from international oil and gas law, every country has its regulations and it is important to know them if you want to start any kind of petroleum-related work in that country.

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Legal Separation and Divorce: What’s the Difference?




Legal Separation and Divorce

Many people are unsure of the difference between separation and divorce. They may have heard that separation is cheaper or easier to get, but this isn’t always the case. In order to determine which option you want for your situation, it’s important to understand what each one entails. We will be discussing legal separation versus divorce, so stay tuned!

Legal separation is a legal process that ends your marriage. It’s different from divorce, in the sense that you are not actually divorced when this process has been finalized. During separation, both spouses live separate lives but remain legally married until they finalize their separation or get divorced by court order. A separation lawyer will let you know if you can still own property together during separation and you will have to pay spousal support if one spouse earns much more than the other does unless there are special circumstances that would lead to an exemption being made for this rule (ex: long-term health issues).

If either spouse violates any of these rules while separated without getting consent from the other party first, it may be considered adultery, and grounds for additional penalties might apply if prosecuted properly under local law.

On the other hand, divorce is the separation’s counterpart. As its name implies, this legal process servers your marriage and ends it completely. It doesn’t matter who broke up with whom or how long you were married; once a court grants an order for the divorce to be finalized – which can happen before separation has even been completed – then your marriage is over.

This means that all spousal support payments end immediately (unless there are special circumstances), both spouses will no longer own property together after the finalization of their divorce, and neither spouse will ever again owe any sort of duty to provide financial assistance as they did during their marital relationship unless ordered otherwise by another judge at some point in time down the road if certain conditions apply (ex: you’re still caring for your ex-spouse’s child who is under the age of 18).

Now that we’ve covered separation and divorce, it should be clear which one fits into your situation better. If separation sounds like a good option then reach out to us today so that our lawyers can help guide you through this process! In conclusion, separation is not as simple as divorce and vice versa.

Division of property, child custody/visitation, spousal support are the main areas where separation and divorce differ.

Legal separation can be cheaper than a divorce process because it’s less formal; however, you will still have to go through a lengthy legal procedure in order to finalize your separation or get divorced by court order.

It is important to know what each type entails before making such an important decision as to whether or not to end your marriage with one another. This way you’ll understand how separation fits into your particular situation at hand and also comprehend that no two cases are ever identical even if both spouses need either separation or divorce for their own separate reasons (ex: abuse). If this sounds like something that may be helpful to you, then please do not hesitate to contact us today so that we can help guide you through this process!

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How Does Minimum Wage Benefit Both Companies and Workers?




A minimum wage is the lowest lawful remuneration that an employer can pay their workers. It is the rate below which an employee might not sell their labour. The concept of minimum wage was formulated back in 1948 with a motive to protect workers against unduly low wages. However, over time, its importance considerably increased as the concept was expanded taking multiple things into account. 

Currently, the counter-wide minimum wage rate of the US is $7.25 per hour. But, some states have their own minimum wages, codified either in a state statute or in the state’s constitution. 

Before going into the depth to know why the minimum wage is important, let me remind you a fact that is if your employer is harassing you with your minimum wage or is purposely creating fuss to restrain your rights, make sure you reach out to workers comp attorney in Oconomowoc to guidance and assistance.

Let’s dive in!

Boosts Productivity

Being able to earn an amount that fills in one’s basic needs boosts the zest to work harder. 

This indeed has nothing directly connected to productivity rather has a psychological impact on a person. A pay that helps you cover the cost of living helps you maintain morale. Which as a result motivates one to work harder, increasing their productivity. 

Reduces Income Inequality

When each employee is paid based on the minimum wage decided by the company or the nationally prevailing one, it helps to reduce income inequality. 

It is even more effective when a high minimum wage is paid to the employees. This is so because the workers are relieved that they aren’t paid less than the others despite putting in an equal amount of effort. 

But at times, companies might not pay accordingly despite the governing rule. In such a scenario make sure you reach out to a workers comp attorney in Oconomowoc for fair treatment. 

Spurs Economic Growth

Paying minimum wage is important because it spurs economic growth. When a person can earn, it indirectly attests that they can spend as well. This adds to the market demand which ultimately increases business revenue, supporting economic growth. 

Facilitate Education and Self-Improvement

The minimum wage ensures a definite source of money generation that can be invested in education and self-improvement. This not only helps the workers to increase their productivity but also improves the attractiveness of the country’s labour pool. Moreover, a more educated workforce promotes innovation and also the germination of the number of small businesses.

Stimulates Worker Retention

The minimum wage laws even benefit individual businesses. Hence the workers are less likely to switch to other high-paying jobs which not only reduces the company’s turnover but also the employee retention costs. 

Final Words

Researches even show that paying minimum wages even helps with employment generation. While businesses either raise this rate or reduce the working hour to tackle the labour costs. This benefits both employees as well as the business. 

However, just remember a fact that if you aren’t being fairly treated when it comes to availing the benefits of minimum wage, contact a workers comp attorney in Oconomowoc today for help.

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