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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Childcare Center!

If you’re a working parent, finding quality childcare is vital. Good day care can make all the difference in your ability to concentrate on your job and provide for your family.

However, it’s essential to be picky when choosing the best childcare in Albuquerque for your child. That can sometimes be difficult as there are so many options; you might not know where to start.

Here are questions to ask before committing:

1. What Is The Caregiver-To-Child Ratio? 

Quality childcare centers have a low caregiver-to-child ratio. It helps children feel comfortable and reduces the chances of accidents occurring.

What’s considered a good ratio? 1 caregiver must be able to handle three or fewer children under the age of 1. For example, daycare might have eight caregivers on staff, but only two are assigned to infants. 

2. Is The Facility Clean?

Childcare centers must be free of dirt, germs, hair, and other debris. They also need good ventilation due to the exposure to young children with developing respiratory systems.

A clean center will help prevent germs from spreading — another reason why a low caregiver-to-child ratio is vital.

3. What Are The Caregivers Like?

Quality childcare centers hire well-qualified, trained, and experienced staff members.

They also pay close attention to infants and toddlers throughout the day, ensuring their needs are met. They help children who need assistance with potty training, food, or taking a nap.

4. Can I See The Center Myself?

It’s essential to meet with the childcare provider face-to-face before deciding whether to enroll your child.

It will offer you the opportunity to feel for their environment and meet staff members — ensuring there are no awkward or uncomfortable feelings.

 Childcare Center
Can I See The Center Myself

5. What Is The Staff-To-Parent Ratio?

Some childcare centers have a large number of staff members, but fewer work with children directly, which means there’s a lot of downtimes for them to sit around and chat.

Others might have fewer staff members, but they’re constantly busy, so they don’t have time to sit around and socialize.

Ask about the staff-to-parent ratio, which should be at least 1:5 for infants and toddlers under age 4.

6. Is Food Provided?

Parents want to know that their children will be fed nutritious meals while at the childcare center. Not only that, but it’s nice (but not required) if the center can accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies.

7. What Is The Drop-Off And Pick-Up Policy?

Quality childcare centers require parents to sign their children in and out every time they arrive or leave the center. It helps ensure parents are responsible for taking care of their children.

8. What Types Of Activities Will My Child Be Doing Throughout The Day?

It’s ideal for a childcare center to have an education-based program, including arts and crafts, group games, and reading time.

But it’s also important that the daycare be fun and engaging — something that’s perfect for children of all ages.

9. What Types Of Materials Will My Child Have Access To?

Some activities require crayons, markers, construction paper, and glue. If a child is constantly asking for these things from parents, it might be because they don’t have them at the childcare center.

They may also ask you to purchase toys or books through their store or website — an additional cost that you will want to be aware of before committing to the center.

10. What Safety Protocols Are In Place?

When your child is spending the majority of their time at a childcare facility, safety should always be a concern,

It means your local regulations will need to be followed — if they have them in place, that is. A reputable caregiver will take every measure possible to keep children safe and healthy. 

11. Can I Visit At Any Time?

Don’t be afraid to ask what the childcare center’s policy is regarding parents visiting their children throughout the day. If you can pop by anytime, it gives you peace of mind knowing your child is having fun and is well taken care of. 

12. Can I Bring My Child On A Trial Day?

Although a trial day is not a requirement, it can give you a better idea of what to expect. However, if the center is far from your home or work, this may not be an option. You’ll have to make do with asking for photos and video footage if possible.


A childcare center is a great place to take your children when you have to go to work. They will be safe and entertained all day. Learning Tree Academy is a premier provider of the best Childcare Albuquerque.

If you’re looking for a daycare preschool, In that case, we offer the highest quality programs and top-notch amenities to make sure your child has an engaging and educational experience while they are with us.

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