Questions to Ask Before Booking Local SEO Packages

Local SEO is one of the best investments a small business can make but most business owners don’t know much about this strategy. While there’s ample information available online, this information is often disorganized and some of it can be misleading. It is best to discuss the marketing technique in detail before investing in local SEO packages for small business. Most marketing companies will offer a free audit and initial consultation. You can explain your requirements to the SEO expert and ask them a few questions. Here’s a look at some of the most important questions to ask:

1. Is Local SEO Right for Me?

Local SEO is a great marketing strategy but it may not be for everyone. Some businesses just don’t need to establish a local presence and can focus their resources on something else. For example, if you run an online store that sells digital prints to people from all over the world, it doesn’t make sense for you to invest in local SEO packages for small business. However, if you’re a doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, or sell artisanal bread to your town folk, investing in local SEO is a good idea. 

If you hire a good marketer, they’ll let you know whether this strategy is right for you. If they feel your business will benefit from enterprise-level marketing, they will caution you against spending resources on local SEO. 

2. Which Local SEO Package is Right for Me?

Most marketing companies offer local SEO packages for small businesses. These packages are quite comprehensive and will cover everything a business needs to establish a strong presence on local search. However, these packages also vary in what they offer. For example, a basic package may only include one blog post while a premium package will include four pieces of content. 

Discuss your options with your marketer to understand which package is ideal for you. If you’re on a tight budget and are just starting a business, a basic package will work. You can always upgrade or downgrade your package according to your requirements. 

3. What’s Included in the Package?

Consider what’s included in the plan carefully. Some companies offer a comprehensive package that includes everything a business needs. Some will exclude services like content marketing or link building and offer it as a separate service. Speak with your marketer about your priorities and modify the plan accordingly. 

Most marketing companies offer flexible plans, which means the package can be modified according to your requirements easily. For example, if you need more content but fewer citations, you can mention it to the marketer and they’ll provide a customized quote. 

4. Will the Package Cover Everything I Need?

4. Should I Anticipate Any Additional Expense?

As mentioned before, most packages are comprehensive and will likely cover everything you need. But the audit can reveal issues that you may not have noticed before and these issues may end up requiring additional attention. For example, if your website is very outdated, it will need a more comprehensive optimization and that will cost some additional money. The marketer may have to either revamp the entire website or build something new from scratch. 

Discuss these additional expenses with your marketer to get a realistic idea of what kind of budget you need. Check whether these additional expenses can be incorporated into a reasonable local SEO pricing and plan. 

5. When will I Start Seeing Results?

SEO takes time and local SEO isn’t an exception. A sound strategy can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to start showing results. Most marketers won’t give you a definitive timeline as it can depend on many external factors. But they will provide an estimate and promise some deliverables. Speak with the marketer about what you can expect from the campaign so you don’t worry unnecessarily about the results. 

Unlike PPC, local SEO won’t start showing movement immediately after the marketers start working on it. 

Regular reporting is a part of most local SEO pricing and plans so you will be kept up-to-date with the latest news about your campaigns. Most marketing companies offer weekly or monthly reports so you can choose what suits your requirements. 

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