Pulse Ingredients Market by Source (Peas, Chickpeas, Beans and Lentils), Type (Pulse Flours, Pulse Starch, Pulse Proteins, and Pulse Fiber & Grits), Application (Food & beverages, Feed, and Others) and Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and RoW) – Global Forecast up to 2027

The Pulse Ingredients Market is likely to grow at the rate of 7.2% CAGR by 2027. Pulses are edible seeds of plants that belong to the legume family. Pulses grow in pods that come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. Pulses are nutritious, healthy, and easy to cook. Pulses are rich in protein and have water-holding ability soluble, and are low in cholesterol. It also helps reduce cholesterol and regulate sugar in the blood. Pulses crops assist in minimizing greenhouse gases and improve soil health. The cultivating pulses provide sustainable agriculture. Growth in the protein profile of pulse flours and increased health awareness amongst the customers are the primary factors estimated to foster the growth of the pulse ingredients market in the forecast period. Few other factors further propelling the growth of the pulse ingredients market are the surging demand for the pulse flours in various foods & industrial applications and the increasing popularity of food products rich in protein. But, restricted international quality standards and regulations and the unpleasant flavor of the pulses impede the market growth.

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Pulse Ingredients Market On The Basis Of Source

• Peas
• Chickpeas
• Beans
• Lentils

Pulse Ingredients Market On The Basis Of Type

• Pulse Flours
• Pulse Starch
• Pulse Proteins
• Pulse Fiber & Grits

Pulse Ingredients Market On The Basis Of Application

• Food & beverages
• Feed
• Others

Pulse Ingredients Market On The Basis Of Geography

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Rest of the World

As per the market by source, the peas segment has the largest share in the market. Since peas provide minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus, which help in providing good health. These are also known to assists in decreasing cholesterol levels and maintaining sugar levels in the blood because of their high fiber content. Pea-extracted ingredients such as pea milk, pea proteins, and pea flours are used as main ingredients in several products such as confectionery products, bakery products, snacks, pasta & noodles, soups & sauces, and dairy products.

Based on type, pulse flours form a significant segment in the market share. The pulse flours are attaining popularity globally and are added in food products such as dairy products, bakery products, beverages, confectioneries, meat products, and sauces. They provide several health benefits, due to which they are obtaining the attention of both consumers and manufacturers at a global level.
The food & beverages segment is forecasted to dominate the market based on application. The developing food & beverage industry in the Asia Pacific region is expected to fuel the sales of pulse ingredients in the coming years owing to the rising preference for food products with health benefits among consumers and habituated to urbanized lifestyle. Moreover, the rising health concerns among consumers in countries such as the US is again expected to drive the sales of pulse ingredients as consumers looking for food options with clean label ingredient and low-fat content.

Further, the market is based on geography, where the Asia Pacific region is expected to witness major growth in the coming years. This is due to the growing demand for pulses among the rising population in the region and the expansion of urbanization with rising health concerns.

Globally, the increasing trend of easy, ready-to-eat, fast-cooking foods has driven manufacturers’ interest in producing pulse ingredients. The initiatives by the government around the world for pulse production and consumption are also driving the global market growth. Moreover, technological advancements in the food & beverage industry, such as the advent of smart packaging, are another factor boosting the global market growth.

The few notable players in the market are Alliance Grain Traders Inc., Vestkorn Milling AS, Anchor Ingredients Co., LLC, The Scoular Company, Diefenbaker Spice & Pulse (Diefenbaker Seed Processors Inc), The Archer Daniels Midland Company, Batory Foods, Emsland Group, Ingredion Incorporated, and Roquette Frères.

Hence, the consumers seek nutritious and delicious products with amplified protein, which also tastes good, where pulse ingredients are the best suitable food for the consumers’ requirements. Moreover, pulse ingredients are also considered very useful in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Request to Fill The Form To get Sample Copy of This Report: https://www.sdki.jp/sample-request-115298

“The Final Report will cover the impact analysis of COVID-19 on this industry (Global And Regional Market).”

• The report analyzes the geographical highlights in terms of consumption of the product/service within the region and indicates the factors affecting the market within each region.
• The report includes opportunities and challenges faced by the vendors in the global Pulse Ingredients market.
• The report indicates the region and segment which is projected to witness the fastest growth.
• Provides a competitive outlook that includes the key players’ market ranking, coupled with new product launches, partnerships, business expansions, and acquisitions.

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