Many consider protein supplementation as a single benefit supplement that solely aids in muscle growth, but there is more to it. Protein powders can be used to both gain and lose weight if used suitably. Australians today are looking for sustainable ways that help them to adjust weight through vegan measures. Plant based protein like pea, whey, and such, are a great source of protein supplementation that has numerous benefits, some of which includes:

  • Entirely vegan
  • Lactose-free
  • No gluten 
  • Organic protein powders are eco-friendly

For weight loss, it helps in 

  1. Losing Belly Fat and Body Weight

Protein is an essential nutritional element for weight loss. Sufficient protein levels in the body increase the metabolic rate. They have shown to reduce the levels of fat in the mid-section area. 

2. Reduces Appetite

Protein works to reduce appetite in two ways. Firstly, by increasing the level of hormones that reduce the need for intakes like GLP-1, ghrelin (the hunger hormone), and CCK. Secondly, it helps one feel fuller for a more extended period, thereby reducing cravings and the need for snacking. Snacking is one of the significant contributors to unhealthy weight gain. 

A study conducted on participants who had a high-protein diet showed that they had over 100 calories less that day. Another study conducted on overweight participants showed that by increasing their protein intake, their cravings were cut, by 60%. Replacing fat and carbohydrates with plant based protein curbs the hunger hormones and satiates the appetite. It automatically helps one to eat fewer calories. 

3. Protein Increases Metabolic Rate

            A high-protein diet boosts metabolism and helps one burn comparatively more calories each day. Specifically, when used with workouts, it helps in increasing this rate of calorie burning, as muscle burns higher calories than fat. 

            There is also the factor of a thermic effect that plays a role in weight-loss. It refers to the energy used up for metabolic activities and digestion. Protein has a higher thermic rate compared to carbohydrates. So, according to this effect, 30% of protein is consumed by it, and only the remaining 70% ends up as usable calories. This condition means that one can burn most of the protein during the process of digestion itself. 

Protein for WEIGHT-GAIN:

            Gaining is just as hard as losing weight for those who have genetic reasons that determine their physique. But supplementation can help address this issue. Those looking to bulk up or gain a few extra pounds can take protein shakes daily to help them in their weight gain journey. 

            Whey protein is extremely beneficial to gain weight and muscle mass. The quantity and the frequency as which one takes the supplementation determine whether it aids in weight loss or gain. Consuming protein frequently throughout the day adds to the total calorie intake. Therefore to gain weight, one has to eat at least 200 calories of protein per day. This state leads to a gain of two to three pounds per week, depending on one’s metabolism. 

            One needs to pay attention to the BV- Biological Value Scale, which helps one determine the amount of protein required by the body and how much of one consumes it. On this scale, eggs rate at about 100, whey-104, and beef-75. Some pure whey powders score up to 170. 


            Protein is a multi-use supplement for those looking to gain or lose weight and can benefit both parties. It is a delicious choice as well when consumed in the form of shakes. People with underlying medical conditions should seek advice before taking any supplementation. However, protein supplements have less or zero side effects. 

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