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There have been many movements in recent times, fighting for the rights of a whole selection of minorities or beliefs. These have been successful in bringing about changes in the laws in many countries. But unfortunately, sometimes just making something a law, doesn’t change the situation ‘on the ground.’ An area that we see this is with regard to those people who live with a disability. Now, don’t get me wrong, we have seen great strides in the right direction, and this is all excellent news. If we were to go outside and go for a walk, we would hopefully see ramps on and off sidewalks. We would feel bumps under our feet next to a crossing, letting anyone visually impaired know what was in front of them. We would see ramp access to buildings and elevators to every level. We would see disabled toilets on every floor of a building. But an area that is often overlooked is online.

That’s right, there are still many websites out there that are not fully accessible for disabled people. But the laws in many countries cover this and it is a legal requirement to make your website accessible and there are companies out there, like accessiBe, that are can help make this happen. No individual should feel isolated, or left out, because they can’t gain access to something other members of the public can. So, to not address this issue, could mean that you are breaking the law. But to make your website fully accessible actually benefitsyou too. Aside from the obvious, being a law-abiding website owner, you will be vastly increasing the number of people who can visit your site. There are estimated to be over 1.1 billion disabled people in the world. That is a huge percentage of the world’s population. Imagine all the potential for more visitors to your site by making it accessible to them.

This is an important topic, and it isn’t going away. In fact, lawsuits brought against websites and their owners have been increasing at an alarming rate. Company reputations have been ruined and businesses have had to close their doors because of these lawsuits. So, make sure your website is fully accessible. You don’t have to completely redo your website and give yourself a mountain of work. There is software out there that can do the work for you, transforming your website in the background and making it fully accessible. The companies that supply this software will even come out and install it for you. It is cheap and it is quick. So, get the software and have your website fully accessible in a matter of days.

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