IP intercoms

Pros and cons of IP intercoms

Compared to conventional IP intercoms, the intercom allows you to:

  • Control access to the premises, assign temporary access codes for guests, and open doors for them at the command of the owner, if he is many kilometers from home;
  • Use a variety of means of identification as a key, including a mobile phone and transport cards;
  • Forward calls from the call panel to fixed and mobile phone numbers, as well as to mobile applications;
  • It is easy to switch among themselves an almost unlimited number of end devices, for example, IP-video monitors or outdoor panels in neighboring entrances or cottages;
  • Act as an IP video camera in all places where they are installed.

And besides, IP video intercom in the house will allow:

  • View video broadcast and archive from IP surveillance cameras;
  • Remotely manage smart home and building life support systems via cloud services and mobile devices, take readings from sensors;
  • Keep in touch with the security and dispatch services of the village;
  • Even ordering pizza and taxis…

In fact, IP intercoms are specialized computers that have access to a local network and the Internet. The closest relatives of the IP intercom are the IP phone/video phone and the IP camera. Strictly speaking, an IP intercom is the embodiment of both. All these devices, as we understand, are networked, and this quality is decisive, as it opens up unlimited possibilities for their owners in terms of remote control of the system, as well as its integration with other communications of a modern home.


The main advantage of IP intercoms is the ease of use and wide functionality. The use of digital technology allows fast and cheap installation, for which the use of local networks is allowed. This system also has some disadvantages. First of all, this is the high cost of equipment, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of traditional systems. IP intercom only supports digital equipment, so you will need to purchase expensive adapters. IP intercom has a number of obvious advantages in operation. However, its full use is possible only with minimal knowledge of working with a computer. Otherwise, the purchase of such expensive equipment will be inappropriate.

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