Pros And Cons Of Buying KTM RC 200

Pros And Cons Of Buying KTM RC 200 In Bangalore

We frequently conduct research on a product before purchasing it if we are spending a significant amount of money on that particular product. Usually, the majority of the product information may be found on the manufacturer’s website, or we can also check for ratings and reviews from consumers who have used the product in the past or who are currently using the same.

Similarly, if you want to purchase the best KTM RC 200 in Bangalore, then you would probably want to learn more about the bike, its features and the potential advantages and drawbacks before spending your money on the same.

The starting price of KTM RC 200 in Bangalore is Rs. 2.04 lakh.

India is one of the largest markets for the two-wheeler industry. One of the most well-liked motorcycles with a variety of appealing features offered on the Indian market is the KTM RC 200. This particular KTM model is available in three colors and has 2 variants that are currently available in India.

Due to the sporty and stylish appeal of KTM RC 200, many buyers opted to buy used KTM RC 200 bikes in Bangalore. In this article, we will explore the main advantages and drawbacks of purchasing a KTM RC 200 in Bangalore.

Main advantages of purchasing a KTM RC 200 in Bangalore

Appropriate pricing for a high-caliber two wheeler

You may get a quality two-wheeler at a reasonable price if you decide to purchase a KTM RC 200. More importantly, you will also have the option to purchase a brand-new KTM RC 200 if you are willing to spend Rs. 2.04 lakh (the price may vary according to the area). If you purchase a brand new KTM RC 200 then you won’t have to worry about any maintenance or service any time soon because the bike and its parts are brand new.

Enjoy the latest technology

If you purchase a brand new KTM RC 200 you will be able to experience all the latest technologies in your bike. For example, with KTM RC 200 you can enjoy the Anti-lock braking system along with a Wet multi-disc clutch. For the rider’s comfort, the bike manufacturer has added a digital fuel gauge level, digital odometer, tachometer, etc.

Performance with warranty

The body of the KTM RC 200 has been inspired by the MotoGP RC 16 machine and the 40% larger air box allows the engine of the bike to breathe more comfortably. The bike also has 13.7 liters fuel tank capacity which allows you to make fewer fuel stops. More importantly, the 199.6 CC engine of the bike provides great power and torque to the bike.

You will also receive a warrant directly from the dealer if you happen to purchase the bike directly from a showroom. Not to mention, the free services you will get can enable you to maintain the condition of the bike without spending a penny.

You can also purchase a used KTM RC 200 to enjoy the exceptional riding experience offered by this beautiful bike.

Pay a low insurance premium for a second hand KTM RC 200

A lot of factors, including the bike’s price and current market worth, are taken into account when determining the insurance rate for a bike. If you are willing to buy a second hand KTM RC 200 then the insurance premium you will have to pay will also be significantly less. More importantly, even if you purchase a brand new KTM RC 200 the insurance premium you will be paying is worth the value because you won’t have to spend a huge amount of money in case you come across any unfortunate event and your insurance company will cover all your expenses.

Less Depreciation value of used KTM RC 200

People should take depreciation into account when buying a bike. The depreciation rate is significantly higher, especially for new motorcycles. Although it is certainly a good idea to purchase a bike if you want to use it for a longer term, even if you purchase a used KTM RC 200 it will offer you exceptional performance and you will also be able to sell it at a good price even after using it for a long period of time.

Main drawbacks of buying a KTM RC 200 in Bangalore

High Maintenance

Due to the vehicle’s age and extensive wear and tear, KTM RC 200 may occasionally require costly maintenance, which means you will have to pay a sizable sum to keep the two-wheeler in good operating order. You may also run into unanticipated situations when you need to repair one or more parts of the KTM RC 200.

No Bluetooth connectivity

One of the major disadvantages of KTM RC 200 is that even though it has all the avant-garde features of a modern bike it certainly lacks a major feature like Bluetooth connectivity. By connecting your bike with a smartphone via Bluetooth you would have received features like missed call alerts, navigation assist, phone signal indication, call alerts, etc. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on KTM RC 200.

Hard to determine the appropriate Valuation of the used KTM RC 200

If you want to purchase a second hand KTM RC 200 it is more difficult to estimate the worth of a used KTM RC 200 on your own, in this case, you should seek out professional assistance. If you do not conduct proper research before buying any used KTM RC 200, you can incur a lot of losses. It is preferable to buy a used KTM RC 200 from an online bike seller who handles all of your concerns associated with the acquisition of a used bike in order to prevent these kinds of unfavorable situations.

To conclude

If you are a bike lover then you can certainly try riding a two wheeler like KTM RC 200 on the roads of Bangalore. More importantly, if you like going on road trips then the KTM RC 200 is the perfect bike for you. However, if you are on a strict budget and still want to use the same bike then you should check out Beepkart. In this online platform, you will find the best second hand KTM RC 200 at an extremely affordable price.

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