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Imagine this: you’re sitting at your desk in the office one dreadful morning, staring at your computer bored out of your wits… and you’re wondering how you can escape all of *this*. 

Sure, you’ve got a good job- you’ve had graduated with a degree that somehow makes you money, you’ve got a car, a house, and all of the basic necessities that would make life comfortable for you covered… but is that all there is? Surely, a 9-to-5 job is not the end-all, be-all of your career. 

You know that deep inside, you just want to make your money work for you. You are constantly inspired by folks like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and Bill Ackman. 

You want to go into trading and investing like your idols. You want to try your hands at crypto. Yet you don’t know where to start and where you can equip yourself with the tools to help you get started into this whole new niche. 


So many books, courses, and podcasts about trading on the market, and so little time to consume them all. You just want to cut out all of the fluff and look for a one-stop shop where you can find just the information necessary for you to start trading.

Here’s where Safe Trade Binary Options can help you. 

The Safe Trade Binary Options team is composed of people passionate about trading. They’re experts on the field; these are people who lived and breathed trading- people who went through failures and successes throughout their trading career and have battle wounds to show for it. They will tell you what works and what doesn’t based on their first-hand experiences. They will tell you how you can SUCCEED.

For example- are you itching to get on the crypto train? The SafetradeBinaryOptions has a comprehensive guide on the subject ( that will teach you all the important stuff that a crypto trader should know. The guide will give you a brief history of cryptocurrency and the rise of blockchain technology, as well as tips and tricks regarding Bitcoin and altcoin trading. 

But the site is not just a hub of educational content. It’s also chock-full of trading tools that you’ll need to start trading your foreign currency, binary options, or Bitcoins and altcoins. 

On the crypto side of things, has a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange rate table ( that is constantly updated with the latest prices of major cryptocurrencies. 

Let’s say you’re primarily trading in Ethereum and you want to gather data so you can create an accurate ETH forecast

In the ever-growing list of coins minted on the blockchain, Ethereum is second only to Bitcoin when it comes to market value. It’s the most popular altcoin (i.e. “alternative coin” – what most people call cryptocurrency that aren’t Bitcoin) out there, and there seems to be no stopping its upward growth.

Yes, there’s been a lot of volatility along the way- this year saw ETH drop to around the $1700 to $1800 ranger, but experts are still very hopeful about the coin’s future prospects in light of the upgrades that Ethereum community has planned for the blockchain (which is estimated to be finished around early 2023). 

So off you go to’s exchange rate table. You can access this tool by going to and then hover on the Analytics tab, and then click on “Cryptocurrency exchange rate online”. You can see that ETH is now at $1805, surely and slowly inching its way back up to the $1900 mark. You can see if this particular cryptocurrency is doing well, how it fares against others (in particular, Bitcoin), and whether it has been experiencing a positive or negative change in regards to its pricing. From here, you can also check out the’s economic calendar ( and see what probable financial events might affect the prices of major cryptos as well as foreign currencies. 

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned one- the site gives a plethora of tools and educational material that traders of all levels will find useful. Hopefully, it will be able to guide you to become the trader you’ve always wanted to be.

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