Production Printer Market to Grow with a High CAGR- Global Industry Analysis

The Production Printer Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.26% during the forecast period over the forecast period, 2020 – 2025. New technology innovations, the growing number of profitable business models, and the continuing shift to just-in-time production are anticipated to fuel the market over the forecast period.

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– Commercial printers are focusing on investing in digital and inkjet printing to offer customers wide- format and industrial printing applications. This indicates that digital production equipment must be profiled and calibrated for a new set of materials, including ceramics, wood, vinyl, plastics, thin films, cardboard, textiles, glass, metal, paper, and more.
– Inkjet printing gained traction in recent years. There have been a few Continuous Feed (CF) inkjet installations at commercial printers globally. Some of them are Hansaprint in Finland, Zalsman in the Netherlands, Eversfrank, Haberbeck, Esser, and Walter Digital in Germany, Poligrafico Roggero & Tortia in Italy, ProCo, DG3, and Severn in the United Kingdom.

Key Market Trends

Growth of Printing Applications in Packaging is Expected to Drive Growth

– Packaging applications are among the major sources of demand for production printers, as digital package printing has become more mainstream. Product manufacturers are increasingly addressing focused groups of buyers through increasingly customizing cardboard boxes and labels.
– Packaging gained high importance. While many printers and converters have used their printing systems for digital label production, in 2020, folding cartons and flexible packaging are expected to become increasingly focused. With tactile elements on packaging materials and creatively designed outer packaging, brand owners further focus on driving the consumers’ attention on their products.
– The developed markets offer opportunities based on product differentiation. Consumers in the developed markets are willing to pay a premium for differentiation. Packaging can help in changing the perception of a product and acts as a price driver. This, in turn, is expected to create great print packaging opportunities by creating demands in innovation and design advances.

Production Printer Market
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