Priyanka Chopra Says She Was ‘Shocked’ When Nick Jonas Proposed After Only 3 Dates!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been happily married for about two years now but their engagement happened really early on into their dating period so the actress now admits she was shocked when the Jonas Brothers singer proposed. As you might know, the two had only been seeing each other for two months and had been on no more than three dates when Nick got on one knee and asked if she wished to spend the rest of her life with him!

That’s right! Priyanka was apparently just as surprised as the fans when Nick put a ring on it two months into their relationship!

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During a new interview for Elle UK, the Quantico star confessed that she ‘didn’t expect the proposal at that point… It was 2 months! It was still a complete shock. However, I relinquished control and just went with it.’

She went on to recall that ‘We were just sporadically meeting for about two years. We were texting and stuff, and there may’ve been a part of me that wanted something serious. But I was taking a hiatus from men at that point. I did not want anyone romantically. But there has always been something about Nick, which is why we always ended up just staying in touch, no matter where we were.’

As mentioned before, it’s already been nearly two years since the two tied the knot and there are still no doubts that they made the right choice to say I do!

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Priyanka explained that these months by his side have felt both like a long time as well as a moment!

‘It’s so weird… I feel like I don’t remember what life was before I met him,’ she added.

The two are actually really busy normally and so, they have agreed to meet in person at least once every three weeks for a couple of days no matter where they are in the world.

It was their one marriage condition because otherwise, they would never really see each other! But, while that may be a little unconventional, they have definitely made it work!

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