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‘PrintNightmare’: Vulnerability Accidentally Released



cyber security

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently issued an alert following the PoC (proof of concept) exploit for a Windows vulnerability. PrintNightmare, a Windows print spooler vulnerability that allowed for remote code execution was known as CVE-2021-1675. The exploits were made available to the public after Microsoft’s patches were not able to completely rectify the issue and the code had already been published by researchers and uploaded to GitHub, in what was noted as a mistake or a miscommunication between Microsoft and the researchers. 

The accidental PoC code for the vulnerability and the reclassification of the vulnerability to critical severity has the cyber community scrambling and concerned. Is there a good reason for the concern? We recently posed the following question to experts to garner insight on their thoughts and advice regarding PrintNightmare:

What are your recommendations to ensure businesses are aware of it, and what should they do to protect their network, computers, and business?

The Rise of Cyberattacks

While ransomware is not new, the frequency of ransomware attacks has increased over the last few years. The rise of ransomware has become a global epidemic. Ransomware has taken data hostage, from businesses of all sizes, and has caused disruption and frustration across a variety of industries. As security vendors continue to look for new ways to defend systems against ransomware and other cyberattacks, hackers easily adapt to the changes and utilize advanced and sophisticated tools to bypass the defenses, encrypt files, and receive a significant payout in exchange for the release of the data. As the frequency of cyberattacks continues to increase, businesses and organizations are becoming aware of all the risks that are posed by ransomware. 

”Traditional security products are no longer enough to protect businesses from today’s cyber attacks. The old strategy of building a strong perimeter and assuming everything inside the network is safe no longer works. Today’s small businesses should be implementing a zero-trust security policy”, said Craig Beam of MicroXpress.

Beam also stated, ”Instead of trusting everything and attempting to filter it, zero-trust takes the opposite approach and denies everything unless it has been previously approved. It sounds like it would be a nightmare to manage, but many new products have been designed to help. There are several effective and affordable Application Whitelisting solutions available to help implement your zero-trust policies.”

Protection Against Ransomware

Long-lasting protection against ransomware requires more than one layer of defense. Very few businesses or organizations can afford to lose millions of dollars while experiencing significant downtime. Once your systems and devices have been hacked, it will be too late to implement a form of protection. Businesses and organizations need to implement forms of protection today before becoming one of the latest victims of ransomware attacks or other cyberattacks. 

Nick Allo of Semtech IT Solutions believes businesses and organizations should take steps to implement protection methods because the key to protection is being prepared. Allo said, ”They should ensure they have proper firewalls protecting their networks, disable remote printing and move the print server role to a Windows machine if possible vs a server and disable the service. Unfortunately, there will always be something to be prepared for but the key is being prepared. Have a solid backup plan.”

The people within a business or organization can serve as the first line of defense to combat ransomware and can actively help stop an attack from infiltrating systems, networks, and devices. 

Holden Watne of Generation IX said, ”It’s all about your people. If an organization does not have the right personnel monitoring your systems it is only a matter of time before a breach occurs. Not only having the qualified personnel but having enough of them. Too often skilled IT employees get pulled in many directions. Make sure there are employees dedicated to InfoSec. For a lot of organizations, this may mean looking outside to third-party MSPs to handle the security.”

Do You Have The PrintNightmare Vulnerability?

We asked Sean Connery of Orbis Solutions, Inc. for advice he would share with businesses and organizations that wanted to check if they had the PrintNightmare vulnerability. Connery shared this:

To check if your systems are vulnerable, open a command prompt and enter the command sc query Spooler (spooler should be capitalized).

If you see output similar to this:

Your system is vulnerable. With no patch yet available from Microsoft, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your clients:

Option 1: If the systems do not have a need for printing, disable the print spooler. This can be disabled via PowerShell:

 Option 2: If you have a print server that needs to keep the print spooler running, you can use this PowerShell script to configure an ACL to protect the drivers directory and subdirectories where the attack happens:

This will prevent anyone from writing to these directories. If an admin needs to write to them, the ACL can be removed by changing the second to last line in the above script from

$Acl.AddAccessRule ($Ar) to $Acl.RemoveAccessRule ($Ar)

NEXT: Use the following PowerShell command to identify any exploit attempts within your system:

Get-WinEvent -LogName ‘Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Admin’ | Select-String -InputObject {

$_.message} -Pattern ‘The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module’

LAST: Apply the upcoming patch (not yet available). Microsoft is working on a patch for this issue now, and it should be applied once it is available.

Protection Against PrintNightmare

Take Immediate Action

When news began to spread of the PrintNightmare exploit, experts in the industry took action immediately and reached out to their teams and clients to alert them of the critical situation.

Blake Schwank of Colorado Computer Support said, ”We gathered all of our senior engineers and reviewed options and risk.  We decided to proactively shut down print spoolers on our clients domain controllers while at the same time trying to let them know.   Using our tools, it took us ten minutes to disable all print spooler services.  It was not the most graceful operation, however, the handful of clients that were using their DC as a print server have been appreciative that we are proactively protecting them.”

Schwank also stated, ”Businesses need to understand the biggest threat is the domain controller and to disable the print spooler service on those and any other server that doesn’t need to print.  This should have minimal impact and the hassle of changing printers is worth the effort.

Disable the Print Spooler Service

One of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recommendations is to disable the Windows Print spooler service in Domain Controllers and systems that do not print. Stuart Petty of Steadfast Solutions echoed the recommendation by the CISA and stated the following:

First option is to disable the print spooler, this is an option for servers that don’t need to print. Secondly, disable in print jobs, this is an option for servers that need to print though are not a print server. This can be done via GPO — Allow print spooler to accept client connections. The vulnerability requires that the user be authenticated with the print server, so ensuring that credentials are secure with password and account policies in place to help protect accounts. Additionally, ensuring only security groups with the requirements to print have access to the print server. Ensuring that UAC is enabled on the print server will also help prevent an attack due to the privilege escalation request.   

Once the steps have been completed, the device should be protected against the PrintNightmare attack, but the device will no longer be able to print. Kenny Riley of Velocity IT also acknowledged the importance of disabling the print spooler. Riley had this to say about the CISA’s recommendations to disable the print spooler:

Until Microsoft releases a patch to correct the recently discovered Windows Print Spooler vulnerability, IT administrators should disable the Windows Print Spooler service on all workstations and servers. If the network is in an Active Directory environment, IT administrators should also disable inbound remote printing through Group Policy.

Disabling the Windows Print Spooler service will prevent a workstation or server from processing any print jobs. Because of this, it may not be feasible for IT administrators to disable this service on all machines without directly impeding business operations. However, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has recommended that IT administrators disable the Windows Print Spooler service on Domain Controllers and other systems that do not print.

Sarah McAvoy of CyberUnlocked wanted to serve as a reminder that the June 8th patch from Microsoft does not remediate the issue, and she recommended that their clients also disable the Print Spooler service as a temporary solution.

Mark Hicks of Mathe shared that Mathe let their clients know immediately and took measures to ensure they would be protected. Hicks stated, ”We let all clients know and disabled the print spooler on all AD controllers and made sure Sophos MTR is monitoring all patterns.” Hicks also encouraged businesses to let their partners that use Kaseya know there is a big breach taking place. 

Act Now. Do Not Wait.

Eric Schuler of HRCT delivered an informative message to their customers alerting them of the vulnerability and what they should know. You can find the message that HRCT delivered to their customers below:

The following vulnerability has come to our attention and we’re working with our other customers to alleviate it. Due to the potential of this weakness, we expect active exploitation of the vulnerability in the wild sooner rather than later.

You may have heard about a recent threat to Windows network security: PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-21985 and CVE-2021-1675).  The goal of this communication is to help you understand the risk and explain what HRCT can do to help you with it.

WINDOWS Domain Controllers are VULNERABLE

On June 28, 2021, a proof of concept (POC) exploit code was published for a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability affecting Microsoft Windows Print Spooler. Someone with limited access to a system could raise their privilege level, giving them more power over the affected system. 


Patches were published as part of the June update however, public reporting shows that recent patches for the vulnerability are ineffective against this exploit. 

General advice was to install the patches from Microsoft. However, shortly after another researcher announced he’d found a way to exploit the vulnerability to achieve both local privilege escalation and remote code execution.

An attacker exploiting the Print Spooler vulnerability can both remotely execute code and escalate their privileges, locally, to SYSTEM if they are able to gain access to credentials of a user who can authenticate with the Print Spooler service. 

From our observations, the vulnerability, dubbed PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-21985), affects all Windows versions since at least Windows 7. However, escalation on the domain controller poses the largest risk to the organization. 

It is common in Domain environments for underprivileged users to have the relevant permissions to authenticate with this service, making this vulnerability high value to threat actors looking to locally escalate their privileges to SYSTEM. 

The print service is typically enabled by default on all Windows systems. Disabling this on a domain controller is only a problem if that system is also used as a print server.


This is exactly the kind of exploit for which HRCT has decided to deploy Sophos Managed Threat Response to all of our Complete Care and Preventive Care customers.  If exploited, Sophos should provide us with a layer of protection. 

The MTR team has studied the PoC exploit and has threat hunting and detection strategies in place. MTR is continuing to monitor the situation, leveraging the latest intelligence for threat hunting activities, and are on alert for any malicious or suspicious activity originating from protected devices. Should we identify anything of concern, our operators will escalate accordingly. 

We suggest the following preventative actions which unfortunately they come with a cost:

  1. Removing print services from Internet-facing servers (FTP, Exchange for example)
  2. Removing print service (daemon) from Domain controllers

For Domain controllers, we suggest moving print spoolers to new servers and disabling print services on the DC.  For any Internet-facing servers such as Exchange or FTP servers, we suggest dealing with them in the same fashion to avoid escalation of privilege. 

The preferred route is a new server Virtual Machine for print services. The low-cost solution is to run print services on a Windows 10 workstation however this still requires monthly support for Automate, Sophos MTR, and Windows 10 licenses. 


Since none of these actions come without a cost it is up to you to decide if and how you want HRCT to intervene and place preventative measures in place to make exploiting this weakness in the Windows infrastructure-less likely in your organization. Please let us know how you would like us to proceed.

Ulistic LP

Ulistic LP is a leading marketing agency specializing in digital marketing, business development, and sales enablement for IT service companies. For more information, visit

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How To Install Steam Skins




You generally see the default dark blue skin when opening Steam; however, you may wonder if this backdrop may be changed. If you haven’t gotten much into the other functions of Steam, apart from being a game launcher, you may not realize that you can download several Steam skins for use.

If you use Steam several times, skin change is a wonderful method to harmonize your desktop environment and alter the standard Steam skin nicely. Downloading and installing a new Steam skin may really be a process, but you should be able to get your new skin up in no time if you follow these guidelines.

Where to Locate Steam Skins

If you are looking for Steam skins to download, new steam skins may be readily discovered online. You can discover plenty of sites, but you want to be careful about the files you want to download when you seek skins. If a website appears suspect, you should avoid it. Especially if you download a file that does not appear correct or you are requesting anything that you do not wish to get. sites are fantastic locations to seek for your new skin. Otherwise, the specific skin you desire might be sent to the site, which is typically the safest choice. You can discover a list of the most excellent skins to utilize at the conclusion of this tutorial. You may download the skin to your computer when you locate the skin you like. or.rar file should be obtained. Ensure that you have software that can open and extract these file formats.

Also Read: how to pairing apple watch to new phone ?

Installation of Steam Skins

To successfully install your downloaded steam skin, follow the following steps below. Remove the file from the computer that you are using and transfer it to any of these file locations:

  • Windows: C:/Steam/Skins files (x86)
  • ~/.local/share/team/skins Linux
  • Before continuing, make sure the skin is in the correct folder.
  • Open Steam > Settings > Interface and go to Steam.

A section reading should be seen. Choose the skin that Steam wants to use. The skin below should be an option for the skin you downloaded. Choose it and press ok.

Now you must shut down and reload Steam to make your skin. You probably didn’t extract the skin file to the correct location on your computer if you didn’t see your skin in the drop-down list. It might be a problem with the skin file itself so that you can attempt to download another one. You should be ready to utilize your new Steam skin once you restart Steam.

Best Skins to Try Steam

A lot of skins are available for Steam so that it might be challenging to select one. Here’s a list of the greatest, so you don’t have to worry about finding a decent Steam to utilize.


The Metro skin cleans a great deal of a Steam interface, with many parallels in font and button styles to a Windows programmer. The colour palette is smooth and eye-friendly. Also Read: [pii_email_3a19ac5cc937023e1594]

Old Flat Green

The primary aspect of this skin is the colour scheme, which provides a beautiful, light green backdrop for additional buttons with varying degrees of green. If you’re going to give Steam a lovely new colour, that’s definitely one of the nicest. With Steam, it also works exceptionally well.

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What is website site speed, and why is it absolutely critical in web design?



Staying on top of the latest tricks and trends is an important part of being a web designer – and one such trend that’s been skyrocketing in popularity lately is optimized web design

Designers have realized that having their sites load faster will result in higher conversions for their clients’ sites. And an increase in conversion usually means a boost in revenue for their clients’ businesses. 

The bottom line? Web designers who understand how important site speed is are likely to stay ahead of the game, because they’ll be better at answering their clients’ needs. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at site speed – and why it’s so important. Read on! 

What is site speed, exactly?

Site speed refers to the time it takes a user’s web browser to download all of the elements on your website. It’s critical in web design. Why? Because Google has stated that site speed will be one of their major ranking factors in future updates – just look up Core Web Vitals and you’ll understand, especially as it’s now fully rolled out (mid 2021).

For many years, sites have been using infographics and images to attract visitors and increase engagement. web designers soon realized that these elements take longer for the average user’s internet connection to download, which has made it harder for them to completely see their content as quickly as they want to (which means lower conversions). 

web designers started inserting more text to make up for this slow-loading issue – but then realized that large blocks of text can be intimidating and difficult to read on smaller devices like mobile phones; we’ve all encountered the trouble of having to pinch and zoom our way around certain parts of web pages before (and some users don’t bother and leave the site entirely – which isn’t great news). 

Fortunately, there are several different ways you can improve your website’s overall performance.

Speed doesn’t need to mean an ugly site. Nowadays, designers have an array of site speed-boosting techniques they can turn to – from using content delivery networks (CDNs) to using caches and getting clever with JavaScript. Moving backgrounds, pop-ups, and plenty of rich imagery are all possible at lighting speed. Want proof? Just type ‘Chromatix Web Development Company’ into Google to check out our own design. 

Why is site speed important?

As you may already know, site speed can have an indirect effect on your SEO by affecting bounce rate and time spent on-site. Additionally, Google has stated that they are beginning to incorporate page load time into its search results algorithm. So, although site speed isn’t currently one of the top rankings factors, it’s still important for any modern business to understand how site performance affects key metrics like conversions and revenue.

But SEO aside, why should designers put the pedal to the metal when it comes to speed?

  1. It increases web conversions

Conversion is the name given to the action the user takes on your website. If you want users to sign up or download something, this is a conversion. 

You should always aim to increase your website conversion figures – so long as it’s for an action that makes sense! Optimizing site speed can help do this, and web conversion studies show that loading times play a huge part in whether people decide to complete their desired course of action.

An extra one-second delay on-page download time cost Amazon $1.6 billion during 2012 alone.  web designers must design web pages that load in a maximum of two seconds on all devices if they want their customers to have the best possible conversion figures.

2. It increases your client’s revenue 

Web design should never be solely focused on aesthetics or usability alone; other factors play an important role, including site speed. According to A/B testing company KISSmetrics, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. If your page takes longer than 5 seconds, there is an even greater chance for visitors to jump to another website. 

Put simply – If you’re not taking into consideration the speed at which your web pages load, you could be missing out on potential business opportunities. You might also be driving away existing customers or creating barriers to conversion. 

This isn’t great news for your clients, or for you.  Web designers are responsible for their clients’ web sites’ performance, which is directly linked to revenue. 

3. It boosts your website’s SEO

The faster your web pages load, the better they’ll rank in search engine results. According to webCEO’s analysis of 1 million Google search results, websites ranked among the first 50 results have a loading time that averaged 3 seconds – considerably less than other sites ranking further down the list that. 

Google penalises slow-loading sites by decreasing their rankings, meaning it’ll take your web page longer to appear in the search results.

Some browsers block search engine crawlers by default. If users are unable to access web pages, they won’t be able to find them through search engines – thus decreasing web traffic dramatically for web designers who fail to realise site speed is an important element of web design.

4. It reduces website bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of web site visitors who, after visiting only one web page, leave the web site without looking at any other web pages. 

This implies that a slow loading web site decreases customer satisfaction levels, which leads to high bounce rates.

One of the most important elements in creating a successful web design is understanding that time is of the essence. Your potential customers are impatient, and if they land on your web site and it’s not functioning properly or takes too long to load, they’ll click away – costing you valuable customers.

Final thoughts

For optimal web design, web designers should aim to create a digital environment where all aspects work together seamlessly in order to create a pleasurable experience for their users. And website speed plays a large part in that.

That’s why it’s crucial web designers and marketers focus on website speed and performance. Your web design will lead or fail based on this one element alone. So web designers, take heed: don’t let slow website speed kill your conversions!

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How Mind Mapping Assists in Visual Learning



Usually, mind mapping is used to brainstorm and generate ideas. But it actually goes deeper than that. You see, its value goes way beyond simple colorful diagrams that you’d make in school. No, mind mapping is so much more than that – it’s an excellent way to organize ideas, improve information retention and even come with new concepts you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how mind mapping assists in visual learning and why you should start integrating it in your routine. Whether you use pen and paper or a mind map software, you’re guaranteed to improve your learning experience. 

1. Better Notes

For many students, taking notes can be a tedious task. How often do you find yourself just furiously scribbling nonsense on the paper because you can’t stay focused on what the teacher is saying? Well, mind mapping can make that process a whole lot easier. 

You will start with the main topic that’s being covered and add the rest of the important details as branches to your “mind tree” as the lecture goes on. Once you get home and revise your notes, it will be much easier for you to figure out what’s going on. 

2. Easier Grammar

It’s not the grammar that will be easier but your comprehension of it. Whether you’re trying to learn a new language or you’re an aspiring writer, a good command of grammar is crucial. If you don’t get grammar, you won’t get the language itself. Now the main problem people usually have with grammar is that it’s tedious and complicated. Even the most simple notions can be challenging to a beginner. 

And this is exactly where a mind map will be useful. Just start with a grammar rule as your main idea and branch out everything related to it. Say for example that you’re trying to learn tenses. You would have verbs as your main idea with the twelve tenses as branches. 

3. Better Problem Solving

In your school years, you’re often required to solve complicated problems and puzzles. And we’re not only talking about maths. When trying to solve a problem, you’ll be trying out different methods until you find the one that has the desired result. Without organizing this effort, you’ll end up losing track and eventually getting frustrated. 

If you want to make problem solving an easy-peasy task, you can use a mind map. Just lay down your ideas on paper and track the steps you’re making during each attempt at finding the solution. Once you find the right method, you’ll have it on the record for the next time you’re faced with the same issue. 

4. Book Summaries

Teachers will often ask you to provide summaries of the assigned books so they can check if you’ve actually read them or not. You might be tempted to take the classic route – rewritten lines from the book and chronological snippets. Sure, it can show that you’ve read the book but it will not mean you actually understood the themes, as such a summary doesn’t have your own opinions and insights. 

If you use a mind map for a book summary, you’ll be forcing your brain to think about themes and concepts, rather than the action itself. This will help you both in the short term (getting good grades) and the long term (developing critical thinking abilities).

5. Better Presentations

You might have to use presentations in class. We know how tedious it can be to put together a good presentation, especially if you’re doing it in-between other projects and mountains of homework. However, the main issues with presentations is that they only showcase one idea at the time and it can be hard to keep track of the main focus. 

With a mind map, presentations will become easier. You can use a mind map to show how every piece of information relates to another and even add it to a slideshow for your audience to get the bigger picture.

6. Enhancing Vocabulary

Good vocabulary is essential in mastering a language. It’s even more important when we’re talking about a foreign language that you’re trying to get a grasp of. If the vocabulary isn’t right, you’ll never be able to fully understand and grasp a language. And let’s be honest here – no one learned a new language by simply memorizing synonyms and antonyms. 

The best way to learn and actually understand a language’s vocabulary is by using a mind map. You can have the main word in the center, while its synonyms and antonyms branch out of it. Every new word you learn can be then added to a sub-group and so on. 

Our Final Thoughts

These are just a few ways in which mind mapping can assist you in visual learning. Of course, its uses are unlimited and only depend on what you want to achieve. If you’d rather use mind maps to come up with new concepts and brainstorm, you can do that just fine. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to mind mapping and that’s what makes it so great – you can use it on any subject, to solve any problem. 

Have you tried mind mapping so far? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below and if you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your colleagues or teachers!

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Lewabo is one of the best online movie streaming website.



we like to watch movies and comedy shows that entertain us but What’s better than watching a great movie over popcorn and drinks right there in your living room? And when these movies are available in HD, it doubles the fun. Today, many films and shows are available online, from vintage films, recently released films, and trending shows.

However, the problem is in finding suitable high-resolution movie streaming sites. Although there is Lewabo which is the best website for online movies streaming.

What is Lewabo

Lewabo is an online Christian inspirational movie streaming website. Action, Thrillers, Romance, Family drama, Kids, Faith, Suspense, Comedy. An entertainment platform for the whole family. Enjoy hundreds of inspiring and uplifting films, African films, American films, Nigerian Nollywood films, South African films, Christian movies. Lewabo is good content entertainment.

All favorite show at once place

At lewabo you will get a lot of entertainment. you can see Action films, Thrillers, Romance, Family drama, Kids, Faith, and Comedy. This entertainment platform is for the whole family. you can Enjoy hundreds of inspiring and uplifting films, African films, American films, Nigerian Nollywood films, South African films, Christian movies. In other words, Lewabo is good content entertainment.

Watch Nollywood Movies

Film production in Nigeria, or Nollywood Movies, alludes to any instruments accessible, if sufficient, to deliver films. Delivering films under such conditions frequently implies unbelievably short turnaround times, regularly in unpredictable and dubious conditions. A star made from nothing is the thing that incited Norimitsu to coin the term ‘ Nollywood Movies ‘, which alludes to ‘nothing wood,’ Online Movies Streaming that is, making something from nothing. The virtuoso of it, clarifies my primary care physician companion, is that despite the fact that the patient endures open-heart medical procedure performed with forks and blades. The world recognizes all that we have accomplished today from ‘nothing’.

Watch American films

As of now, you can watch “American Movie” gushing on It is likewise conceivable to purchase “American Movie” you can see Action Movies Thrillers, Romance, Family show, Kids, Faith, Suspense, Comedy. Lewabo is an acceptable substance diversion stage for American movies

Lewabomovies is an  Online International Movies Streaming Platform

At the point when the world is smoothed by the web, travel to far-away grounds is only a month-to-month membership and a tick away. The issue of filtering wheat from refuse is muddled with such an assortment of alternatives,Rickey Stokes News and it is made considerably more troublesome in case you are new to the contribution of various public films and entertainment worlds and Watch International Movies Online. Watch-International Movies Online

Lewabo Online Movies’ll help you as you continued looking for new worldwide motion pictures each month by taking you on an excursion through web-based features and choosing the best films. In the current month’s picks, you’ll find Britain, Spain (by means of Germany), India, Algeria (through France), and Japan. You will be acquainted with such countless additional stunning movies once you beat the one-inch tall obstruction of captions, the savvy expressions of Bong Joon Ho, head of Parasite.

For more information regarding Lewabo Online Movies , visit this  website

You can also subscribe youtube channel

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Best Field Sales Tracking App – Twib



There are a lot of different sales tracking systems on the market and Twib is by far one of the best. By using sales tracing app’s custom-built features, Twib allows sales people to easily keep track of their leads, sales, prospects, clients and other key figures. Through Twib, sales people can instantly measure performance in every area that they need to, saving them valuable time and effort in the process. This app is also known as Salesman App.

How to Measure Sales Performance:

There are many different ways to measure your sales performance as a business owner. One of the most popular is to look at how well your sales are doing against all of your competitors. While this can be helpful to some extent, it doesn’t give you the whole picture. Because sales tracking is only as good as the data it pulls, there are other factors in play that might affect how well you’re tracking your sales and ultimately, how well your business performs overall.

Features of Twib:

Twib is one of the best sales tracking apps for a number of reasons. This article will briefly discuss what some of these reasons are.

Ø Sales visits with images:

The most important feature that Twib offers is sales visit tracking with images and GPS and managing day to day sales expenses. These two are two of the most widely used tools by salespeople to analyze their results and gain more insight into how their business is performing.

Apart form these two key features there are tons of very useful features available that includes live GPS tracking, remote attendance, task assign, client manage, lead manage etc combining these powerful features, you’ll get the complete picture about where your business is in terms of sales and how you need to improve in order to increase those numbers moving forward.

Ø Detailed Reports and Accurate Insights:

Twib also has highly detailed reports available that show you everything from how your campaigns are performing to the number of leads you are generating, how long it takes for customers to purchase your products and even how often they return to purchase them.

With so many details at your disposal, you’ll be able to see where you’re making mistakes and what you need to do to improve things. In addition, Twib can also help you with the boring but necessary task of measuring your sales. It has an easy-to-use form generator that lets you create a report in just a few minutes.

Ø GPS Employee Tracking Services:

It includes the ability to segment your salespeople based on their location. If you have salespeople in different regions around the world, Twib can make it easy for you to see the geographic location of your salespeople so you can better target your sales to their needs.

In addition, Twib provides you with detailed reports on the geographic location of your salespeople, including average hours worked, highest average sales per day, and highest number of days worked. It can work as a GPS Employee tracking app.

Ø Compare the Sales Performance:

Twib also includes a feature that allows you to compare the sales performance of one salesperson with another. By analyzing data such as number of calls made, number of sales, average sale price, number of sales per month, and average number of contacts made each month, you can get a fairly accurate picture of what makes a great salesperson and what makes a bad one.

Ø Complete Insights and Analysis Report:

The one thing that Twib does well that other apps do not do as well is provide insights that you cannot obtain any other way. For instance, you can quickly analyze trends in salespeople’s locations.

You can also easily determine if a certain salesperson works better in North Dakota or Montana than in Florida because of that state’s wage laws. By using Twib’s advanced search capabilities, you can find salespeople based on factors that can improve your sales performance. You can even use Twib to analyze things like salespeople’s travel habits.

Concluding Words:

Best of all, unlike most sales tracking app programs, Twib allows you to keep up with progress of your salesman in real time. If there was an issue, you can easily track it and make necessary changes. This is vital to ensuring that your salespeople are always working to their abilities and you’re able to maximize your sales. If you want to use a simple, easy-to-use, out-of-the-box GPS Employee Tracking program to track your sales, then Twib is the right one for you.

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