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Printing Rigid Box Packaging for Promoting False Eyelashes Bundle

Want your false eyelash range to get trending with the customers? Lively and compelling custom packaging displaying the combo offers would capture the attention of the potential shoppers. Striking boxes carrying mink, magnetic, colored, flared, and strip lashes would attract onlookers. Utilize the packaging for building a desired and likable image of your cosmetic brand, especially if you are new in the market. You can make the buyers perceive your bundled items as unique and value for money through persuasive custom lash boxes. Increase the influx of sales both from your physical and online stores through winsome packaging. Make the best out of boxes for creating pleasing and memorable experiences for the consumers.

Choosing the right kind of packaging would aid you with keeping the falsies well-stored and presenting them in an enthralling manner. Rigid box packaging would keep the fake eyelashes safe from getting tampered with moisture, dust, heat, and shock. The boxes would also assist you with creating affinity for your makeup company. Decorative packaging showcasing the paired-up lash extensions would aid you with pitching the products as gifts, especially on occasions like Valentine’s and New Year’s Eve. Market the holiday offers through engrossing boxes. You need to have the packages customized by a printer that knows the drill and is familiar with your industry inclinations. Search for vendors that have a sound repute and experience of working with beauty and other retail businesses.

Get a few options shortlisted and meticulously compare their turnaround and pricing.

The Legacy Printing is one of the packaging manufacturing companies in the US that are accredited for providing their clients value for time, trust, and money. The printer has a trained team with an empathetic attitude that is always willing to go the extra mile for customers.  The box supplier is familiar with what’s new and popular in the printing world, so you are likely to get packaging solutions that are up to the minute and would aid with selling your product astutely. The design team at the firm is available to assist you with getting your boxes’ artwork made using 3D or other effects. Timely printing is one of the striking service features of this vendor, and there is an in-house press, so you get your printed items right on time.

How they Print Custom Lash Boxes?

The packaging manufacturer has assisted many cosmetic companies with their box printing endeavors. Quality stocks are used in getting the wholesale boxes made. There are guidelines available about the commonly used materials to make it easier for clients to take their pick for printing material. You can talk out your concerns with the sales or support team, and they will gladly assist you. The sales reps can be reached out to through email, live chat, and call, and the response time is less than 12 hours. Templates for lash packaging can be checkedon the website. If you have your design file, upload it. The box printing company has been serving the unique packaging needs of different kinds of businesses for quite a long time now and has managed to build a loyal customer base.

To ensure finely printed items are delivered to the clients, QA experts run a double check on all the products after production, taking out the misprinted and scratched ones and replacing them. The printer believes in proactively responding to customer queries. If you want to get a price quote for your custom lash boxes’ printing, contact a sales representative through your preferred communication channel. The website is powered by secure technology, so all the payments made online are safe. To know what you are signing up for, go through the privacy policy. All the clauses related to the usage of data, reprints, and refunds have been elucidated on in this part of the webpage.

The printer doesn’t have any hidden handling and other service charges, and you can have the order shipped anywhere in the US. If you haven’t availed their printing company, give it a shot!

Below are some easy-to-follow tips on printing gripping packaging for eyelash extensions deals!

Design Intriguing Rigid Box Packaging

The artwork for the false eyelash sets should be dazzling. Make use of polka dots, butterflies, stars, and other themes that can interest your target audience. Have one-liner descriptions printed on the boxes about different bundles. Celeb images and quotes can also be placed within the design to give your packaging a glamorous appeal. Fashion-era-inspired boxes would leave the shoppers hooked to the offers.

Die-Cutting the Boxes

Packaging for beauty items can be crafted into a shape that leaves the customers curious to know what is inside. You should, however, not ignore the elements of utility and effortless handling when deciding on the style for custom lash boxes. Ask the printer for advice and check some layouts on the internet to better weigh your options. Printing stock for packaging should be thick and flexible to get cut into a die-cut or other shape you want. Cardboard and kraft paper are the favored materials for cosmetic packaging, but you can consider other stocks as well.

Give Insight about your Brand through Packaging

Use the boxes for creating likable inkling for your cosmetic company and false eyelashes. You can tell the existing and new buyers about your best-sellers and affiliates like top lash salons and makeup artists that avidly commend and recommend your products. Do not waste space at the back of packaging on canny marketing and self-praise messages like “we have the best silk false eyelashes”; instead, use it for building trust with the customers. You can give reasons to prefer your items like a reasonable price, easy application, and dermatologically tested and approved artificial lashes.

Curating Content for the Boxes

List your Facebook and Instagram profile links on rigid box packaging to increase your brand following and chances of getting more potential buyers. Boxes for paired falsies should have a number of items, category, manufacturing date, and other sought-after information. Care cautions and instructions in multiple languages would be of great help to consumers, especially beginners.

Are you supporting a social, environmental, or any charitable cause? Endorse it using the packaging to encourage customers to become a part of it. Give stats to support the impact your initiative is making. Buyers prefer buying from brands that give back to the community or work toward a greater cause. If you have a responsible side of your business, highlight it through custom lash boxes.

Revamp the design and content of packaging at regular intervals, especially during festivities, to make shopping fun and exciting for the lash veterans. Provide a phone number, email address, and other media of contact shoppers can use to get in touch with your CSRs for restock alerts, order tracking, and giving feedback.

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