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Prepare Keywords Research

Your official website is now complete and ready to go live, nest step is to prepare keyword research. You will now begin to produce content in earnest. ​

All is thrilling and lovely…but what do we talk about? Use the list above as a reference point for content ideas; it’s a great place to go.

But what if you come up with concepts that no one wants to hear about? Let’s say you’re a mother with a ton of ideas for soft play games to play with your kids (I know because I have one), but how do you know if there’s a market for this sort of topic?

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Here’s where keyword analysis comes in handy

Your niche should be the starting point for your keyword analysis. When you’ve settled on a niche, browse at Facebook messages or go and to see what the most often asked questions are. Let’s stick with the softball example and look at some of the more commonly asked questions:
What are the best indoor games for kids?
Where can I get soft play equipment for my children’s playroom?
Why is it necessary to have a children’s play area?
These are questions that I found on Quora, because they are real questions that people are asking.

Now, write down 5-10 questions and ideas, like your own opinions and subjects to explore. This will act as the basis for your keyword analysis.

After we’ve learned about the subjects, we need to care about numbers: this is where we look at search volumes, this is the amount of times a keyword is searched every month.

For a brand new blog, keyword volumes of 500 to 800 searches each month are optimal. There’s a chance you won’t have enough people on your website if they have less searches. If they are higher, you will have to deal with even more developed and strong websites, and climbing to the top of search engines will be incredibly challenging.

What do you mean by long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords, also known as actual terms, have smaller search rates, but also fewer competition and complexity.

According to Hubspot, more than half of all search engine queries contain four or more terms. This means that over half of all global search queries are about a single subject. Returning to the example of “start a blog” (also known as a short tail keyword), here are a few long tail keyword examples:

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What is the perfect way for me to launch a fitness blog?

Here’s how to come up with keyword suggestions

Make a list of all the things that come to mind and write them down: Begin by jotting down as many concepts or keywords as possible. Aim for items that you believe your target audience would appreciate.

To get even more suggestions, use a keyword analysis tool: To get more suggestions, use a keyword analysis platform like SEMRush (shown above), Twinword Ideas (free), or Moz.

Stack ideas that are similar: Take a look at all of the words and start refining them. Are there any duplicates where you can combine?

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