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Precision Casting vs. Sand Casting – What’s the Difference?

Precision casting and sand casting are two methods in the casting industry, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The differences between precision casting and sand casting are introduced below.

1. Precision casting:

First make the wax piece, that is, the last casting, then hang slurry on the wax mold and stick sand to form a strong shell on the appearance of the wax piece, then heat it, drain the wax, pour molten steel or aluminum into the empty shell, cool it and shake the shell to get the desired casting. Precision casting has high appearance quality and accurate size;

2. Sand casting:

Sand casting, also known as sand turning, first uses wood to make the appearance of the casting. Usually, the selected material is wood, but also metal mold. Bury the wood mold in the sand, and then take out the wood mold, so that the sand becomes a mold cavity. Pour the molten steel out of the mold cavity and cool it to the required casting style. The appearance quality of sand casting is poor, and the size is not as accurate as that of precision casting, but the cost is lower than that of precision casting.

If the batch is large, it is best to accept die-casting die, with high output and low single piece cost; Compared with precision casting mold and sand casting mold, the cost of die casting mold is higher.
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