Pre Owned macbook

Pre Owned macbook

A used Apple Certified product must be thoroughly tested and cleaned. In the event of any malfunction, a certified pre-owned product will be repaired by an experienced and qualified technician. This is different from buying a used product. Used goods are not covered by the warranty and are most often sold by individuals. Even if they are sold by third parties, they have not been tested or tested, so the malfunction may go unnoticed, and you risk losing money or being a victim of fraud.

A used product is also not warranted or guaranteed that it will function properly. One of them may also be susceptible to potential identity theft scams or any malicious activity as you don’t really know who you are buying your Pre Owned macbook from. This puts you at great risk. When you buy a used Macbook, you are purchasing it in the same condition as opposed to a used Apple certified product that works, is in good technical condition, and comes with a warranty.

What are the pre-owned MacBook?

As with everything, owning a certified used product and so does the MacBook. There is also some stigma or misunderstanding when it comes to the words “refurbished” and “used”. This article will help dispel some common myths and help you understand the buying a certified pre-owned Macbook.

You save a lot of money

One of the most obvious and important reasons for buying a used certified MacBook is because you will save tons of money. Even with price fluctuations, you can save between 10% and 50% when you buy a refurbished Macbook. If you are short on money or just don’t want to spend a lot of money but want a MacBook, then buying a used, certified MacBook is the right choice for you. Whether you’re in college or just looking to save some money, a certified pre-owned MacBook is the perfect choice no matter which one you choose. You can save a lot of money on things that are essentially as good as the new MacBook.

Quality assurance

Certified pre-owned MacBook go through rigorous testing and quality assurance. It is difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish them from a beginner – they are so well cared for. The only difference is that some wear and tear is possible, but the hardware and software are in perfect working order. Apple will take care of any minor surface issues too – but in the worst case, you give up a certain aesthetic polish.
You can sell MacBook Pro if you want to buy a new MacBook or looking to shift to the new model.

You cannot choose

When you buy a certified used MacBook, you don’t always get the make and model of your choice. It all depends on the current availability in the Apple inventory. You may get the MacBook of your dreams, or you may have to settle for a different color, a different model, or a different option – that is the real drawback of buying a refurbished one.

Warranty period

Did you know that Apple offers the same warranty period for a refurbished or certified pre-owned Macbook as it does for a new one? It can also be renewed for three years using AppleCare. Other sellers also offer refurbished products and each may provide a different warranty. For example, with Apple you get a 1-year warranty, while Gazelle comes with a 1-month warranty. At RefurbMe, we compare each seller’s warranty.

Ecologically pure

With the growing need for sustainability and eco-conscious decisions, a certified pre-owned MacBook is becoming the smart choice. Otherwise, they would be thrown away, thereby increasing the already excessive level of human waste. The generated e-waste is very difficult and sometimes impossible to recycle. By purchasing a certified pre-owned or refurbished MacBook, you not only save money, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

They are thoroughly cleaned

Obviously, nobody wants a messy laptop. When you buy a certified used MacBook, you can rest assured that it is VERY clean. They are not only cleaned externally, but the internal drives, fan and all internal components are also cleaned. Debris stuck under the keyboard is also removed. MacBooks are also sterilized to get rid of germs. This is a huge plus since nobody likes a dirty Mac. Except for small scratches here and there, there is no debris or anything unwanted on your certified pre-owned Macbook.

Works like a new MacBook

When you buy a certified pre-owned MacBook, you’re guaranteed a 100% uptime MacBook. They are rigorously tested and meet the same quality standards as the new MacBook. You also get an updated macOS X, which, let’s face it, and is a huge part of Apple’s appeal. There are no shortcuts here, especially if you buy from a trusted source that links you directly to Apple’s refurbished product listing so you can pick whatever product is currently available.

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