Poultry Diagnostics Market: Revenue Growth, Key Players, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Forecast 2020-2030

The Poultry Diagnostics market is estimated to represent a global market of USD 356.9 million by 2019 with growth rate of 8.3%.

Market Dynamics

Poultry disease outbreak is the prime factor responsible for significant growth of the poultry diagnostics market. For instance, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)’s data stated that in July 2019, Vietnam reported the outbreak of highly pathogenic bird flu H5N1 strains. As per this data, the virus has affected more than 1,140 birds and has killed 300 birds. Moreover, recently in June 2019, an outbreak of H5N8 influenza virus was observed. These outbreaks have created steep demand for diagnostic services across the globe.

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Thereby, companies and private organizations are actively engaged in developing effective solutions to cure poultry diseases. For instance, MediLabSecure, a laboratory network project, was established which aims to identify emerging viruses and pathogens in 19 countries in the Mediterranean regions. Moreover, advancements in technologies are considered to be the high impact rendering driver. For instance, BioChek offers highly sensitive and specific PCR test kit that allows simultaneous detection of the Newcastle disease virus in extracts from poultry. On the flip side, it is noted that with the risk of natural calamities, disease outbreaks, and economic uncertainties, farmers are hesitating to invest in poultry production. This has adverse repercussions on the market growth. Moreover, the industry demands significant capital investment, posing a potential threat for market growth.

Technology Takeaway

Technology-wise, the market is divided into Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and others. In 2019, ELISA tests have captured over 50% revenue share of the worldwide poultry diagnostics test types market. This test can be used for vaccination evaluation and as a diagnostic purpose for poultry diseases.

In 1985, IDEXX Laboratories introduced the first commercial poultry ELISA for the diagnosis of infectious bursal disease (IBD). ELISA test offers accurate and cost-efficient analysis with greater sensitivity & specificity which support the segment growth. The test is also capable of high throughput testing which can be useful in case of disease outbreak. Newcastle disease, avian encephalomyelitis, mycoplasmosis, and reovirus are some of the diseases which can be diagnosed by using ELISA.

COVID-19 Impact
Our analysts are monitoring the possible impact of COVID-19 crisis on poultry diagnostics market across the globe and explains in detail that how the market will generate remunerative prospects post this crisis. The report aims to provide an additional illustration of the economic slowdown, latest scenario,and COVID-19 Impact on the poultry diagnostics market. As the COVID situation continues to evolve, the report from AnalystView Market Insights provides up-to-date market intelligence to help poultry diagnostics business leaders assess this pandemic impact, make effective strategic business plan and to mitigate risk and uncertainty in future.

Disease Types Takeaway
Disease types segment is bifurcated into Newcastle Disease, Avian Salmonellosis, Infectious Bronchitis, Avian Influenza, Avian Pasteurellosis, Avian Mycoplasmosis, Infectious Bursal Disease, Avian Encephalomyelitis, and others. Of these, Avian Influenza accounted for the highest share compared to different disease types. Frequent outbreaks of bird flu in Asian and African regions contributed to the substantial share.

On another hand, Avian Encephalomyelitis is the fastest growing, at a 13.1% CAGR versus the Avian Salmonellosis’ 8.2%, from 2019 to 2021-2027. Avian Encephalomyelitis is prevalent worldwide, infecting young chickens, pheasants, quails, and turkeys. Zoetis, Inc. offers ProFLOK AE Ab antibody test kit that offers effective detection of avian encephalomyelitis antibody in a sample of chicken serum. Whereas, implementation of National Poultry Improvement Plan, a testing and control program in the U.S. has led to a decreased number of cases of Salmonellosis infection, pulling back the segment growth of Avian Salmonellosis.

Service Provider Takeaway
In terms of service providers, the industry is categorized as public and private diagnostic services. The industry exhibits strong potential to provide poultry diagnostic services through privately owned poultry consultants and independent diagnostic consultants. The private sector provides toxicology, serology, microbiology, and pathology services. The private diagnostic sectors capture the highest share owing to its rapid and flexible approach to diagnostic testing.

Regional Takeaway
Presence of multinational players, extensive distribution networks and advanced infrastructure for animal health industry has supported the strong growth of North America region. In this region, chickens are raised primarily on family farms or in poultry colonies. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service of United States Department of Agriculture, around 233,770 poultry farms in the U.S. in 2012. On contrary, the growth of this industry is anticipated to have steady growth in developing regions such as the Asia Pacific owing to the strict government regulations. For instance, after the 2014 bird flu outbreak in China which have killed more than 280 people, the Chinese Government has realized the importance of poultry diagnostics.

Key Vendor Takeaway

Qiagen, BioChek, IDEXX Laboratories, Thermo Fischer, and Zoetis are some of the prominent companies in the global market. The degree of rivalry in the worldwide industry has intensified over a couple of years owing to the entry of a large number of companies. Companies operating in this industry are engaged in obtaining quality accreditation through various organizations to promote trust among producers, diagnosticians, regulators, and customers across the world. Membership in the NAHLN, AAVLD laboratory accreditation, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are some of the well-known certification commercially available.

The market size and forecast for each segment has been provided for the period 2016 to 2027, considering 2019 as the base year. The report also provides the compounded annual growth rate (% CAGR) for the forecast period 2021 to 2027 for every reported segment.

The years considered for the study are:

Historical Year – 2016 to 2018
Base Year – 2019
Estimated Year – 2020
Projected Year – 2027

The proposed reports analyse and evaluates the COVID-19 Impact, and anticipated change on the future market scenario on this industry, by taking into the account the economic, political, technological, and social, parameters.


The scope of this report covers the market by its major segments, which include as follows:

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
Polymerase Chain Reaction

Newcastle Disease
Avian Salmonellosis
Infectious Bronchitis
Avian Influenza
Avian Pasteurellosis
Avian Mycoplasmosis
Infectious Bursal Disease
Avian Encephalomyelitis


North America
Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific
Rest of APAC
Rest of the World
Middle East and Africa
Latin America

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