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Polina Gagarina – biography



Polina Gagarina was born on March 27, 1987 in Moscow. Mother – Ekaterina Vladimirovna Muchkaeva, ballerina, danced in the choreographic ensemble “Berezka”, general director and choreographer of the Fashion-in-Action modeling agency. Polina’s father, Sergei Gagarin, was a doctor. In 1993 he died of a heart attack. Uncle – Alexander Vladimirovich Muchkaev, Deputy Head of the Department of Government Securities at the MICEX.

At the age of four, Gagarina left for Greece with her mother, who signed a contract to work as a ballet dancer at the Alsos theater in Athens. Three years later, they returned to Moscow in connection with the death of their father, but after a while they again left for Athens. After graduating from the first grade at an Athenian school, Polina moved to her grandmother in Saratov, and continued her studies at home. When the mother’s Greek contract ended, the family moved to Moscow.

In addition to general education, Polina attended the Chopin Music School and the Children’s Variety Theater. Then she began performing with the vocal ensemble Do, re, mi, fa, sol, where she sang solo parts. After school, the future star entered the State Musical College of Pop and Jazz Arts at the vocal department.

In 2003, Gagarina passed the casting and got on the project of “Channel One” “Star Factory-2” (producer Maxim Fadeev), where she took first place. However, at the end of the project, she refused to cooperate with the producer. For two years after the show, the future star continued to study music: she studied, wrote songs, worked with arrangers.

Polina Gagarina: “… once a teacher from the school called me and offered to come to the casting – there was an additional recruitment for the“ Star Factory ”. At first I rejected it. It seemed to me that since Factory is a reality show, it will be the same as Behind the Glass. And it is impossible to imagine more dirt on television. But the teacher persuaded me. “
Quote from the magazine “Asmongold Girlfriend

In 2005, the production center of Igor Krutoy “ARS Records” signed a contract with Gagarina. In the same year, at the international competition “New Wave-2005” in Jurmala, Polina performed the author’s song “Lullaby”, which became a hit and brought her 3rd place in the competition.

On July 2, 2007, Gagarina’s debut album “Ask from the Clouds” was released, which included her best hits: “Lullaby”, “I am yours” and “I will never forgive you.”

On March 11, 2010, Gagarina’s second solo album “About Me” was released, which included her songs: “To whom, why?”, “Love under the sun” and “Somewhere love lives.” After the release of the album, Polina ended her contract with the ARS Records label, which she did not renew.

In June of the same year, Polina Gagarina and Irina Dubtsova received the MUZ-TV award in the Best Duet nomination for the song Who, Why? In the same year, the star graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School (with honors).

Polina Gagarina: “Mom always insisted that I get some kind of higher education. I didn’t want to go to the conservatory, because it’s boring, I couldn’t stand it. And at the Moscow Art Theater School, I was almost immediately told: “We like you, don’t go anywhere else.”
Quote from the magazine “Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend

In the spring of 2011, Gagarina took part in the Ukrainian music show “People’s Star-4”, where she sang in tandem with Mikhail Dimov from Odessa. In April, MTV premiered the series “Great Expectations”, the soundtrack to which was the singer’s song “I Promise.”

In the fall of 2011, the singer tried her hand at the operatic genre by taking part in the Phantom of the Opera show on Channel One. Gagarina received high marks and positive reviews from the masters of opera art – Lyubov Kazarnovskaya and Zurab Sotkilava.

In 2012, Polina took part in the project of the First Channel “Star Factory. Russia-Ukraine “as part of a Russian team, the main condition of which was to sing live. Gagarina won three fights out of four, which made the greatest contribution to the victory of the Russian team.

In the spring of 2012 on Ukrainian television the premiere of the series “Katina Love” took place, the soundtrack to which was her song “Come Back Love”. In the summer of the same year, the singer became the ambassador of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan.

In 2012, Gagarina became one of the presenters of the “Tasty Live” talk show on the TNT channel. In the fall, the animated film Monsters on Vacation was released in Russia, where Polina voiced the young vampire Mavis.

For the hit “The Performance is Over”, the singer received an honorary statuette of the “Golden Gramophone-2012” award, and also became a laureate of “Song of the Year-2012”. On December 3, at the Krasnaya Zvezda project, the song “The Performance is Over” was recognized as one of the 20 best songs of 2012. It was with the composition “The Performance is Over” in 2012 that Polina Gagarina’s collaboration with the famous composer Konstantin Meladze began.

Polina Gagarina: “Now I can say with absolute certainty that Konstantin Meladze is exactly my producer. I needed a person like Kostya, I trust him, this is very important for me. He is aware of all the events of my life. The songs written for me are in many ways related to my experiences. And they are unlikely to suit someone else. “
Quote from the magazine “Idubbbz girlfriend

In 2013, Gagarina in a duet with Alexander Zhulin took part in the project “Channel One” “Two stars”. On May 25, the RU.TV award ceremony took place, where the singer won the Best Performer nomination.

On June 7, 2013, Polina received an award from the MUZ-TV channel in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination. On June 17, at the annual Fashion People Awards-2013, Gagarina was named the most stylish singer. On July 22, 2013 the new single of the singer “Forever” was released.

On November 30, 2013, Gagarina received her second statuette of the Golden Gramophone award for the song No, the author of which is Konstantin Meladze. During the ceremony on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, the Rosgosstrakh insurance company insured the life and voice of Polina for one million dollars.

From 2005 to 2013, the singer starred in music videos for songs: “Lullaby” (2005), “I am yours” (2006), “Morning” (2006), “I will never forgive you” (2007), “To whom? What for?” (in a duet with Irina Dubtsova, 2009), “Shards” (2011), “The play is over” (2012), “No” (2013), “Forever” (2013), “Immortal feeling” (in a duet with Denis Matvienko, 2014).

On April 14, 2014, the premiere of Polina Gagarina’s new song “Shagai” took place, the author of the words and music of which is Konstantin Meladze.

On April 18, 2014, a new video for the song “Immortal feeling” by Polina Gagarina and ballet dancer Denis Matvienko appeared on the Internet. The video became an announcement for the ballet project “The Great Gatsby”. It consists of a fragment of a dance performance.

On September 9, 2013, Gagarina came to a photo session with the fashionable Moscow photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. A stormy romance between them did not start immediately. And when Dmitry invited Polina out on a date, she decided: okay, I’ll go.

“I liked him, but no more than any handsome man or admirer. There was nothing inside, – said Gagarina. – I was ready at any moment to put an end to the relationship. I gave myself a directive that as soon as something ceases to suit me, I will say: “Next!” I cynically waited for this moment to come. But a month passed, the second, the third, the fourth … “

Fortunately, this moment never came. Everything turned out to be serious for both. During a trip to Paris, Dmitry made a marriage proposal to Polina, and she agreed. “I didn’t expect to be so embarrassed and so happy. Emotions covered me with my head: I laughed and cried at the same time. And then we just hugged, and he put the ring on my finger, ”says Polina Gagarina.

On September 9, 2014, exactly one year after the first meeting, Gagarina and Iskhakov tied the knot. The solemn registration of the marriage took place in the Tverskoy registry office of the city of Moscow. *

In May 2015, Polina with the song “María Elvira Murillo” took second place at the Eurovision Song Contest, gaining 303 points according to the voting results.

In September of the same year, Gagarina became one of the mentors in the “Voice” television project on Channel One.

In September 2016, the singers / again became a mentor in the show “Voice”.

On April 26, 2017, a daughter, Mia, was born to Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov.

In 2020, Gagarina released the singles You Don’t Kiss and The Sky in the Eyes.

In May of the same year, it became known that Gagarina and Iskhakov had parted. The spouses have not yet given official comments, only the photographer confirmed to reporters that they have not yet filed for divorce.


▪ Prize of the television festival “New Wave” for the song “I am yours” (2006)
▪ Prize of the television festival “New Wave” for the song “I will never forgive you” (2007)
▪ Prize “MUZ-TV” in the nomination “Best duet” for the song “To whom, why?” (with Irina Dubtsova, 2010)
▪ Golden Gramophone Award (from Russian Radio in Ukraine) for the song I Will Never Forgive You (2011)
▪ Fashion People Awards in the Most Stylish Song nomination for the song Performance is over ”(2012)
▪“ RU.TV ”award in the“ Best ringtone ”nomination for the song“ The performance is over ”(2012)
▪ Honorary statuette of the Golden Gramophone award for the song“ The performance is over ”(2012)
▪ Prize of the TV festival“ New wave “for the song” The play is over “(2012)
▪ Diploma and a red star of the program “20 best songs” for the song “The play is over” (2013)
▪ Award “RU.TV” in the nominations “Best singer” and “Best video clip” for the video “No” (2013)
▪ Award “MUZ -TV “in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination (2013)
▪ Fashion People Awards in the Most Stylish Singer nomination (2013)
▪ Glamor Woman of the Year nomination in the Singer of the Year nomination (2013)
▪ Golden Gramophone Award ”For the song“ No ”(2013)
▪ Prize of the TV festival“ New Wave ”for the song“ No ”(2013)
▪ Prize of the annual festival“ Song of the Year ”for the song“ No ”(2013)
▪ Diploma and red star of the program“ Top 20 songs “for the song” No “(2014)
▪ Second place at the Eurovision Song Contest (2015)

A family

The first spouse – Peter Kislov, actor (married on 08/25/2007, divorced on 03/31/2010) The
second spouse – Dmitry Iskhakov, photographer (married 09/09/2014, in May 2020 it became known that the spouses broke up)
Son – Andrey (10/14/2007), from Peter Kislov
Daughter – Mia (04/26/2017), from Dmitry Iskhakov


Boris Ionov, musician

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The Different Types of Swords




Swords are commonly used in warfare across the world. Each culture has its own vocabulary for swords. Although most of these words are unknowable outside of the culture, some have found their way to other groups. In recent years, some outlandish sword denominations have made it to English and German. Unfortunately, the exact meaning of each type of sword often gets lost in translation. So what are the different types of Swords? Here are some basics to get you started.

A samurai can use two types of swords. He can choose from two main types: a katana or a Scimitar. Typically, the bokken is used in close range battles. Traditionally, swords were used to defend the samurai. These swords were used to protect the family and other noble families. The bokken was used to defend the family from enemies.

One type of bokken is a hybrid of the katana and a spear. Its blade length is equal to the length of the handle. It can be used in combat because it is easier to handle than a bokken, but is not as strong. It can also be curved. Its blade shape is similar to that of a katana but can be harder or softer depending on the type of steel used.

The katana is one of the most popular modern swords. Its unique shape and sharpened point make it a popular weapon. This type of sword is also known as a scimitar, and has been associated with the Saracens during their battle against the Crusaders. Its shape and design make it a great tool for cutting and inflicting significant damage. The katana is used today in numerous movie and television shows, and has even been adapted by skilled swordsmen around the world.

Swords are often designed to attract a certain sex. While the purpose of a katana may be to attract the opposite sex, the reality of attracting the opposite sex with a sword is completely different. It is also possible to have a Samurai Sword with a different hilt to attract the opposite sex. The use of a katana depends on whether the bearer is wearing protective armor.

The arming sword was an evolution of the Viking sword. Its roots are traced back to the Roman spatha. The arming sword was a long, double-edged sword that spanned 28 to 32 inches and even up to 39 inches. This weapon had a cruciform hilt and was used by both knights wearing plate armor and unarmored foot soldiers. However, its heyday in Europe lasted only for a short period, as the use of arming swords dwindled due to the advent of plate armor and firearms.

The katana is one of the most important types of sword. It was used in ancient times for several different tasks, including cutting and slashing. The katana was first mentioned in the 12th century. The blade of a katana is among the finest cutting weapons in history. The katana is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the world. Its design was so effective that the swordsmith Amakuni gained immortality through the blood spilled by his swords.

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Looking for a Free Staff Holiday Planner?



It is critical to keep track of everyone’s vacation days if you manage a team of workers. The last thing you want is for someone to go on holidays without informing you first!Luckily, there are plenty of great staff holiday planners available online – and many of them are entirely free to use. In this article, we will share some of our favorites so that you can find the perfect one for your business.

Why use a staff holiday planner app?

A staff holiday planner is an essential tool for companies who want to stay up-to-date on the vacation statuses of their employees. Using a staff holiday planner app allows teams to communicate more effectively about project deadlines and flows. Additionally, administrators of the software can set up daily or weekly reminders to keep everyone in the loop about who is out of the office.

How do you keep track of staff holidays?

There are a few different ways to keep track of staff holidays. One way is to create a Google Calendar and invite all of your staff to it.

If you are looking for a free solution, Google Calendar is a good option. You may make as many calendars (one for each employee) as you like and color-code them, making it simple to identify who is absent on which days. You can also set up reminders for yourself so you do not forget to approve time-off requests.

What are some famous staff holiday planners?

Vacation Tracker for Google Calendar: This free holiday trackerfrom Google Calendar is an excellent option for businesses that use Google Calendar for their scheduling. It is simple and lets you quickly see who takesa holidayand when.

Vacation Tracker for Microsoft Outlook: If you use Microsoft Outlook for your business email, you will be pleased to know that a free vacation tracker template is available. This template lets you see who is taking a holiday and when, and you can even add notes to each entry.

Excel Vacation Tracker Template: If you prefer to use Microsoft Excel for your business data, this free vacation tracker template from LeaveWizard is excellent for a leave planner. It is easy to set up and use, and it gives you all the information you need in one place.

How does holiday planning work with excel?

With Excel, you can create your holiday schedule yourself as a table or purchase a ready-made template. If you want to make your template for holiday planning, proceed as follows:

Name the employees in the first column below each other using their names.The headings of the following columns are formed by the days of the year. For this, enter a date.After that, drag the data to the right using the black X at the bottom-right corner of the cell. You may share this table with your team so that everyone has a holiday overview and may submit their holiday requests.

Make a list of your favorite things to do during the winter season. Use colored markers to indicate which activities you want to include in your holiday wishes. This method is only applicable if everyone maintains the list correctly.There is no automatic control. Furthermore, employees must check whether they can enter leave at that time or whether the period is already occupied. There are plenty of great staff holiday planners available online – so there is no excuse for not being prepared! With one of these free templates, you can easily keep track of everyone’s vacation days and ensure that everyone gets the time off they deserve.

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The Wedding photographer Rule of Thirds



Wedding photographer

One of the fundamental principles of wedding photography or art composition is the rule of thirds. This is not a hard and fast rule, and it does not apply in every circumstance. But it is a good principle if we want some neat-looking images of scenes we encounter in daily life. It can take what would have been ordinary photographs to the next level.

The rule of thirds provides a framework that works with the way the human eye naturally moves and focuses. It is one, perhaps the most popular, way to create visually pleasing, balanced compositions.

We can imagine dividing up a camera screen display into 9 equal rectangles, drawing two equally spaced lines horizontally and vertically across the screen. this should look like a blank tic tac toe game.

The four points where these lines meet are the strongest focal points. The lines themselves are the second strongest points. By placing important elements of the picture at this point the image will tend to look balanced. This is almost always more effective than placing items at the center of the wedding photography

If there is only one subject of interest in the photo, try positioning this subject at the point where the top lines meet on the left. This will leave space on the right.

If there are multiple points of interest, try positioning the most important point where the lines meet on the lower right.

If we take a picture of sunset, then the land and sky can intersect on the lower line of the photo. This tends to look neatly balanced, with an emphasis on the sky.

A right-moving object can be positioned just left of the left vertical line. This gives the impression that the object is moving toward the center of the picture. A left moving object follows the same principle in reverse, placed on the right of the right line, moving to the left.

A wedding photographer will take images of anything from close shots of jewellery on a table to large shots of all the guests standing in rows. The principle of thirds might still work for many of these photos, despite all the diversity of the subject matter.

If an idea for a photo break with the rule-of-thirds concept, try it. There are many alternatives.

Wedding Photographer SydneyWedding Photography Sydney Lightheart Films can commemorate a one-time event for the rest of your life. Invest with us for some great images that you will want to show family and friends.

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Jonah Engler 17 How to Find the Will to Live After Losing Your Spouse




When you are getting married, one of the last words you hear are “Till death do us part,” but in that happy moment, no one is thinking about what would they do if it actually happened? How will you find the will to go on?

The grief of losing your spouse is one of the most tragic grief you can go through. After all, your spouse is a lot of things to you. They are your life partner, best friend, confidant, and most importantly, someone you call your own.

So when you lose them, it is natural to feel lost, depressed, and confused. When you feel you’ve lost it all, you begin to question the point of your existence. You’ve lost the one person that was indeed yours; why and for whom should you even exist?

For that dark moment, Jonah Engler wants to guide you on how you can find the will to live after losing your better half. Hence, without any further ado, the following are the ways to heal from the loss:.

  1. You Still Have A Lot Of Loved Ones For Whom You Matter

Jonah Engler believes you should find the will to live because even though you may have lost your spouse, there are still many loved ones in your friends and family for whom you matter. You should live on for them and think about how their lives would get affected if you were not around.

  1. Seek Therapy & Advance Help

The second reason you can find the strength is by seeking expert help. Spouse loss is probably the most significant setback you will suffer in your life, and when it happens, your mind will stop working. You won’t be able to process what you will be feeling, so if you want to ensure you are okay, then you must seek the help of a professional who can help you cope with the grief in afind a will to live.

  1. Develop & Maintain A Social Life

When you lose your spouse, you have a lot of time on your hand and if you don’t occupy that with positive distractions, you can go down a rabbit hole of depression. Hence, Jonah Engler believes you can find a will to live after losing your spouse if you develop and maintain a healthy social life. This will distract you and expose you to various reasons why you should live.

  1. Distract Yourself With A Hobby

Another way to find a will to live after a spouse’s passing is by distracting yourself with a hobby. Hobbies at times of mental crises can help you get out of a rut; hence, if you have lost a spouse, this is the perfect way to find a will to live.

  1. This is What Your Spouse Would Have Wanted

According to Jonah Engler, the final reason and way of finding a will to live are because this is precisely what your spouse would have wanted. They loved you, and seeing you hurt and distraught is causing them pain in the afterlife. Hence, you should find a will to live and be happy for them. 

Final Word

Willpower is a fantastic asset, but it is at an all-time low if you lose a spouse. Hence to help you through that life-altering difficult phase in this article, Jonah Engler has explained your reasons and way to find a will to live and move on. At the end, which tip, according to you, is most helpful? Let us know in the comments section.

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10 Reasons to Rent a Car from Exotic Miami Rentals 




Have you already packed your bag and snuggled it in your sedan for a trip to Coral Springs? Wait, not so soon. Coral Springs, which is just a 50 to 60-minute drive from Miami is the perfect weekend destination, but not in a regular sedan. Let your car snooze in the garage, while you flamboyantly drive a BMW i8.  

You may be surprised to know it is easy to rent a BMW in Miami. There are car rentals dedicated to providing luxury cars to customers who can’t wait to turn their dreams into reality. These rentals harbor an impressive fleet, which consists of top-notch models of luxury cars. 

Why rentals? 

It’s nice to own a BMW, but if you have planned a trip to a beautiful place like Coral Springs and have no BMW at present, rentals come to your rescue. The beauty of renting a luxury car is that you can try different models without having to pay a hefty amount in buying them. 

So, today, you drive a BMW. The next trip sees you driving a Mercedes. Again, you can book an Audi to impress a date or to visit your grandparents in the neighborhood. 

Doesn’t this sound fun?

Why Miami rentals? 

Exotic Miami rentals in Miami are famed for their easy renting process, good deals, and excellent fleet. Here are a few top reasons to rent a car from Miami rentals:

  • They keep each car in top condition. 
  • They have a splendid choice of models. 
  • They offer special rates for 24 hours on selective car models. 
  • Their renting process is easy and requires only your driver’s license, insurance, and credit card. 
  • You can arrange for a pickup and drop. 
  • Even if your dream car is not available, you can choose another equally desirable car from their fleet. You won’t go home disappointed. 
  • All their cars are clean and neat and in top working condition. 
  • The rentals offer discounts on every mile you purchase in advance. 
  • You can extend your rental contract without interruption by paying before the contract time gets over. 
  • The rentals provide cars for a range of occasions like photoshoots, weddings, holiday trips in and around the city, music videos, business trips, corporate events, and more. 

So, forget your sedan. Rent an exotic car and give your Coral Springs trip a luxury twist. Search for “exotic car rental near me.” The search will lead you to some of the most prestigious rentals in Miami. 

Renting in Coral Springs

If you wish to take public transport to travel from Miami to Coral Springs, then your only option is the bus. And it takes time. Renting cabs can be costlier than renting a car. 

Nevertheless, if you still wish to use the bus as a mode of transport, that’s okay. But you can still enjoy a luxury ride in Coral Springs because an exotic car rental in Coral Springs also offers luxury cars. Wonderful! Reach Coral Springs by bus and then rent a luxury-on-wheels to make a style statement in the city. 

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