PLANT MOTHER Launches The First Clean Beauty Community In The Metaverse

Miami, FL – Emerging clean skincare brand PLANT MOTHERthat specializes in the production of 100% vegan products became the first beauty company to enter the world of blockchain technology and metaverse in a big way. The company announced today its launch in the metaverse, establishing itself as a clean beauty pioneer in the virtual world. Plant Mother is famous for its vegan Retinol Serum and plant-based Vitamin C Serum.

“When I created the cleanest beauty brand in the market, I wanted to build a community around it. I ended up creating the first clean beauty community in the metaverse, made by women for women, in a virtual world dominated by male users.” PLANT MOTHER’s founder and CEO Jena Joyce said. “While a few brands in the beauty industry have played with NFTs, PLANT MOTHER was the first in the metaverse to create a clean beauty community.”

PLANT MOTHER’s expansion into the virtual world helps the company stay true to its eco-friendly skincare roots. The company is famed for its sustainability and dedication to offsetting carbon footprint. Most product ingredients are grown in-house, with water conservation and solar energy. The products are hand-crafted in brand’s studio in Miami, helping you make the right choice in tretinoin vs retinol difference. Both Retinol and Vitamin C are made from the highest quality unrefined botanicals. Plant Mother’s product packaging is recyclable, zero-waste, and doesn’t contain any plastics. By launching in the metaverse, the brand is reducing its carbon footprint, eliminating the need for unsustainable practices tied to the real-word product launches. The company is inspiring meta world to add care about the planet to their self-care practices.

“Operating virtually aligns with PLANT MOTHER brand’s ethos.” Jena Joyce commented. “As an environmentally conscious brand, we firmly believe in creating clean beauty products without sacrificing sustainability. Being in the metaverse enables us to recruit like-minded clean-living activists and bring the sustainability to a whole new level.”   

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PLANT MOTHER is a woman-owned clean skincare that specializes in the production of 100% vegan organic products. The entire collection is formulated to be true skin food, made of fresh plants with rich nutritious profile and anti-aging properties. Unlike other brands, PLANT MOTHER grows its ingredients and hand-crafts the products in-house ensuring the freshest, highest-quality serums. The brand is fully dedicated to reducing its environmental impact – carbon footprint, water conservation, and waste reduction. It is located in Miami and 100% made in the US.

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