Planning to Guarantee a Great User Experience to your Website Visitors? Here’s what to do!

Ensuring a great user experience for your website user is critical for your business’s success. Great experiences will ensure longer spans of attention! A lousy encounter on the other hand will drive your visitors to other web interfaces with similar offerings! Remember, consumers most often have several options to choose from. 

In order to be successful, you need to be on the top of your game! Your Long Island web design company will provide you with a list of guidelines to follow. We take a look at some of them here. 

Some Important Tips to Keep in Mind for Making your Website User-Friendly 

Knowing how to Use White Space: As a Long Island SEO company will tell you, using white space judiciously is a tricky business. Some amount of free space will actually make your website appear modern, fresh, and open. Oftentimes, when branding efforts are consistent, open spaces help in communicating with your consumer well. On the downside, leaving too much open space can consume more pages. Also if there is too much content you plan to pack in, leaving open spaces may end up replacing some important bits of information. Finding the right balance is key!

Optimizing Page Speed: As most of us would know the most frustrating experiences while surfing a webpage could involve having to wait endlessly for a page to load. As any SEO company in Long Island will tell you, improving on the speed factor is critical. Fast results are almost always expected by those accessing your website, looking for a product or service. According to a recent survey, a mere 5 seconds of extra loading time can increase the “bounce rate” of your site by over 20%! In order to enhance the speed response, you need to compress images. There are many more ways to achieve top speed. A company specializing in web design in Long Island can perhaps help you with more guidelines. You need to choose a consultant carefully. One that has the best reviews and offers competitive price bands should perhaps be preferred. 

Choose Attractive Forms for Calls to Action: Visual cues can be easily detected by customers. However, Calls to Action or CTAs clearly denoted through icons or action words would make it easier for website visitors to navigate through the pages. Landing on the right page becomes much simpler with these buttons. Some thought has to go in towards creating the right kinds of buttons, however. Color variations for instance can make significant differences. Choose a color that is synonymous with the emotions you wish to invoke. Read up a bit on color psychology and make the right choices. Words should be chosen carefully too. You need to use terms that invoke the right kind of emotions and responses. 

Your Long Island website design will guide you through creating a web interface that is easy to use and delightfully simple to navigate. Just make sure you pick up every bit of advice shared by your Long Island web design company, for the best results. 

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