Plagiarism Checker Spot Accidental Duplication

Plagiarism Checker Spot Accidental Duplication

If you want to sport accidental plagiarism or replications, then you have landed in the right spot. Accidental plagiarism is the kind of plagiarism that occurs because some portions of your content match another writer’s content without any intentional duplication. There is nothing to be surprised about, and it is only obvious that accidental plagiarism occurs in your content because of the amount of content available on the internet. There are more than trillions of web pages and sites available on the database of various search engines. It is only likely that your content can match that of another writer working on the same or even different niche, for that matter. 

Being accused of accidental plagiarism is no different from a deliberate one. You must understand that there are more than half a dozen different types of plagiarism, and all of them have the same severe negative effects. If you want to avoid all sorts of duplications, including an accidental one, then you have to ensure that you have the right plagiarism checker at hand. Just like there is a tremendous amount of content on the internet, hundreds of online plagiarism checker tools exist. Below we have shortlisted the best tools that can detect unintentional plagiarism.

Best Plagiarism checker tools for spotting accidental plagiarism

There are various types of plagiarism, as we have mentioned earlier. These online tools can help you detect all of them.

This online plagiarism tool site is one of the pro services found online for free and available for everyone. This is an online-based plagiarism detector, so you do not have to worry about installing it. This free similarity checker comes with two versions, the basic and the pro one. If you want to get fully-featured services, including a deep search that can help you spot accidental plagiarism, we would suggest you ‘go pro.’ The pro version of this copyright checker can easily be accessed after registration. You have to register yourself using the following, and you are good to go. In the pro version, you can check up to 25K words in a single day. 


Duplichecker is another online scanner website. This service is compatible with all sorts of devices and operating systems. You have to open this tool on your browser to run it. This tool’s working process is quite easy, and even an unskilled person can use it to scan his work for plagiarism. This online plagiarism checker tool is also known as the most premium one. You can only check 50K words in a single day with this tool. The tool is free of cost, and there is no paid package available with this tool. You have to add the content and hit the ‘check’ button to get accurate results!


Grammarly is a writing assistant tool, but one should know that this tool’s plagiarism checker feature is one of the top-notch ones available online. The tool uses AI to check your work, just like the tools mentioned above. Using artificial intelligence, along with advanced algorithms, can easily help you in sporting accidental plagiarism. The working procedure of this tool is quite interesting. Your content is not fully compared with the tool’s database; instead, you should know the tool, first of all, splits your content into small phrases of mere four to five words. These small divisions are then compared with the database; this divide and rule process plays a vital role in detecting accidental plagiarism!

Plagiarism checker by SmallSeoTools

The plagiarism checker by SST is another elder tool available on the internet. This online plagiarism checker is known to be the best one for not only writers but also students. This tool also uses AI to check your work for all sorts of duplication. You’ll be startled to know that there is no limit to the use of this tool, and you can make unlimited scans in a day with it. You can also hook up with the program’s premium version if you want to get reliable services on a higher level. The link to the premium product is

Plagiarism checker by SearchEngineReports

The services offered by are also very much accurate and reliable for a better seo score. The plagiarism checker offered by SER is a famous tool that can help you find out all sorts of duplications. This plagiarism checker service poses no limitations to its users, and one can enjoy unlimited and unrestricted services with this tool. The tool can also help you in checking plagiarism in your published content. You have to input the URL of your website or page, and the tool would scan your site completely for all sorts of replications and present you with detailed results!

You must know that all of these tools mentioned above have a cloud-based working along with AI, so there is no way that they can miss accidental plagiarism in your created content!

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