Placing temps faster with recruitment software

A  good temporary recruitment software system plays a pivotal role in temps recruitment. This is because the temporary recruitment space has an even more brisk pace than the rest of the staffing industry.

Speed is of utmost importance when placing temp workers. Similarly, there is a big need for accuracy. And the temps placement space is extremely competitive because of the client’s urgency for good temps workers. Recruiting is people-based and data-driven as we all know.

Thus, it takes a robust recruitment software system to help recruiters sidestep all the temps placement challenges and meet the goals.

•          Helps understand the candidate base

Candidates are central in recruitment. A temps recruiter must understand their candidate base deeply. If they want to surpass their competition, they need to understand the candidate market and their applicants. Using software that allows recruiters to find, filter and evaluate candidate data is essential.

Temporary recruitment agency software has these features. The live candidate planner availability feature allows recruiters to see which of their candidates are ready to work and which ones are booked. After finding the appropriate candidates and filtering their CVs from within their database, recruiters can quickly check the shift patterns and placements on the software dashboard. Once the temporary workers are placed, recruiters can monitor them via the simple booking sheets in the software.

•          Helps raise the search game

Recruiters can’t afford to wait for good applicants. In temps recruitment, the pressure is felt more intensely as there is more urgency. So it is time to consider the network you have and the tools that you can employ. The purpose is to find the best temps workers in the market and place them as quickly as possible.

Social media is a good way to start your search. But there are only so many candidates you can find on LinkedIn. Take advantage of the advanced search tools within a sophisticated temporary recruitment software system. First of all, it allows users to set up a candidate database and add to it continuously. It is easy to comb through this private candidate database. The temps recruiting software also makes it convenient to search through multiple sources and cross-reference data all from within the main platform.

•          Helps engage with candidates

In the hustle and bustle of recruitment, it can be easy to forget about candidates and the importance of nurturing relationships with them. It is easy to see candidates only as numbers and data. But candidate engagement and candidate experience are crucial aspects of recruitment.

Using the right temporary recruitment software elevates the relationship between candidate and recruiter. It is no longer just about placing one candidate and moving on to the next. The temporary agency recruitment software tools provide advantages such as faster communication, automatic delivery of job offers, managing bookings, etc. Quick and consistent communication is really important. Many recruiters are guilty of forgetting to update their candidates. So using temps recruitment software is a great help in ensuring that applicants receive quick feedback and do not feel ignored.

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