Pinnacle Crypto Education Review – How Does It Work & Can You Really Make Money?

Pinnacle Crypto Education is a relatively new initiative in the crypto sphere and it immediately caught my attention as it offers users the chance to win crypto prizes (from $500 to $50,000) for just learning about blockchain and crypto.

So, I did a bit of digging and decided to try out this platform to see if it is legit and to see exactly how it works.

What is Pinnacle Crypto Education?

As you can probably figure out from its name, Pinnacle Crypto Education is a platform which aims to attract more people to the blockchain and crypto industry.

Or, as they describe themselves: “Pinnacle Crypto Education is a Switzerland-based not-for-profit platform created with the sole purpose of improving Blockchain & Crypto education across the globe.”

They are based in Zug, Switzerland and they currently have a basic crypto course available on their website (they have said they will be adding more to it in due course.)

The site is free to join and it took me less than two minutes to register with the site and get started.

 I should stress that when you are registering, if you were referred by a friend or family member, it’s a good idea to put their username in the “referral” field as this will multiply yours and their chances of winning a crypto prize by three.

For every article you read on their site you are awarded a raffle ticket (or much more if you refer people, as I discuss later.) It is these raffle tickets which enable you to win a prize, as they are entered into their crypto prize giveaways every few days.

So, the more raffle tickets you earn, the greater your chances of winning a crypto prize are.

My Experience

I signed up with Pinnacle Crypto Education and immediately began completing their course. On average, I spent around 20 minutes a day accessing their lessons (you have to be on each lesson page for 30 seconds to win a raffle ticket, so in 20 minutes you can win 40 raffle tickets.)

I did this every day for almost a week, and I also referred 3 friends and family members. This meant that instead of earning one raffle per lesson, I was now earning 9 raffles per lesson (as the number of raffles you win is multiplied by 3 for each person you refer.)

You can read the same lesson as many times as you want per day, so even though their current course is quite short and basic, you can win as many raffle tickets as you want per day by repeating it.

On August 1 I received an email from their customer support saying that I had won a crypto prize worth $1,600. I replied with my ETH wallet address and I received around 0.64 ETH to my Binance account that same day.

Is It Really Free?

Yes, at no point was I asked to deposit money – you just need to make an account with your email and provide your crypto wallet address if you win.

In Conclusion

Obviously I think using Pinnacle Crypto Education has been worth it for me (around two hours of reading about crypto for $1,600 is definitely more than I earn at my day job!) and I will continue to access their platform to try to win more prizes (they said this is allowed on their website’s FAQs page.)

Do I think other people should join as well? If you’re willing to spend some time reading about crypto and can consistently do it every day for a while, then yes, because then you have a good chance of winning.

It’s also a good idea to refer friends and family, or even other people on the internet, so you have a much better chance of winning crypto on their site, as you earn more raffles per lesson this way.

Lastly, I want to say that it ultimately depends on luck, so not everyone is guaranteed to win a prize by joining Pinnacle Crypto Education, but as you don’t lose anything for trying (as their platform is free to use), I strongly recommend it.

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