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Piano Movers – An Ultimate Guide

Moving from one place to another is not a straightforward task to tackle alone; you may seek help from your friend or some professionals that can assist you to move successfully to the long distance. There are many precious things in our house, and one of the most expensive is the piano. So If you are planning to move then, you can hire piano movers, and one of the most popular are Moving companies Calgary when you are living in Canada.

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What are Piano Movers?

Piano movers are the special mover professionals skilled to move pianos and are hired by certified companies. They are highly trained and know how to transport the piano securely and then assemble it with accuracy. They are qualified enough to know all the ins and outs of the instrument. 

Why Should You Hire Piano Movers?

Hiring piano movers is crucial because there several reasons due to which you have to get the services from them and some of them are:

#1. They are Oversized 

Pianos are huge or sometimes giant, so they are impossible to lift on your own. One more difficulty is that you can not maintain the balance because the weight is not evenly distributed, especially when you take steps from the stairs. It becomes the hardest. 

#2. Prone to Damage 

The shape of the piano is unique because it is different from other musical instruments, so they are more suspected of damage as they are much delicate. If you try to hold your own, you may experience scratches, dents, and damages to the piano parts. 

#3. Require Special Equipment 

Pianos movers are highly professional as they know the proper management of their tasks through tools and move your piano hassle-free without any serious and unrepairable damage to the lovely instrument. 

#4. Pianos are Expensive 

Pianos are super heavy in their price, so no one wants to take a risk with such a huge amount; that’s why it is wise to hire professional movers. 

What are the Benefits to Hire Professional Piano Movers?

There are many benefits to hiring professional piano movers. Some of them are illustrated below:

  1. A professional piano mover company helps you get the ultimate peace of mind and a stress-free shifting. 
  2. Professional piano movers save your time, energy, and money because pianos have an emotional attachment with the owner, saving the piano from damage and saving your money. 
  3. The professional piano movers are very trained in transporting, packing and unpacking the instrument. So it saves you from unprofessional moves; the best services are available at Calgary moving companies

What to Consider While Hiring Professional Piano Movers?

  1. Before hiring, you can ask for the liability so that the company becomes responsible for paying you in case of damage. The most valid company near Canada includes moving companies Calgary
  2. Hire the one that has experience in their field. 
  3. Check the procedure they want to adopt to move your piano, including the equipment they will lift.


Moving a piano is not like moving the other cheap items. It has special criteria and techniques that only skilled trainers know. And one major fact is that not all companies are certified to hire among the most experienced and valid companies. Calgary moving companies are at the top of the list.

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