Physician Dispensed Cosmeceuticals Market Growth Analysis By Size, Share

The Physician Dispensed Cosmeceuticals are the custom made products that penetrate deeper into the skin than the normal OTC products. As these products are deeply penetrated, it provides early and better results which is the prime factor responsible for the growth of this market.

Most Physician lines are designed and formulated by the physicians, skin professionals and scientists who have researched ingredients for many years and put them into action in their own practices to treat intended targets. Additionally, increasing importance on the beauty and appearance, growing awareness about anti-aging, and increasing awareness about the safety and efficacy of physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals are the other factors that are contributing to the growth of the market.

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Moreover, several local dermatologists owned professional startups specializing in the cosmeceuticals have rapidly entered into the market which is catering to the growth of the market by driving the demand for the usage of physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals among localities.

Key Market Trends

Anti-Ageing Segment Holds a Significant Market Share During the Forecast Period

Consumers, especially the aging population, are increasingly looking for methods and products to maintain and improve their appearance to look youthful and beautiful, more so with the rising awareness about anti-aging products.

The middle-aged people are increasingly witnessing aging anxiety, due to the high prevalence of extrinsic signs of aging. Anti-aging skin products are known as cosmeceuticals, as they overlap the distinction between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Obagi Nu-Derm System from Obagi Cosmeceuticals LLC is a Wide-ranging skincare product especially formulated for normal to dry skin to help to correct hyperpigmentation and transform the appearance of aging skin. Hence all these factors are expected to drive the overall market.

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