PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuits: What Certain Individuals Need To Know

When it comes to PFAS drinking water lawsuits, everybody should know about the possibility of being involved. It’s important you keep both your eyes wide open for any suspicious activity in your area that may be caused by PFAS, as well as be careful about relying solely on bottled water sources if your pipes are turned on.

PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl-sulfonates) are unregulated chemicals created during the industrial process. Most of them are rain- or water-soluble and therefore stay in our water supply without being able to be fully removed by standard water treatment methods. If you live near a chemical plant that uses PFAS in production, you increase your chances of having heavy levels of the chemicals in your body, which could lead to health issues down the line. For many

What is PFAS?

The use of the three-letter abbreviation PFAAS to make up PFAS stands for perfluorinated compounds.  This non-profit website is an online resource that helps individuals find information about these chemicals, which includes chemical structure, toxicity levels, and safe water limit guidelines.

Perfluoroalkyl silane—referred to as PFAS—has been used in production since the 1950s. It was found to be more effective at meeting manufacturing needs, and it became a popular choice for items like food packaging and waterproof articles. Over time, research revealed that exposure to this chemical had harmful effects on the immune system, numerous functions of the body, and the development of fetuses or infants.

Which Areas in the United States Are Affected by PFAS Drinking Water Lawsuits?

PFAS is a chemical used in fire fighting foam used across the country but has been found to cause cancer and death effects. Recently, a water lawsuit was filed by the Western Pennsylvania Environmental Law Center against one of PFAS’s manufacturers, as well as Nestlé Waters North America and Great Lakes Diving Supply. Those three companies have agreed to pay over $40 million for their distribution of PFAS products that contaminated drinking water sourced from local rivers and creeks.

Contacts to Reach Legal and Industrial Representatives

Every year, thousands of personal injury lawsuits and industrial negligence cases involving people exposed to PFAS are filed throughout the country. Peanuts, tree leaves, livestock, soil, and even water can produce these types of chemicals. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with a form of cancer by contaminated drinking water then you can contact a legal representative from Pfas Cancer Lawsuit Attorneys. 

Symptoms of Long Term Use

People who have been exposed to these chemicals for an extended period may notice symptoms such as irritation, muscle pain, and changes in bowel movement habits. People exposed for long periods can also experience symptoms resembling acute exposure, which are persistent fatigue and nausea. These symptoms indicate the severity of exposure’ 

The most significant consequence of PFAS exposure is an increased risk for kidney cancer. Some rats exposed to PFASs have developed kidney tumors, while other studies have shown it has led to other types of health complications, including reproductive or thyroid disorders.

Health Concerns of Short Term Exposure

Probably the most pressing issue right now is the PFAS drinking water lawsuits. These lawsuits are finally forcing people to take action. PFAS has been shown to clog up water systems and disrupt hormones in humans, making it difficult to lay out a timeline for drinking or bathing without cross-contamination into nearby bodies of water.

Which Parties Should I Contact and What Should I Include In The Claim Form?

There are three types of parties who might come into contact with PFAS contaminated water: the landowner or human occupant of an affected property; a member of the military over 50 years old who served on or around some military bases that were contaminated; anyone living close to those bases after 1960; and individuals with downstream impacts from the contamination from one of these groups. All members of those lists should consider contacting a lawyer for advice about their legalese and what type of claims might be made against residents near military installations and landfills.


The PFAS drinking water contamination is connected to many different controversial topics, such as the dangers of palm oil and concern over GM foods. The lawsuits also focus on Monsanto, DuPont, KCC Medical Center’s Schmidlapp Conference Center and Associates, Covanta Cityworks, Quality Chemical Distribution Corporation, and Solutia Inc., which all produce or use the chemicals that are in PFAS.

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