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The word ‘personalized’ makes anyone feel emotional as it talks about the love, concern, and value that someone gives you. Today, as there are so many trends set by the digital platforms and one of them is making personalized services and products. Personalization builds connection and enhances relationships for instance any thoughtful gift is much cherished than an expensive one. When something is personalized it becomes a memory than just a present. Children adore such memorable gifts they love when someone makes them feel important. Of course, there may be many products in the market dedicated to children but nothing compares to the lovely art of reading wonderful stories and especially if they are personalized. Personalized children’s books are awesome; they show the love and affection of the giver. If you want to make your child feel special gift best books at

Gifting books to children has many advantages over any other; let us see the benefits of gifting personalized books to children.

Builds confidence:

The critical challenge that everybody is facing these days is a lack of confidence. It shows that confidence-building starts from childhood itself. Children who are told how special they have much high confidence. The personalized children’s books build confidence in children by assuring them that they are very important as they play key roles in the story. It teaches them that they can face and overcome obstacles in their life as part of the story. According to an NLT report when the children act as the heroes in the personalized books, it develops positive behaviour, confidence, self-motivation, and also correct thought process.

Reading enhancement:

Nowadays, due to digital interference screen time for children has increased because of which they are losing a critical component which is book reading. Personalized books have names of the children in their stories which creates interest in the children. The book reading reduces the screen time as the child continues to read the book out of interest. It enhances early communication in the children and builds literacy skills. As per a study children who read books score 40% higher than non-readers.


The hectic work schedule, improper school timing and irregular classes in the present pandemic situation lead children to use gadgets and electronic devices too much which is harmful to their eyes and it lowers the IQ levels. Book reading is very essential to improve language and comprehension skills. Personalized books are very attractive and children love reading the books which encourages them to read more often and improve their reading skills. According to a report children who find their names or characters in personalized books tend to continue reading the books and exhibit more interest in completing them.

Spellings and names:

Children get very attracted to reading their names and hearing their names that is the reason personalized books can help to build good grammar and vocabulary skills by learning spellings. Spellings are very critical, poor grammar and spelling skills lead to a poor career in the future because every business or company needs people who can articulate, read and write properly as the work structure has changed and every company has global partners. Therefore, to communicate with people around the world you need to know good grammar and spelling.

It’s a memory or a keepsake:

Generally, everyone gives gifts to each other, however, when someone gives a thoughtful present it stands out because it makes you feel very remembered and loved. Only if someone knows what you want and has a good relationship with you will be able to give a personalized gift that is the reason personalized gifts become memories rather than just presents; they are treasured keepsakes.

Nurtures relationship:

As parents do not have much time to share with their children because of the work timings, adding a personalized book reading session builds very good relations with children. As it gives time to spend with each other this quality time nurtures the relationship and children’s well-being. Because spending quality time with children helps to steer away from behavioural problems and psychological problems with children. As the kids snuggle with the parents the heart-warming reading time builds a perfect bond between them which actually makes them feel safe and protected.

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