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Swiftgift sells gift boxes of various kinds, you can find candy boxes with chocolate and licorice or other goodies. Swiftgift was started in 2021 by 5 friends who wanted to do something different. Since the start, we have reached milestones above our expectations. Our gåvoboxar are delivered with super nice boxes with quality silk ribbon. Each gift comes with a personal message that the customer can choose to include in their Personalized Gift. The gift is then sent directly to the recipient’s door. Usually within 1 day. The customer can also choose which date he wants his candy box to arrive. We at Swiftgift understand the importance of keeping your personal gift to a high standard and quality, so we are extra careful about how your gift is handled and transported. We will also soon launch a category that will consist of luxury gifts. In these, you will find super luxurious products such as handmade licorice and handmade chocolate. This will also be combined with other luxury products such as handmade soap and organically locally produced honey. When you choose to send a gift from us, you have several choices to make your gift as unique as possible. We send sweets throughout Sweden, usually with delivery the next day. Swiftgift delivers competitive prices on our gifts, the right amount at the right price simply. We have also recently started a collaboration with Ella’s heroes where we donate a gift to a needy family every month, this collaboration is very close to us as we at Swiftgift have been in related situations when we were little. Every little thing makes a difference and we are proud to contribute. We also offer corporate gifts that can be given to employees. At Christmas, we have plans to release a collection with 4 different candy boxes with Christmas as a theme. These will be included in our finer collection of gifts. Surprise someone with a gift from Swiftgift.

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